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Oneshot! Hope you guys enjoy!


Darren had woken up with a headache. It didn't happen often, and when it did, it was usually his body warning him.

He had to be on the set for Glee in an hour, and looking at the bright red '6:30' am on his clock, all Darren wanted to do was go back to sleep. Finally managing to get up and stumble to the shower, he noticed his nose was stuffed, his throat was sore, and his whole body ached.

Hoping the warm shower would help, the curly haired man sniffled thickly as he finished up washing his hair, wiping at his runny nose. The warm steam seemed to have made it's way into his nose, making the small tickle flare.

"He'gnxt'uh! Heh-HTSCH!"

Groaning and sniffling again, Darren coughed weakly to his side and stopped the water, grabbing his thick towel, drying off. Quickly changing, Darren grabbed his wallet and cellphone.

His nose was still drippy, Darren sniffling constantly. He grabbed the travel tissues he had and shoved them in his pocket before going out to his car, quickly putting a tissue up to his flaring pink nose when the barely-there tickle flared again, making him stop dead in his tracks.

'Huh..He'TSCH! H'gn'XGT! Hi'tch!"

Rubbing at his nose, Darren climbed in his car and set out to work, thankfully with no more sneezes.


Arriving on set 30 minutes later, Darren blew his nose, sighing when it didn't help. He knew the cast would be worried, and Ryan would probably be mad for bringing germs into the cast area. Sniffling as he felt snot dribble down onto his lip, Darren's breath hitched and he stopped getting out of his car, his elbow snapping up to his mouth.

"He'TC'uh! Hgn'XT!"

Rubbing his eyes, Darren moved to the set, going to his trailer. He passed Diana and Naya, earning a look from both of them when he didn't greet the girls with his usual chipper mood.

"You okay Dare?" Diana asked, taking in his flushed cheeks and red nose. "You look miserable." she murmured, placing her hand on his forehead. The blonde cooed and looked at Naya before letting her gaze return to Darren.

"D...you're so warm." she said quietly.

Darren shrugged and sniffled. "I'll be fine. It's a cold. Nothing I can't handle." he assured, scrunching up his nose as it tickled, almost to mock him. Leaning away, he stifled his sneezes the best he could without feeling to dizzy.

"Hut'CH! Hi'SCHHH! hg'nXGt!"

"Sohrry..." Darren mumbled, walking off to the makeup artists to have them work on him.

An hour and quite a few sneezes later, Darren was standing in the choir room set, his nose tickling and itching, the tickly feeling making Darren sniffle every so often, or scrunch his nose when no one was looking. Diana kept her eye on him, watching sympathetically when Darren turned from everyone else letting out two stifled sneezes.

"Hgnxtsh! Heh....eh..eh'TCH!"

The poor boy didn't know when he needed to stop and take a breather.

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