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Matt Smith With a cold?


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hey so i just clicked on a random matt smith interview when i came accross this:

i was smiling like an idiot watching him sniff!!! do you think hes sick?
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I am completely in love with Matt Smith right now, I can't get enough of him! :wub:

In the last video, his voice was utterly adoreable! I just wanted to give him a huge hug! For the sneeze video, I don't think it's a sneeze, but then I can't really say what it is. And if it was a sneeze, it seems... almost accidential? Like a weird release? I don't know.

But thank you so much for finding those videos! They made my day! :D

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I read the title and I completely freaked out. I LOVE MATT SMITH!blink.png I don't really think we have "fetish goggles" here either. He definitely has a cold or he's nearly over it. His sniffing was so hot.wub.png I can't even type I'm just ghdvakjvhdf.blowup.gif I'm off to stalk him now, thank you so much for sharing.x

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i was on facebook with a friend whiole i was watching it, everytime he sniffled id pause the video, switch to facebook, and tell her "OMG HE SNIFFED"

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Oh my goood, I feel soooo bad for him in the last video!

Even though he hasn't got any voice at all the interviewer made him go on.

That's so mean of him =( Poor Mattie...

He sounds so sexy though *_* Especially his hoarse, little laugh at the end of the video gets me every time.


This is sort of a compliment since I'm rather a fan of the tenth doctor, for some reason I love David Tennant =D

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oh GOD!! You know the funny thing, tough? I went on a field trip today and my friend showed me Dr. Who for the first time.. So this is extremely convenient! oh god he sounded so siicck. I was hoping the interviewer would bring it up more but he didn't.

But that must be so painfull. jeeze

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