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Got another cold.


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So my brother has had a cold for the past week and what do you know? he gives it to me -__-

I felt it coming about 3 days ago though when i woke up with a sore throat. I would usually just let the cold run it's course because i don't mind having 1 (as long as i have axcess to night time cold medicine so i can sleep like a baby at night) but im going to florida next week and didn't want to get it too bad. I mean i think im just over reacting ill be well by next saturday

So anyway, 2 days ago my sore throat went away and it all settled into my sinuses which my nose is all stuffy and runny at the same time (it's a tad annoying when it's like that instead of one or the other) anyway of course i constantly have that dull tickle in my nose like all the time. Im not sneezy at all even when i have a cold so i did induce a little, got a few sneezes out of me (including 1 very rare double :D) and i also notice how it's very hard to stifle when i have a cold. i mean i still do but just barley if you know what i mean lol

So then this morning i woke up still with the stuffy/runny nose. and a slight tickle in the back of my throat now. i hope that doesn't mean that im going to start coughing. last time i had a cold (which was like a month and a half ago), i had the worst cough ever. there was 1 day where i must of went into like 6 coughing fits within 3 hours >_>

Still my nose is so tickly right now but it's not enough to sneeze on my own...ill probably induce more later lol

Gah i think im dragging on a bit am i? lol sorry xD

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