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I am wondering if I am the only one here who wants to tourtue the lovey and dominent Christian Grey. When I was reading the series I just thought all his control issues were set up so nicely that it would be a perfect senario for him to fall prey to a horrid cold! Oh yes!

Im sure Anna would have a ball taking care of HIM for once! Who would want to write this. Someone/ no one?

It would be very hot if somoene did. Thanks for taking the time to read this in any event!

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Oh! Yes! I'm reading these books right now and I was thinking they would make amazing sneeze fic. I love the idea of Christian catching a cold! I also think it would be cool for Ana to get sick doing something she wasn't supposed to do and getting...um...in trouble blush.png

I want to finish the books first but I'm nearly done with the second one.

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Okay, I got the idea all twisting around in my head and had to just write the story. First part is posted Hope you like :)

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I'm surprised no one else has really jumped at writing a Christian Grey story. I'm trying to get motivation to wrap mine up on the adult board, but kind of lost momentum.

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