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Ex-gf finally lets one out


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Last night, I was having dinner with my ex and another friend of ours. The entire time that we were dating, she hardly ever, ever let sneezes out. Firstly, she would almost always stifle. Her normal stifled sneeze sounded sort of like like "hat-KNX", with the stifled part kind of loud. Secondly, she would almost always only sneeze if she was in the bathroom!!! I always thought that was odd. It's not like she would specifically go into the bathroom just to sneeze - more like she would take advantage of the privacy to get any sneezes out (yes, sometimes multiples) while she was in there. Sometimes I'd point these things out to her and she'd laugh about it. She didn't know.

Anyway, last night she was standing right next to me, when she turned her back to me, and actually let out a real sneeze which bent her over a little. A very rare event for her! Unstifled, it sounded like "hat-KX-schooo!" Just like the stifled ones, but extended, and a little bit wet at the end. I said "Wow, you let it out this time!" And she said something like "Yeah I guess I'm comfortable enough with you guys to let my snot out around you." Our friend was like "Why, do you usually not let them out?" And I answered for her "Nope, she always stifles them." My ex-gf made another joking comment about letting snot go everywhere. So I found out it's apparently all about stopping the mess for her :)

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"Yeah I guess I'm comfortable enough with you guys to let my snot out around you."

Holy cr*p, what I'd give to have a lady feel comfortable in this way with me! What a pity she's your Ex.... and it sounds as though she might be deliberately letting herself go a bit. If only she knew... LOL

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That's a little bittersweet, unfortunately. But at least you eventually got to see her sneeze openly, and that does leave more opportunities for the future!

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