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Justin Bieber (2012 MANLY edition! :D)


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I literally got REALLY excited when i saw the title...i was like YES MORE FROM HIM!

OH MY GOD. That was so hot akjsdfo;ajsdv'oiajsdvklajsdlkva

brb fangirling xD

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I was so happy to find it as I was searching for new ones on Youtube! I was like..JUSTIN BIEBER?! Again! Yay! I really looked forward in seeing an updated one from him considering he's 18 already. Ouweeee! He must be somewhat of a sneezy person. That guy who was interviewing him was sooo lucky and he doesn't even know it!

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Am I allowed to like this even though I'm an old fossil?

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I don't think you are, despite his being 18. He is a wonderful sneezer, especially the well spaced out double with presumably inability to speak because of inevitability.

And of course this is the first time anyone has heard him sneeze....

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I agree, he is a wonderful sneezer. Lucky Selena Gomez. c(: Actually, this isn't the first one. If you search on Youtube you'll find an older one.

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