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asneeza aliza

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YAY! I feel very lucky to have looked in the direction I did at such a perfect time biggrin.png

So I am in the dressing room changing for PE near my friend D. She is a dancer with a skinny tall frame. She has really long dark hair, tan skin, green eyes (she won best eyes on yearbook), and a sort of big nose but it works on her. She is really pretty in sort of a unique and exotic but... quiet way.

Anyways I look over and she sneezes sort of quietly and really cute like... "huiisssshhhooo" and there was a little mist that went everywhere but a little to late she pulls her arm up and keeps it there for a second. I think it must have been more messy then it seemed because she was like "UGH" and ran off to get a tissue, keeping her face talked in her elbow the whole time.

It was...... perfection

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