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My girlfriend being the best girlfriend.


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On March 22nd, I told GF my fetish. I basically told her I liked noses and sneezing, after she let me kiss her nose.

Since then, for basically the six weeks or so after that, I rarely brought the sneezing part up with her. I've kissed her nose more since then, and she has kissed and licked my nose too, which I LOVE. Not much about the sneezing though. Also, a few weeks before I told her about the fetish, I saw her sneeze for the first time after a long wait. That's still the only time I've seen her sneeze, though.

Now. Last Monday. In the morning before school starts we're talking, and she says, "Oh, and I sneezed three times this morning!" with a smile. I had to stop for a second just to think about what she said. I think my reaction was, "Oh! Well! Bless you!" and I changed the subject but I was grinning like an idiot until she left for homeroom.

That alone was great. But then.

That night, when we were texting I mentioned, "So it was really cute and awesome of you to tell me you sneezed three times this morning, haha thanks for that smile.png" and she said "Aww that made me smile! Well I kind knew it would make you happy, so that's why I told you!" I made HER smile by saying that? Okay! biggrin.png And then I mentioned 3 is a lot for her for one morning, isn't it? She said yes it is especially since I say she almost never sneezes.

That alone was great. But then.

Then she texts me "...but for real I just sneezed.." Me: "Oh come on, you're kidding tonguesmiley.gif lol really?" She said "Yes really! Just as I was typing that last message." So I'm pretty much drooling now and half-jokingly say it must have been the power of suggestion since we're talking about it, and she said it must have been! Then she went to sleep which ended the conversation I never wanted to have end, but I mean come on that was what every sneeze fetishist dreams of so I can't complain smile.png

Then Wednesday morning, again before homeroom at school, she said again, "I sneezed this morning!" I smiled again and said bless you again... Now all I want is to actually see her sneeze some more! But the point is she's trying to indulge my fetish for me even though she doesn't sneeze often, and I didn't ask her to or solicit it and I'm just the luckiest guy in the world. smile.png

That is all. smile.png

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my girlfriend seems to be unable to sneeze around me.. she used to occasionally but now never, she always tells me though :D

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