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So, as I was watching the Trailer for "What to Expect When You're Expecting," there was a particular moment (1:25) that had me thinking I should share this little tidbit with you all (To be perfectly honest, I have no idea who the actress is, but I figure someone on here probably will. turned.gif)

While I have no idea the circumstances of that scene, it certainly reminds me of a practice that old midwives used to do called Quilling.

Explanation as followed:

During this period, the midwife remained sitting, watching the fire. I had given no anaesthetic, the labour was not progressing, and two or three times she looked up and said, "Doc, I think we will have to quill her."

There was certainly not much progress being made. I think also I was inquisitive as to what this "quilling" process was. So I said "Perhaps you're right. We might as well quill her. I said "You go ahead and do it, and I'll get cleaned up."

She immediately got up from her chair and pulled down the wing of a goose which was hanging on a nail behind the stove. She got a nice, long goose quill, a wavy one it was, and cleaned the inside of the quill, cutting off both ends. She went to the cupboard and dipped one end of the quill into a small package of cayenne peopper. I wondered what the devil was coming next, so I followed her into the bedroom.

She took the quill and inserted it into the nostril of the patient, then gave it one big blow, and away went the cayenne pepper into the poor woman's nasal cavity. I knew what was liable to happen. She began to sneeze immediately.

With the sneezing, the midwife said "Doc, you'd better get ready." By the time I had taken a look at things, the perineum was bulging, and with another few sneezes, the baby was born. The midwife made only this remark: "I knew, Doc, that this would make her let go her holt." I have never forgotten this way of conducting a quick labour.

As someone who is interested in midwifery myself, I find this..erm, interesting.

Also, the novel "The Birth House" (A lovely read) has a scene including this 'method.'

What do you guys think about this? There are obviously more modern ways to speed up labour, but...what's wrong with this one? renske.gif

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This seems interesting, but at the same time...it honestly makes me a little uncomfortable. :laugh: Probably because of the actual scenario. Definitely different! :P

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