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Sorry guys, no sneezing yet. I'll work up to it one day. Still a little shy.

In the meantime, enjoy this nice picture of poor Mako briefly giving in to his illness, because his bro would understand. ;u; http://sta.sh/#/d1vrv1xdzddu

And here's a ficlet to go with it. :D

* * * * *

"Mako? You okay, bro?" Bolin didn't move, but his older brother's weight against his shoulder was startling, even more so because Mako was too tall for things like this. It couldn't be comfortable, even if they were just waiting for the streetcar. And Mako never did things like nap in public. That was completely against his personal code.

"Yeah," Mako answered, but he stayed where he was, leaning against Bolin, a line of heat growing between the two of them where Mako's shoulder dug into his brother's. Mako felt awfully warm for someone who was 'okay'.

Bolin frowned to himself, barely able to hold himself still. Mako did everything for them. He worked so hard just to keep them afloat, to make sure they could still try to build a future that was worthwhile, and if he wasn't feeling well, then Bolin wanted nothing more than to make sure Mako was all right. That he was comfortable, and safe, and resting, and --

He cut the thought off, suppressing a sigh. There was nothing he could do about it now. If he tried, Mako would just be embarrassed or angry and insist that nothing was wrong. He'd sit up instead of taking it easy, maybe even insist they walk home. No, it was going to have to be good enough that they were on their way home, and that Bolin was doing all he could to support his brother. If Mako needed a shoulder to lean on, literally, then Bolin was more than happy to provide one.

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Oh, wow. I love you. I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU OMG. This was too adorable! Mako's red cheeks AAAHHH and Bolin's concern and aww omg I love their relationship so much! I've been waiting for something from this new series and I so want more. SO. MUCH. MORE.

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I. LOVE. THIS. I can't even tell you how much, I was soooo excited to see it up on the forum, and the ficlet, just...wub.png I don't wanna be greedy, but I instantly wished there were more because you wrote them really well even in just those few paragraphs. It's so cute, the picture and the fic, except I love that wrote it so much that words are failing me. heart.gif

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This is so adorable! You kinda just made my life! I absolutely love Mako (and Bolin's adorable too, of course!) and you captured them both so well in the writing and the drawing. No worries about the lack of sneezes - any poor, sick Mako is fine with me!

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Aaahhh I just found this is so cute!!! Are you willing to add more? If you want, that is, sometimes picking up old stuff is hard but I'd love it if you did!

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