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Some vague self indulgence


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So, I got bored during class and I'm really not sure where this came from....

I left it vague so that your imagination could put anyone there. I know my mind enjoyed that drool.gif

...BUT anyway! Here 'tis!


He leans over her, placing his hand on the small of her back. Her hands move gently to his face, guiding him toward her. He draws nearer, eyelids drooping. Her's do the same. Closer he comes still and he can nearly taste the sweetness of her lips against his own. She mutters his name quietly, and in an instant his mouth is against her's. Tongues glide, lips pressing together. His hand craftily snakes it's way up the back of her shirt, the bare skin contact giving her chills. She leaned into him until her chest was flat pressed against his. They could feel their hearts beating in the same rhythm.

Suddenly, his breathing became abnormal. Frantic, as if he were struggling to take a normal breath. He pulled away quickly, gasping. She gives him a confused glace, almost pouting. Why had he pulled away? Had she done something wrong?

His nose twitches once, twice. His head tilted slightly back, his eyes squinting.

She soon received her answer to the first question when he buried his nose into the sleeve of his jacket, letting loose with a powerful, "H'xxCHOO!" That bends him at the waist. She freezes at the sound of the sneeze and takes advantage of the situation at hand, studying his features as he fell back into a pre-sneeze expression just as the traces of the last one left his face. His eyebrows slanted upwards, his mouth open. His nostrils flared dangerously, breaths hitching. She grins as his eyes fell shut and he was taken by another sneeze. "H'shIEEW!" This one was wetter than the last, and left his nose more than a bit sniffly.

His hand hovered somewhere near his face, ready to catch the next one. He knew there was more. There were never any less than three. Besides that fact, he could feel it there, burning.




He rubs at his nose in hopes that the itch will subside, but to no avail. The fuzzy itching sensation was too far back and rubbing only made it worse. His chest rose and fell in a rapid motion as the sneeze built. Her eyes seemed to catch every detail, and she could feel herself burning up on the spot. "Hhh.... H'asSh'ooh!"

His sneeze was weak, desperate.

She just barely managed to spit out a "Bless you." as he continued to sniffle miserably, nose buried in the material of his sleeve. He ignored her blessing, a blush coming over him. He hated being blessed. It was embarrassing.

She grinned slyly as a feeling of want-- a feeling of need --overcame her. The man before her was beautiful enough, but like this?... Like this he was gorgeous. It lit a fire inside her. Her strange desire drove her actions as she moves forward getting closer to him until his now slightly reddened, irritated nose was pressed again her's. He sniffed, and it sent a thrill straight through her. His confused glace met her eyes and immediately recognized the lust there. He wasn't sure how she could possibly want him like this, but he wasn't about to argue.

She lifted her head just enough to gently kiss his nose, which triggered another sneeze from him. "H'ssHHiEW!" He saw the hunger in her eyes grow, and realized just what it was that she found in his situation. With a mischievous smirk he moved to nuzzle his nose into her neck, sniffling pathetically. This coaxed a small squeak to escape the girl. He began to kiss at the tender skin of her neck, and she succumbed fully to his charms.

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