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March Hare

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I was going to post in the Statuses thread about this delicious thing I just invented, but then I thought "didn't this forum have a proper recipe thread?" However, since I couldn't be arsed to search for it, I thought I'd just start a new one. Apologies to the mod who'll have to morph this one together with the pre-existing one, if it's there...

So! Yes. These devilled tuna eggs are lovely, and they're really easy to make. Warning: I do not give a shit about counting calories or going easy on the greasy, and I think light-products are the devil... but if you really want to, you can probably get light-equivalents of some of the ingredients. Be aware that they will not be as tasty, though. This is a party food, and party foods aren't supposed to be diet versions, okay?

You need:

some boiled eggs

a small tin of tuna in oil

125 ml creme fraiche

lots of ground pepper

a bit of sambal (if you're into the spicy stuff)

dill (highly important)

coriander (cilantro)

fresh parsley if you can get it

First you make the tuna salad, which is VERY easy: you bung everything together in a bowl (except the eggs) and go at it with a fork until it looks like tuna salad and tastes the way you like it. There should be enough salt in the tuna tin for it to be salty enough, but if not, add salt to taste. You probably won't need all of the creme fraiche; I've just taken the amount that's in an average container available in Dutch supermarkets. :)

You cut the boiled eggs in half, scoop out the yolks and mix those with the tuna salad. Then you put the tuna yolk back in the egg halves. Done. Enjoy!

And now, for your favourite recipes. Bring it on! We all need as much good food in our lives as possible :D

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Uuuh... yum... :drool: Aw man, too bad I've already had dinner tonight...!

Alright. I'm not into counting either calories or amounts either, so here goes;

Beef - chunks or streaks whatever size you like to put in a stew.

Onion - chop it up

Creme fraiche

Cream (or milk)

Salt, pepper, mustard

And, the final touch, chanterelle. Don't be shy, two handfuls should cover it. :)

Don't put the mushroom in with the rest of the ingredients, hold your horses for at least 40 minutes, or it might get a bit too slug-like. Let the stew brew until the meat is to your liking. Some like it so soft it falls apart when you poke at it (if you're one of those; wait even longer before adding the chanterelle), some like having a bit of chewing resistance. Serve with cooked potatoes.

Oh, and remember to taste it often. I never follow recipies because I think the amount thing is kind of bullshit, so use your taste buds. ;)

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Omg that sounds awesome... :drool: I love tuna.

My favorite thing to make is coq au vin in a crockpot. As for baking, I will direct you to Paula Deen's Uncle Bob's Honey-Glazed Apple Cake. Heavenly. My family almost stabbed each other to death fighting over the last piece last Christmas.

Here's the Coq Au Vin recipe (courtesy of my high school French teacher):


- 1 pound bacon

- 1 large onion, chopped

- 4 cups diced chicken breast

- 750 milliliters red wine

- 1 teaspoon pepper

- 1 teaspoon basil

- 1 teaspoon parsley


1. Dice the bacon and saute it in a pan with the onion bits.

2. After everything gets nice and soft and there's pretty much rendering in the pan, take out the bacon and onion and put it in the bottom of a crock pot.

3. Brown chicken pieces in the bacon fat.

4. After about 5 minutes on both sides, transfer the chicken to the crock pot.

5. Pour a bottle of red wine into the crock pot.

6. Add salt, pepper, basil, thyme, parsley.

7. Cover it and let the crock pot cook for at least 4 hours.

8. Savor the tender, wine-soaked flesh that it yields.

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