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Chlorine making me sneeze


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Okay, the weather's been getting really warm where I live and my apartment complex finally opened the pool for the summer. My friends and I met up there this afternoon to hang out and get some sun. I dropped my stuff on a lounge chair and sat on the edge of the pool and stuck my legs in the water. The chlorine smell was pretty intense--made my nose burn. After about ten or fifteen minutes I felt myself starting to feel like I needed to sneeze. I sniffed a couple times and then turned and sneezed into my shoulder. A pretty harsh, feminine Ahhh'TCHHEW! My friend (who we will call Mike) and my other friend (Kim) both blessed me.

About twenty minutes later, another Ahh'KTCHOO! My friends both blessed me again. I got out and laid on my lounge chair just enjoying the sun and the amazing weather. I could still smell the chlorine though. AHH'KCHHOO! I sneezed into my hands.

"What's with you?" Mike asked.

"It's just the chlorine bothering my nose."

About a half hour later I had one more strong AHH'KTCHHOO! and then I was done.

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Not sure that I have heard of a chlorine allergy before, but those sure do sound like some spectactular sneezes, Certainly adds to the fun of the pool :D Thanks for posting!

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Ahhh, sun, bath, and sneezy girls. Paradise is complete. ^_^

Bless you! :naughty:

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As I read this I felt my nose starting to burn with that chlorine burn. :) Thanks for sharing. Pool weather comes a little later here than where you are.

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You should think about becoming a life guard that would be interesting, I would defo swim at that pool lol, bless you lots thanks for sharing :)

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