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My mystery sneezy cold {M}

count tiszula

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I've reallly given up on self-obsides, but this was so unusual I thought it might be of interest.

A few days ago I felt myself getting a bit sneezy. I didn't post immediately because I assumed that if I had a cold it would be the usual pattern; a few hours of ecstatic sneeziness followed by days of horrible congestion and fever and general skeeviness or whatever the current word is. But no.

During the first day of non-specific sneeziness I just had some normal singles of a very boring masculine variety,so thought nothing of it. But in the evening I was minding my own business when I got a very pleasurable tickle in the upper reaches of my nostrils. Normally I sneeze within seconds of feeling the tickle, but on this occasion time seemed to slow down. I even felf the tickle move around in my nose [as so many of you describe ]until it seemed to reach the sneezy secrets of my nostrils, and I achieved first sneeziness and then at long last the longed for inevitability. Obviously I was in ecstasy as my breath hitched and the sneeziness seemed to spread through my body.

I sneezed a harsh horrible masculine double "Harsher! Harsher!" with only a second between them. But to my delight the sneeziness was still there, and it was still inevitable! I had another period of slowed down pleasure and the triple was complete with a gentler HARRISCHOO!. I thought that was it, but astonishingly , although the tickle had been satisfied and had gone, after a few more seconds it reappeared, and the same sequence was followed.

"HarrISCHOOO!" a FOURTH one burst out of my quivering nose. I could scarcely believe it, until a few seconds later the whole process began again. I abandoned myself to the pleasure, and "HARRISCHOO!" another exploded out. I sort of lost track at this point, but I think I managed another two, "HARASHER!" Period of quietus; tickle; "HARRISHAH!", I don't think I've ever achieved the sacred sevenfold sneeze before except possibly for a couple of inexplicable occasions.

I assumed that that, and a few singles later on, was going to be the sneezy phase af a horribly painful cold. BUT in fact the whole thing began again the following day; singles first and and the evening the same fit of six or seven . And the only other symptoms were a slight sore throat and cough and some general malaise, after which it all disappeared.

So odd was it that I even wonder if it was a cold at all. Wouldn't it be wonderful if at my advanced age I had acquired a lovely allergy!

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Well all that sounds very pleasurable either way. Lovely description of the moving tickle. If it was a cold... well they don't come better than that!


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I really enjoy reading self observations where the sneezer is also enjoying the sneezes.

and I must admit I looked at Adult observations to see if there wasn't a follow up.

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