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Aww, so cute! I love the scarf, and the tissues in her pocket. I thought that was a nice little detail.

I'm again going to call attention to the file name, but I just think it's so cute this time. xD

Even though I'm not into male sneezes, I took a look at the comic too, and it's also very cutely done. The little bits of emphasis here and there are very sweet. :P

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Awweeeeee <w< MIHAIL IS ALWAYS CUTENESS UP TO ELEVEN in my pants. B||||


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Thank you for the comments, people~<3

Great comic strip! wink.png Btw, this silver-haired guy reminds me of Undertaker, you know. tonguesmiley.gif

Weeeell... He kind of is based on this one person who is often drawn (by others) to resemble UT... They say he reminds our silver haired ex-grim reaper, L o L

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