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Hey guys! biggrin.png I haven't been around in forevah, but I come bearing gifts! Well, a gift...singular tonguesmiley.gif

I've recently motorboated through the ENTIRE Game of Thrones series so far, even though I just found out about it last week. I became hopelessly addicted rolleyes.gif Aaaand then I fell in lust with Petyr Baelish, even though at this point he's kinds evil. I have just discovered the hotness that is Aiden Gillen because of this show, though! heart.gif

I put a picture of Lord Baelish a.k.a Littlefinger in an attached file below... I think... unsure.png

As I warned in the description box, THERE IS NO PLOT. Hell, the guy I'm torturing in this barely has any dialogue rolleyes.gif I just had an incredibly strong urge to torture this character, and this piece, to me, is reaaally self-indulgent on my part. But, hopefully those like the character will like it! tonguesmiley.gif

Anyway, DISCLAIMER: I could only wish to be as creative as George R. Martin, the guy who created this entire series. But, alas, I am not George Martin and have no intentions of turning a profit from this tonguesmiley.gif

As always, thanks in advance if you review! :love:



Screams of climax and grunts of pleasure permeated the air. These sounds had never bothered him before, since they were so typical of his place of employment. The din of the brothel over the years had faded to no more than a thin echo within his thoughts.

Every day, it seemed, but today.

“Lord Baelish?” Petyr Baelish lifted his head dully as Aliyah entered, the woman smiling openly despite her obvious lack of clothing. He looked up to meet her gaze, but the light streaming in from the open window beside her was not doing his headache any favors. He chose then to speak to her safely from the shadows.

“Yes, dear?” He answered blandly. He removed his hand from his forehead, not because he could afford to (the pain was nearly unbearable), but because he had no intention of looking weak in front of a common whore, a whore employed by him, no less. This was a dangerous time; weakness of any sort could prove to be fatal.

She shifted uncomfortably in front of him. “Well, uh,… the other girls have been whispering lately…”

“About what, pray tell? And why is this a matter that needs to be discussed this very instant?” The dull ache of congestion that throbbed mercilessly in his sinus suddenly shifted. A sharp pain replaced it, inviting back the persistent tickle that had been plaguing him since that morning. He blinked rapidly as it inched its way cruelly up his sinuses, spreading a crawling itch throughout its path.

“Well, they said you were sick…” She cringed immediately under the glare that followed. “So, some of the other girls and I got together, and we got you some soup and bread.” A nervous smile punctuated the sentence as she turned around, leaving the room briefly and returning with a steaming bowl and a loaf of bread.

Well, this was an interesting development, to say the least. He hadn’t the slightest idea how they were able to afford to buy him anything, and although he utterly loathed the fact the whores had picked up on his illness, it, unfortunately, could only be expected. It would be rude not to thank her, at the very least. As the bowl was placed tentatively in front of him, the sneeze that had been lurking in his sinuses decided to make its presence known. He felt his jaw go slack and his eyes flutter closed as the tickle came quickly to fruition.

Heh- Ignssch’oo!..” The sneeze snapped him forward more violently than he’d anticipated and he briefly saw Aliyah jump back before a second sneeze gripped him. “Hiih..EKGkshhht!” It was certainly louder than the first and a small chorus of “Bless you, m’lord!” floated in from the rooms beyond.

“Bless you, Lord Baelish.” She offered an uneasy smile, one that flitted briefly across her lips as a kind of tenuous peace treaty. Surprise then graced her delicate features as her employer’s gaze met her own before his nose gave a definitive twitch and his head ducked down, presumably, in anticipation of another small fit.

“Hep-ghSH’uh!! Eht-TCH!! Huuh…” Aliyah watched with fascination as his nostrils flared wildly beneath the hand he had pressed beneath his nose. His breath scissored wildly, his jaw working itself slightly in anticipation of the sneeze to come. Head tilting back, he gave one last, shuddering breath before allowing the final sneeze total control.

“Ehh..REISCH’UE!!” As the sneeze before had garnered no more than wayward glances and blessings, this one echoed throughout the brothel, encouraging some, even, to pause mid-thrust to look questioningly towards the sound of the disturbance. The sound had snapped Aliyah quickly out of her trance.

Bless you, Lord Baelish.” She reiterated, shifting uncomfortably. Vulnerability was not something her employer showed often, and this blatant display of weakness frightened her. More accurately, that she had been privy to such a development and her fate because of it was what truly unnerved her. She knew Lord Baelish was not always a forgiving man.

“Aliyah.” His voice cut through her thoughts and she looked to him. “Be a dear and fetch me one of my handkerchiefs. They are in the second drawer on your right.”

“Yes, m’lord.” She nodded quickly and padded across the room, hands fumbling to pull open the drawer.

“Aliyah, sooner rather than later.” She could hear the strained warning in his voice. The hitches in his breath became more pronounced as he fought to hold back the impending sneezes. Hurrying back to him, she watched as his face crumpled, lending itself to the sneeze entirely, before disappearing into the folds of the handkerchief.

“Hiih-ISHtt! ESH-tshuh! Uhh-hih…Huhf-GSHKT!” Another triple. A rather impressive sounding nose blow followed in its wake. Teary eyes glared back at her beneath the cloth as she tried her best to pretend her attention was elsewhere. A quick snap of fingers brought her eyes to his.

“You speak of this to no one outside of this brothel. Are we clear, Aliyah?” Her name carried a threatening edge when he spoke.

“No, m’lord.” She nodded dutifully, hoping he would dismiss her.

“You may go.” It took every ounce of self-preservation she possessed not to sigh with relief. As she left out the doorway behind her, she turned around and mustered a surprisingly easy smile.

“Feel better, Lord Baelish.”


I'm a neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd..... bounce.gif

Hope you guys liked it! biggrin.png


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Holy crap...Baelish sneezefic.

I...I think my life is complete now. I had no idea just how much I needed this.

He really is the sexiest thing, isn't he? Absolutely my favorite character. You did him so much justice and this hit so many of my favorite fetishy things. I can't even. Too perfect. Words failing.

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Ooooh OOOOHHH MAN. I saw Game of Thrones fic and got excited, and then it's Littlefinger on top of it?!! Oh you beautiful person, come here just... let me love you.

Okay and on a less creepy note, I love this! That harsh sounds is fantastic for him, considering how much of a controlled, smooth operator he is. I just kljgfjnnjh yes. Good. More please :<

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Wow, wow. Awesome! I loved his character in the books and wouldn't have pegged him as a fetish target but this really works. And you have awesome spellings. Thanks so much for sharing this x

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Annnnnd I';m back! tonguesmiley.gif

After my long, crappy hiatus, I am now back with a computer! biggrin.png And in the coming days, I am going to be spamming the board with tons o'crap. Basically stuff i've had to write down in notebooks (since I haven;t done since I was 12 rolleyes.gif ) and need to get them onto my laptop.

BUT OMG YOU GUYS ARE SO NIIICE. Thanks for all the wonderful comments blush.png And yea, prepare for more Game of thrones stuff, because winter is coming ya'll :derp: (And so are horribly mismatched metaphors, apparently....)

@JenJen- Girrrrl, Baelish sneezefic makes the world go round :3 And he is most definately the sexiest thing. I'm glad you liked it, and PREPARE FOR MOAR. And aghgihgihgah Aidan Gillen drool.gif

@Garnet- No, let me looooove yooooou! mf_zippy.gif Thanks for commenting and yes MORE is coming! Because this man has become like the muse form Hell for me lately rolleyes.gif

@Salamander- I know, right?!My brain just zeroes in on the oddest people...my taste in men has vever been mainstream, anyway. Thank you for commenting! heart.gif And you like my sneeze spellings?! *squee* I had hoped they sounded okay. smile.png

Anyway, it's 2 in the morning and my brain told me an hour ago that I needed to write something in which Sansa gives Lord Baelish her handkerchief...this is what happened heh.gif Hope you enjoy!

39- Muffle- Game of Thrones

It couldn’t have happened.

Sansa rubbed at her eyes again, peering into the crowd of officials below. Her gaze landed again on Lord Baelish. He seemed perfectly fine, quill scratching away at parchment while Lord Pycelle dictated. It was a trick of the light, had to have been.

The meeting below continued, and Sansa watched with rapt attention. Pycelle continued and her thoughts shifted towards leaving. As she turned, however, a movement from below caught her eye. As she turned, she could just see Lord Baelish’s head as it dipped sharply down, obscuring the lower half of his face against his elbow. A questioning frown graced her features. That had clearly been a sneeze.

Curiosity restored, she leaned over the edge of the banister, eyes carefully scanning Lord Baelish. She hadn’t noticed it before, but now that she was truly looking at him, he did look rather ill. His cheeks were not flushed but his nose most certainly was, portraying an unwell shade of pinkish red. It was quite attractive.

Now her skin had flushed. It was an odd thought, but not unusual for her. One thing Sansa had never mentioned to anyone, even Joffrey during the time in which she thought she loved him, was the certain… inclination she had always had towards sneezing. She knew such a fancy was neither natural or proper, but it was one she harbored all the same. One that, in most instances, she had learned to suppress over the years due to fear of ridicule and perhaps societal expulsion for the rarity of such an interest.

And in this moment, she was struggling to hide her fascination. Time seemed to slow as she watched his nose begin to wrinkle near the bridge, and he laid the quill down upon the desk. Eyes beginning to flutter closed, he raised he arm again, once again preventing her from seeing the sneeze as it unfolded. She could just make out a muffled “hep-TSSCH’uh!” from where she stood above the masses.

She remained pressed to the railing throughout the entire affair, seeing as Lord Baelish had continued to sneeze periodically for the better part of the hour, so much so that she was slightly disappointed when it adjourned. People began moving and blending into one large group as they exited the chamber and she soon lost sight of Lord Baelish. Well, it had been enjoyable while it lasted.

7- Misplaced- Game of Thrones

As she turned, she found herself directly facing the man in question. “L-lord Baelish.”, she squeaked, dropping a curtsy.

“Sansa.” The nasal quality to his voice was unmistakable, but did not interfere with its overall smoothness. She had been prepared to leave after their brief exchange, but it was either boldness or stupidity that had her walking towards him regardless.

She did not have the slightest idea what she was going to talk about with him, but he would unwittingly provided that for her.

“Hhh-TSCHT!” The sneeze was sharp, insistent.. Nothing in his features had indicated an approaching sneeze at that moment, and she was happily surprised. A blush crossed her cheeks, although Lord Baelish seemed to have misinterpreted her reaction.

“My apologies, Sansa, dear.” He offered her a sheepish smile. Looking at her petrified expression, though, he continued. “It was not my intention to frighten you.”

“Bless you. You didn‘t.” The phrases came out more as odd exclamations rather than polite gestures. At that moment, it was as if words did not make sense in her mouth. To make matters worse, as it seemed her mouth had not picked up on this, she added, “A-are you well? You were sneezing…quite a bit…earlier.” She trailed off slowly, as she realized he was about to sneeze again, and became more invested in his impending sneeze rather than coherent sentences.

As much as the last sneeze had been quick, this one was taking its sweet time. His nostrils flared and fingers curled in a loose steeple over his nose and mouth, breath hitching precariously. Her heart beat nearly out of her chest as she watched the sneeze toy with him, this powerful man. After a few more seconds of hitching and sniffling, Sansa was nearly ready to scream. It was this frustration that lead her to do the unthinkable.

Crossing the distance between them, she placed her hands gently around his wrists, her contact surprising him in to relenting. Sliding one hand beneath his chin, she directed his face towards the sun. The results were immediate.

“Hept-Etscch’uh! Eht-Tsschiuh! Huuh-EXNGGSH!” One hand remained beneath his nose as he gave a damp sniffle in the wake of such a fit. Most of the people who had been in attendance at the meeting had already left, but those who hadn’t left yet were stealing incredulous glances towards the pair of them.

“Bless you.” She stated plainly. “And, well, here. Since you seem to have misplaced yours.” Eyes remaining glued stubbornly to the cobbles, she brought a small, white cloth out from the sleeve of her dress. She handed it to him, hoping he would not notice tha way her hand trmbled slightly.

The handkerchief was smaller than he normally used, but at this point, it hardly mattered. He accepted and turned away from her to clear his nose. They shared a strained silence afterward.

“That was quite the trick, sweetling, wherever did you learn it?” Another sniffle made his nose twitch against the cloth .

“I heard somewhere that the sun can make you sneeze. But I’d never tired it before. I…I didn’t think it would have quite that effect.” Yes, you did. “I hope you get over your cold soon.”, she added, before blushing.

“Not a cold, luckily.” Scrubbing the handkerchief beneath his nose, he continued. “Do you see those flowers down there?” She peered over the side, her eyes landing on a gold vase bursting with enormous orange and yellow lilies. “Targaeryn lilies. I’ve had …an unfortunate reaction to them since I was a child.” He punctuated that statement with another watery sneeze directed into her handkerchief.

She was not sure she could handle another sneeze. “I hope you feel better, Lord Baelish.” Surprising herself and him as well, she offered him a genuine smile and put her back to him, eager to return to her chambers with what she had just witnessed.


Hope you guys liked it! biggrin.png I do plan on editing it more tomorrow, though, since it IS two in the morning and I am exhausted.

Also, sorry if the second one is a liitle too much OOC. I had already written the first one and then worte the second one, didn't like it, and decided to post it anyway. I plan later on this week to upload a few more GoT drabbles, most of them will be Baelish, but I'll throw a couple Lannisters in there... tonguesmiley.gif

Thanks again for reading! heart.gif

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Baelish with the possibility of Lannisters? You do spoil us. :yes: Very much liked both of them, especially the first. :) Thank you lots for sharing!

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