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   I've had this weird feeling twice, and it feels like I have butterflies in my stomach, but it feels so GOOD. It feels like the fetish to the extreme. It's only happened twice before to me. The first time was when I was at camp, walking back to main camp after visiting my cabin. I heard something that sounded like a really loud sneeze, and for some reason I pictured Anakin Skywalker sneezing like that when he was supposed to be meditating. After that I had that really weird, almost indescribable feeling for almost a week. I'd never felt it before and it scared me a little. I was kind of uncomfortable for the rest of camp. The second time got me wondering. It happened during The Avengers when Loki first came in. I'm not quite sure what triggers this, and it feels different from regular fetish things. Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

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Hi, BB~!

Just wanted to say hi, and welcome you to the forum, since you seem kind of new ^_^

These feelings are very normal, and perhaps are new to you because you are young, and only starting to feeling them for the first time.

I call it, "the gut feeling." I don't know if anyone else will agree with me when I say this, but I think there are "good butterflies" and "bad butterflies."

The good ones happen when you really like something you see or hear, and want to hear/see it again.

The bad ones happen when you are experiencing something you don't like, and don't want to hear it again.

I hope that made sense, and didn't confuse you even more x'DD

Anyway, the main point is that it is normal, and you are not strange for feeling this way ^_^

Glad to have you in the forum, and hope to see you around!

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I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! I loooooove that feeling. I first got it when I started picturing certain people sneeze. Then again when I listened to wavs for the first time. I actually haven't experienced it in a while though. It kind of wears off after you experience it a lot (perhaps though, like another specific "sensation" flirt.gif it is more intense when you don't experience it too frequently).

I've also experienced it with non-sneeze situations, like watching exciting movies.

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Teheheh, yesh... Something nice you're experiencing there...

...expect to feel it more (often) in da future. B|

...Agh, the last time I felt something like that was when I was in a car on the way to hospital... Because someone else had to go there. No more said (or neeh, I can say the situation was pretty håt, something to do with lungs... them not working properly), thehee~ Or maybe the last time was when I yesterday remembered something from pig's fic... Nom.

Anyway. xD

But a week? Gosh, that sounds like a long time... LoL, I don't remember ever feeling that way for so long during all these years (and yes, I've felt it since I was... 4? Younger..? B| I don't know)... I imagine it can become rather... Frustrating at some point. Anyway, expect more to come, LoL~

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Definitely normal and certainly nothing to worry about :) And believe me, it is feelings like this that make me glad I have this fetish :D

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