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Title: Delusional

Author: Black_Blade

Fandom: Thor/ The Avengers 

Disclaimer: I don't own, so please don't sue me! I don't have the money.

Summary: While Loki is in his "prison" during The Avengers, a strange sickness forces him to remember things he would have liked to forget. With help from the famous Ironman Tony Stark, the Black Widow Natasha Romanoff, his own brother, and even Phil Coulson and Nick Fury, Loki may be able to make it through this. As long as The Hulk doesn't kill him first that is.

*Slight spoilers for The Avengers

Chapter 1: Damaged to Broken

   He was damaged. Broken even, but he didn't realize it. Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, frowned and stared at the man pacing the length of the glass prison. Loki reminded Steve of a caged panther, but at the same time it looked like he was perfectly ok with being caged. Well, until Loki stopped and put a hand to his forehead. He swayed a bit as if he were dizzy, but seemed to recover and resumed his pacing. Steve shook his head a bit; this was the fifth time the trickster god had done that in the past hour. The Captain turned and walked away to ask the others if they'd noticed anything strange. On his way to the lab to talk to Bruce and Tony, he ran into Nick instead. 


   "Uh... Director have you noticed anything odd about Loki?" asked Steve. As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he realized how badly worded that question was. Director Fury rolled his eyes.

   "Besides the fact that he's psychopathic, disordered god from another world who wants to kill us all? Nope. Nothing at all." Nick replied sarcastically, fixing his one good eye on Steve with a commanding look.

   "Besides all that." Steve waved a hand inpatiently. "He looked really dizzy earlier. Are you gassing him or something?" 

   Director Fury's eye narrowed in confusion. "No, we're not. I'll go check on him now. I bet he's up to something." Nick walked with long strides in the direction that Steve had come, with Steve trailing uncertainly behind him. 


   Another wave of nausea hit Loki and the world began to spin. He'd stopped counting the times this had happened. Finally feeling defeated, the mighty trickster god slumped to the ground in the middle of the circular glass prison. He sniffled and coughed openly. This was so pathetic, he thought. At least no one was watching. Currently, anyways. 


   He quickly sat up as Nick Fury and Steve Rogers walked in. Uncertainty rolled off them in waves. This was all their fault. They obviously had done something, let in some gas or something that made you feel this horrible. It had to be that; gods don't get sick.

   Loki ran a hand through his unusually messy hair. Tired green eyes studied the director and the superhero. They stared back at him, unnerved slightly by his appearance. Normally, Loki looked perfect. Every strand of hair exactly where he wanted it; but not today. Today was the exact opposite, and if he was being honest with himself, he felt like shit. "Stupid humans..." he muttered, and he did his best to stifle a quick sneeze into his shoulder. With any luck, it had gone unnoticed by the two men watching him. 

   "This is a joke, right?" a cocky voice asked, and Tony Stark wandered in. Great, three people to hide his discomfort from now. "The powerful god of mischief sick? Now all I have to see is Thor in a tutu and I've seen it all."

   "Go away Mr. Stark." Loki ordered, hoping the Man of Iron would just get bored and leave. He wished with every fiber of his being that they would all just leave. "I don't care to play with you t...to...Hk'tshoo! Um, excuse me. Today." Loki tried to still seem tall and powerful, but he was embarrassed that he had shown weakness in front of these people. And it's very hard to appear commanding when you're sitting on the floor. 

   "Dude, I can't believe you've been taken down by a simple cold! How did you even catch something in there? It looks kind of like the doctor's offices that Pepper always drags me to. All sterile and shit." Tony grimaces, and Loki stares at Tony. He's obviously very confused about something in Tony's short ramblings. It isn't like him to be confused. Everyone glances at each other, and then back at the raven haired god, who's thrown into a coughing fit which lasts at least a minute. Finally he stops and looks around him.

   "What exactly is a cold?" he asks, and everyone stares at him incredulously.

A/N: So I was inspired to write this as soon as I got home from The Avengers! It was far too good of an opportunity to miss. I know this is short, but I'm tired and I know that people have been waiting for this, so I am posting it anyways :P 

And to everyone who read my (short) drabble thread thing and wants more of that first one, it IS coming. Just give it time! Reviews are my best friend! Well, not really because my dog is my best friend, but oh well!



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This is lovely! and I love the intereacctions between the other characters and Loki. Yay! :)

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Hmmm, interesting. I like this. A lot. Continue soon!!!

BYE! :bleh:

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Loki looks just godly in my mind right now...= w = I'm going to have to see this movie.

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OHMYGOSHHHHH! Please please please keep going with this! I am such a Loki lover!!

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PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!! finnish this its AWESOME! *puppy eyes* Pretty please? watsup.gif

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@Immie Pattie: Thanks so much! I always worry about getting the interactions right!

@Bubbles: Thanks!

@Emily: Have you seen the movie now? If not, get up from your computer or phone or IPod or whatever, go to the nearest movie theater, and buy a ticket for The Avengers. It. Is. Epic.

@pinknose: Thanks! Loki lovers unite!

@fraggle: Time will only tell... MWA HAHAHA!

@MadWonder13: I shall finish this fic, for it is my favorite story I have ever written!

A/N: I'm not proud of the length of this chapter at all. I'm writing this on my IPod. I'll try to make the next chapter longer! I pinkie swear! I'm not quite sure what the thing at the end is, but it SHOULD come into play later.

Chapter 2: Mixed Feelings

   Tony was unable to stop laughing long enough to answer. Steve answered for him, even though he was holding back laughter too.

   "Are you sick Loki?" he tried to sound compassionate, but Loki saw right through him and began acting on a plan. A plan to terrify this group who called themselves the Avengers.

   "No. However, I am tired. It took quite a bit of magic to summon those ghouls." he hid his smile as the others suddenly became very serious.

   "Ghouls...?" Tony looked dumbfounded. 

   "Yes, ghouls. They have the ability to change shape and then they lure you away and slaughter you." Loki rubbed at his nose distractedly. 'Not now!' he groaned inwardly. Luckily, they were suspicious now. Tony kept glancing at Steve and Nick as if he expected to find something that marked one or both of them as a ghoul. If he didn't feel so hot...and cold...he would have laughed. Instead he just shivered and tried to hold back the sneeze.

   "Well, I'm just gonna go back to Bruce and, y'know, make sure he isn't a...ghoul." Tony backed out of the room. Steve and Nick shared a long look. Something seemed to pass between them, but Loki was too tired to see what it was. They turned and left, finally leaving Loki alone.

   "Eh..." he rubbed at his nose and cursed in a language he'd picked up on his way to Earth. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed in defeat. "Eh'eetshoo! Hehkchoo! Hehretshoo!" He sniffled and rubbed at his nose again, before he got the feeling he was being watched. Slowly, the God of Mischief raised his eyes. Thor was standing right in front of the glass. Loki yelped in surprise.

   "Brother, are you unwell?" Thor asked, sounding concerned on the other side of the glass.

   "I am NOT your brother Thor! When will you get it through your thick skull that we have never been brothers? You always acted like it, but you always left me behind. Don't you remember that pathetic, cowardly brother whom you made stay home for many of your adventures? That was me Thor! That was what your friends called me!" Loki screamed hoarsely. It was surprising how much pain could be brought up with that one word. His whole life he had lived in his 'brother's' shadow, unable to prove to Odin that he was worthy. "Go Thor." 

   "But Loki, you..." Thor began, but Loki cut him off. 

   "No Thor. Just go." he ordered through gritted teeth. He'd overreacted and let his feelings get in the way. Damn. At least he had gotten Thor to leave. Now he had to deal with his confusion and this stupid illness. "Ehkichoo!" and then there was that. His nose felt as if a thousand small feathers were dancing in the very back. "Hae'tshoo!" he sneezed into his hand and rested his head on his knees. This was going to be a very long imprisonment.

~Exclusive random thing~

   Tony walked into the lab. "Hey, Bruce?"


   "Are you a ghoul?"



   "I don't think I am Tony."

   "That's good. Loki summoned some ghouls, so keep your eyes open." Tony went back to staring at a screen like usual. Bruce stopped what he was doing. 

   "That son of a bitch." Bruce muttered.

   "What was that?" Tony asked distractedly.

   "Oh nothing." Bruce replied, and silently added, 'But there are no ghouls in Norse mythology.'


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Hahahaha yay!!! Hahahahahaha *passes out* Awesome!!! Any more? Pweeease?watsup.gif

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I love this, seriously I can't stop reading it. Great job, can't wait for more!

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oho, things are getting heated.

nope, I haven't seen it yet. soon perhaps.

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I finally saw The Avengers on Saturday! It was amazing. Anyway, this is great! Continue soon!

BYE! :bleh:

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GOD THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! I watched the Avengers yesterday and it was AMAZING~ <3333 and Loki, GIRRRRL that is one sexy beast!!! I love you're story, more please!! <33333

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Phew, oh thankgod I wasn't the only one who found Loki hot, I was starting to worry ^^;. Also, the way you write Tony is perfect, no doubt about it.

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OMG! PLEEEEEEEEEASE CONTINUE! I've been hopped up on Loki Love since I first saw Thor and with the Avengers, I just wanna get all up on that even more! This is the cutest things I've read in a long time! Keep me posted!

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PLEASE continue I loved Loki so much and this is very nicely written and I REALLY am looking forward to some possible slash here~ <33333

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My favorite line was "gods don't get sick", and yet he has. Very cute, keep it up!

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my thor and loki feels just exploded right now! xD


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