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At our university I've seen some students participating in a tie-wrap contest, which means that two persons are connected to each other by two tie-wraps, as bracelets around the wrists. The couple which is connected for the longest time will win the contest.

I would love to see a story in which a woman, participating in this contest gets a terrible sneezy cold and gets involved in some ashaming situations, due to the fact that she's coupled to someone else with this tie-wrap.

I've tried to write something by myself, but since my English is not that well, I'm curious what one of you would write. Feel also free to extend the idea of tie-wraps and write something else if you don't like the rest of my ideas.

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I am intrigued by this scenario. It's like being stuck together with handcuffs, only even worse because you are actually trying to stay together. I... I want to write something. But I have far too much going on. Arrrrrgh....... Someone else should write with this idea!

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Ooh that would be VERY fun, especially if the other partner was a germophobe...xD

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