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"Would you rather be blind or deaf?"


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I've heard this question asked before, but never thought about taking my fetish into account. It's really such a broad question that you kind of have to think of everything important to you, too. But it sort of made me wonder, if I was either blind or deaf would I still have my fetish? I usually prefer the sound rather than seeing a sneeze, but being able to both see and hear it is definitely a plus. Obviously I'm glad to have both my ability to hear and see. Just something to think about, anyone ever thought about this or have something to add?

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Aaaargh, R.L wants me to answer this...

Soo... In general I'd rather be blind. I'm happy for having good eyesight and well working hearing, but if I had to choose one in general I'd rather be able to hear than see.

But when it comes to the fetish? I love hearing messy sneezes and congested coffing, but I also love seeing feverish flush 8da pink zoneeee) and snot... I don't know... I guess I'd be satisfied as long as I can feel the person (and their body heat) when I touch them and either hear or see them.

If I had to choose and again? Hmmn... I guess I'd still rather hear than see. If I can hear the congestion and, if it's someone close to me, even feel it (touchtouchtouch) if it's running down the person's upper lip I'll be happy. Though I'd miss seeing all the beautiful noses. ;____; God, I love staring at them...

Should I, in the end, say that I'd rather see? xD Just because I'd miss seeing the noses so much... LoL

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Arghh! Horrible question, because although fetish wise I might not need both, it comes pretty damn close! I've got used to listening to, and enjoying wavs, though. And since enjoying a sneeze for me, comes at about 70% from sound I guess I'd take blindness over being deaf.

I'd take the same for "normal" life, as well. I'm big on playing and listening to music, and I couldn't ever give that up. So maybe that transcends into my fetishy mindset, too. rolleyes1.gif

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Well even with this question only applying to the fetish aspect of things, it's still hard to choose. If we are only talking about real sneezes (wavs/videos/real life obs), then I'd rather be blind than deaf because I prefer the sound of the sneeze over the visual aspects. There was a time when I used to love listening to wavs, but I've never really gotten into videos at all.

Though on the other hand, these days usually the only fetish material I enjoy is fics and I think for that I'd rather be deaf because I think it would just be too creepy having a computer voice read the fics out loud to me.

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I'm pretty sure I'd be happier as blind than I'd be as deaf, both from a fetish-perspective and otherwise. I need my voices, I need my music, and I need my sounds. The sight of a sneeze is not very important to me at all. It's a bonus, sure, but the visuals are not what really gets me going.

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I do prefer sound over vision, so my first thought was I'd probably prefer going blind.

But if I were to become blind I'd get in lots of trouble since my income depends on my eyes more than on my ears, and my family depends on my income.

Blind people can use computers, but I figure it 'd take quite some time to relearn all the required skills. So going deaf definately would be more "practical"...

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I'd much, much rather be deaf. Though it would for the most part kill my fetish, it's just really not that important to me in the scheme of things. I'm much more visual - and reading is my favourite hobby. Sure, I could learn Braille (though I've heard it's impossible for adults to pick it up as well as children can since you lose the sensitivity in your fingertips?) but it's not the same! Plus I don't think they have a Braille kindle...:bleh: Not being able to see would be so much more devastating for me than not being able to hear.

Also what haesshoo said about practicality - I really enjoy working in a retail pharmacy. I'd imagine I could manage that if I was deaf once I learned to lip read, but it just wouldn't work if I was blind.

Thinking about losing either always makes me immensely grateful I have my vision and hearing...:lol:

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In fetish terms? I'd rather be blind, no question. Seeing a sneeze without hearing it does almost nothing for me, but hearing one without seeing it is almost as good as the complete package.

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Im going to be the weird opposing view, but i'd much rather lose ANYTHING over my eye-sight. I cant even imagine trying to function in the world without it. So I'd much rather be deaf.

Fetish wise, it would be a bummer, but I stand by keeping my eyesight for anything. :P

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I'd have to say blind- not even going on fetish basis.

My profession hearing seems more essential. Also... I Love certain sounds/ voices. Plus- if I couldn't get to hear my kidlets say, "I love you" - my heart might break.

Fetish-wise.... I'm Much more auditory. Buildups, interrupted speech, congestred voice, etc, etc.

This question Always makes me incredibly grateful that I have both and that I haven't had to pick in reality.

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Applying to the fetish, I would rather be blind, I would be able to hear a sneeze and relate the sneezer to whoever I want. And If i was deaf, I wouldn't be able to hear the beautiful sound. Plus aren't we half blind anyway when we listen to wavs? We don't know what the sneezer looks like, but we still enjoy it, and we get to picture the sneezer as anyone we want.

Applying to everyday life, I'd rather be deaf. Although I wouldn't be able to hear beautiful music or listen to peoples voices, I'd still be able to see glorious things, like sunsets, stunning eyes, wonderful people and mesmerizing clothes. I would never want to not see that.

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In terms of the fetish, I'd rather be blind. I don't like silence anyway, but I'm much more auditory than visual - sometimes I don't even like to see the person sneezing (like with wavs) and just want to listen without distractions. I can always make up a face in my head!

In general life...I don't really know which I'd rather be. I do a lot of things visually, and I'm a visual learner. But a lot of the things I do could probably be done by feeling or something. I don't like not being able to hear anything (like in the dark, it's no harder to hear than it is in the day, whereas seeing is not at all the same), so even though I normally lean toward rather being deaf, I think I might rather be blind, too.

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I guess I would have to choose blind, because the sound of a sneeze has more to do with my enjoyment of it. I would miss the visual signs that somoene is about to sneeze, but I think I would much prefer still being able to hear sneezes.

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In "real life" there's no question: i'd rather be deaf.

my job and hobbies are all visually oriented and I can do them listening to music, so I could just as well do them listening to silence (possibly BETTER)

But fetish-wise?

I can't stand watching no-audio vids. And of course I LOVE listening to wavs! So I guess thats one area where its the opposite.

And that'as significant, because I swear i'd put a gun in my mouth within 5 min of becoming blind.

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In real life...I THINK I'd rather be deaf...sigh. But that'd be so sad cause I love music and singing...and I would be devastated to never hear my loved one's voices...but at least, in terms of being deaf, you can still talk (well, depending on the severity and onset of the deafness) and you can still communicate...not that you can't communicate when you're blind - of course you can. But when you're deaf, a major source of difficulty is communicating with hearing people, so if you can manage to do that (reading lips, sign language), well...ok. Whereas when you're blind...you can't really get around not seeing at all. It'd basically just be a bit easier to get around and do your normal stuff if you're deaf rather than blind. I guess.

That probably made NO sense, but whatever.

Ok, so! With regard to the fetish...I generally prefer to hear the sneeze...because if I just see a sneeze with no audio, it doesn't do much for me, and I LONG to hear what they sound like. If they're sniffly, if they're stuffy, if they're loud, any sort of vocalisations of the sneeze, etc. The sneeze kind of becomes generic if you can't hear it.

Whereas if I hear a sneeze, but can't see who did it, I am curious to see what they look like but it's not the same as the NEED to hear them when I can only see them, you know? I may even enjoy NOT seeing the sneezer because then my imagination can go a bit wild...heheh.

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I think I'd rather be blind (God forbid though, and God forbid for anyone else either)

That's not just fetish wise, but real life too.

Seeing a sneeze with no sound does almost nothing for me, but hearing a sneeze with no view still does the trick!

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