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I'm in the dentist's office and this short blonde haired woman, kind of thick, beautiful green eyes and in her mid 30's probably just let out an absolutely ear piercing sneeze. I mean huge. I've only ever witnessed a woman sneeze like that one other time. It was a friend of my ex girlfriend's. Anyway, she grabbed some tissues and has blown her nose 4 times now the last one was a great honk while she was reading a magazine.

Whoah! Will post if she honks some more!

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She actually grabbed a pile of tissues and stepped outside to sneeze again before I went back to the dentist. Damn, I can't believe it. She seemed like she sneezes like that all the time. I felt like there was a hidden camera or something. I couldn't see her but everybody could hear this violent honking session she went into. She blew for a couple of minutes. Over and over. The guy next to me actually commented and said "now she has a strange blow if her nose doesn't she?" I'd never heard that stated that way before lol. Actually I didn't think her blow was that odd , just loud. Seen that before. Her sneeze though, what in the hell? Wow. Just wow.

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