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First ob ever


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So this is my first ob. I hope it goes over well.

I sing in a church choir. I was at rehearsal talking to my friend when all of a sudden I here the cutest Hggxxch ever! I resist the urge to snapp my head around to see who it was, but my friend says "Aww poor Ray has a cold his noes is so red." Now I know who it was and I melt inside a little. Ray is a guy I met through choir and he had a huge crush on my friend so I got to know him a bit. He's medium height, dark brown short hair, slim and a bit geeky but really sweet and adorable. I turn to look and he looks miserable. His nose is very red and he looks very tiered. Now I wish I had been looking when he sneezed becuase I just know it would have been awesome to see. Sadly he didn't sneeze again that I heard or saw that night. But after rehearsal I saw him siting on a pew looking miserable and almost falling asleep. It was adorable!

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Great first obs! thanks for sharing. It reminds me of my days in choir back in middle school and high school and the sneezes I witnessed during rehearsals.

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