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A new movie theater obs female!


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I was sitting in the theater watching previews when an older woman probably late 50's sat down one seat apart from me. She had a light cable knit cardigan on her arm that she quickly put on. It was kind if a light pink hue. Her hair was a a graying blonde and cut kind of short. She was a little thick but not out of shape and blessed with larger than average breasts. Her nose was the large curving kind with a bump in it. My favorite!!! She did nothing to indicate she would blow or sneeze so I forgot about her. As the film progressed though she began to sniffle. After a minute or so she lifted her purse into her lap and pulled out a well used hanky. I was now completely distracted as she wiped her nose and sniffed, finally placing the hanky in her sleeve. My interest began to fade when about 15 minutes later I saw her pull her hanky from her sleeve and throw it open fully. She placed it on her nose and began to violently honk her nose right in the middle of the film. Her honks wer snotty and loud as she put her whole body into them. Finally she wiped her nose and placed the hanky in her sleeve again. It didn't end there. A half hour passes and she let's out a feminine sneeze of medium volume... And another... Then another... Then a sneeze and a half... I leaned over and blessed her as she was unfolding her hanky again. She turned toward me and sneezed again into her hanky. This sneeze was louder and much less feminine. She thanked me and sneezed again these sounded like deep "HHurrraaughshoo's". "what on earth?" she said before honking and promptly sneezing again. I blessed her again and she finally let rip with one monster honk seemed about 20 seconds on length. Just strait screaming honk. That seemed to solve the tickle. That was it until the end and I was walking out when I noticed her throw her hanky open and blow with one hand while she walked slightly ahead of me. Such a wonderful and unselfconscious blower!!! Very sexy despite the age difference!

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