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Awful teasing tickle!


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Long time, no post, but the past few days have been a tickly hell for me so I thought I might drop by and say hello again!

I'll start off with a quick reintroduction of myself, as I'm sure I've been thoroughly forgotten due to long, long hiatus. Call me Ace, or L, or whatever you like. For those of you who like a visual, I'm quite tall for a girl, best described as slender, with curly blonde hair and very blue eyes. I'm also weird as hell (my friends describe life with me in it as "totally fucking surreal" <---actual quote), but aren't we all?

Anyway, on to the good stuff! It's quite strange, because I don't have allergies (making me the only member of my family to have escaped the curse of the Death Sinuses From Hell), but I guess something about the peculiar weather and high pollen counts the last week or so have managed to get to even me. My nose is driving me mad with this near-constant little tickle just sitting at the back of my nostrils, just enough to be incredibly distracting but not enough to actually amount to anything substantial.

It's absurdly frustrating, because this is one of those tickles that I feel has the potential to become a full-blown fit if it would just do something already, but alas! Tis not to be. At least, not yet. I still hold out hope.

However, I have managed to obtain just a little bit of relief in the form of the few sneezes I have managed to coax out. Yesterday, after returning from class (thankfully my b**** of a roommate was out, leaving me free to enjoy at my leisure), the annoying little twinges in my poor nose suddenly ramped into overdrive. I just had time to put my books down and grab for a tissue before the insistent tickle consumed me. My eyes fluttered shut, my breathing hitched twice- hhHEHh... uhhhhh...- before I exploded with a body-bending double. HaTCHEW... IITCHEEWww...

I caught both powerful sneezes in the soft folds of the tissue I'd only barely had time to bring to my nose. To my amazement, I wasn't done! I'm ordinarily a single-sneezer, so a double like that was a surprise in itself. But to feel the tickle only intensify was both annoying and incredibly satisfying. I waited, but to my frustration, the tickle just sat there.

The inhale I used to catch my breath after the second sneeze set my nose off, but I just... couldn't... make... it... happen... I just stood there, breath hitching desperately- hih-hHIIIIH... heh... uh... hi-IH... - but no luck. My twitchy, tingling nose was going to need a little help coaxing out the rest of the sneezes, so I used the tissue I still held to my face to massage the outside of my nostrils.

Turns out that was just the push the sneezes needed to come barreling out. hiTCHEW! HACHEW! HEH-hih-heh-heTCHEEEWW!

The final sneeze was unbelievably powerful even by my standards and it cleared on the tickle nicely (for a whole... 30 seconds wallbash.gif ) . After that I was done (unsurprising), and not so much as a hint of a repeat performance since. I did very nearly build up to a big proper sneeze today at work, but I didn't think anyone would appreciate me sneezing on their sandwich so I suppressed the urge. Damn...

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Excellently written, very nice obs. :yes: Tickles like that can be awful. Here's to hoping it either clears up, or follows through on its threats!

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