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Male friend's stuck sneezes (long obs)


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This obs is quite possibly the greatest sneeze-related thing that has ever happened to me, and I still can't even grasp that it actually did. It's like "WTF brain? Are you remembering right, or did you start hallucinating from boredom?" But apparently it really happened, so obs-away!

Okay, so with uni out of session for the summer I'm back in my hometown. In the summers around here, I work in a bait shop out at the state park selling worms and leeches etc. to people because I'm not just a tom boy, I'm Super Tom Boy, apparently. #sarcasm

So I have this flirtatious sort of friendship-with-the-potential-for-more-someday with one of my coworkers, Luke (names changed to protect the innocent). For those of you who like a visual, Luke is a little over six feet tall, with grey eyes and dark hair, classically handsome and built. I am frankly utterly amazed that this guy is paying any attention to me at all. Yeah, I'm a pretty girl as far as that'll get you, but I'm not one of those girls who throws their beauty around in an obvious way and uses it like a weapon, y'know? I mean, hello. Working in a bait shop, here...

Anyway, I've known for a few years that Luke has hay fever, but he usually manages to keep it pretty under control. A few (completely delicious) stray sneezes here and there but usually nothing major. sadsmiley.gif

Yesterday, apparently, that went right out the window. Our shifts overlapped for about three hours yesterday, and when Luke's shift started he came walking in as per usual but I, being my sneaky-sneak self, took note that his nose was more red than was normal. Interest immediately piqued.

It was a slow shift so we were just kind of bumming around down there, just sitting out by the docks because apparently Sunday mornings are bad times for fishing... who knew? And so the two of us are just joking around and I notice Luke keeps getting this faraway look in his eye and every single time I'm sure he's about to let loose one of his beautiful, beautiful sneezes, but it never comes. And every so often he rubs at his nose, making his nostrils turn just a little pinker. It was driving me slowly crazy.

Maybe an hour into our shift he goes through another sneeze?-nope-rub-nostrils routine and I work up the nerve to ask, "Hey, are you okay?"

He rolls his eyes and lets out this melodramatic sigh and says "Yeah. I just have to sneeze so bad and I can't get it to come out."

My other alter-ego, Super Awkward Girl, puts in an appearance in time to mumble, "Um, sorry to hear that?"

He laughs. "Yeah, my allergies have been going nuts lately." Then he randomly stands up and says, "Alright, this is driving me crazy. I gotta do something about this."

He walks into the interior of the shop and I figure he's gone to take some allergy meds or something. Turns out... no. About a minute later, he walks out with an adorably determined expression on his face, holding one of the pheasant tail feathers we keep on display in the shop. I swear my mind has never made a faster trip from Point A to Point Gutter.

"What's that for?" I ask.

He plops himself back in his chair and looks me right in the eye and says, all 'so serious I clearly am joking' about it, "I am gonna get this sneeze out one way or another." He then proceeds to hand me the feather and ask, "Would you care to do the honors?"

I was pretty much torn between being completely turned on and completely freaked out. Considered pinching myself to check for dreaming, decided not to because I've always thought that wouldn't really help if you were. I basically froze up staring at him and stuttered out: "Um. What?"

Then he got that expression he gets sometimes when he realizes that maybe he's done something a little socially awkward again and asked, "Wait, is that weird?"

I was still kind of caught between wanting nothing more than to spend a few delicious minutes tending to his poor, suffering nose, and feeling like the whole situation was so incredibly illicit, but seeing that the opportunity was possibly slipping away, I reassured him, "No, it's not weird. Well, actually, yeah it is, but what are friends for, right?"

"Mutual weirdness?"

"Mutual weirdness."

And then, of course, the awkward hit. "So, how exactly do we do this?" he asked, and I am very sure I turned bright pink. Hooray for my constantly-be-red-in-the-face Swedish genes... wallbash.gif

"I guess I just..." I mumbled, shrugging, and just kind of started brushing the feather around his nostrils.

At first he just kind of laughed and said that it tickled, but after a bit, I guess I hit a sensitive spot because the smirk dropped right off his face and his eyes went blank. His nostrils flared out abruptly and he sucked in a sharp breath.

"Is that helping?" I asked, even though I could clearly see that it was. I'm evil that way. aaevil.gif

"Yiih-yeah. Keep guh... going..." he breathed out.

I danced the feather around the edges of his quivering, sensitive nostrils, and swirled the long narrow tip of it deeper inside, hoping to hit just the right spot to give him the relief he was clearly so close to achieving.

A few seconds more and he held up a hand and waved me away. I withdrew the feather with one last tickling swish, and immediately he launched forward with a powerful quartet of sneezes. They were spaced about 15-20 seconds apart, and between each I was treated to a wonderful pre-sneeze expression on that beautiful face of his and a delightful hitching buildup.

"hhHHUUHchoo! heh... heh-heehh... iihhi... HIIIIICHOO! eehhhh... oh god... HUHCHoooo! ... ... hih-hih-hih-hih-hih-HIH-choOOOoooo!"

Somewhere in there, I may have mumbled a shocked "bless you" but I was too busy watching the show to be coherent.

After he was done, he shook his head a few times like he was trying to get water out of his ear, sniffled, and said, "Wow. I really needed that. Thanks for the assist, Ace."

And then, like nothing ever happened, he took the feather off me, went back inside, and presumably blew his nose to clear it.


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LOL how do I brain.

LORD, girl! How... fantastic... is that?! As in: fantasy material... RIGHT THERE. I do not wonder at your WTF-ness. Hoot.

Thanks so much for sharing! That was hot. Which statement does not do it justice. Oh no.

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D'awwwww! Dear me, I can imagine you want to check for dreaming. wub.png That could have come straight out of a very lovely fantasy. Lucky you. Thank you lots for sharing. :)

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Oh my goodness! WOW. Gosh, does that stuff actually happen in real life? All credit to you for sticking it out and doing it (and of course posting this wonderful obs) - I think I would have been tempted to run away and hide. My goodness. And to think afterwards he just was just casually like 'Yeah, thanks'... DON'T YOU KNOW YOU JUST ACTED OUT LIKE A MILLION FANTASIES.

Man, hooray for stuck sneezes.

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Oh my god. OH MY GOD. That is my dream.. every fetishist DREAM!! how in the heck were you so lucky!?! please rub some of your luck off on me!!

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WHOA. Did I just read this? Oh my gosh, so much fantasy put into here, I don't even know what to do. I NEVER thought this even happened to real people, it's like stuff I read in fanfics or something. I loved reading this so much, I'd feel like I was dreaming if it happened to me too (and then try to go back to sleep again so it would replay). :heart:

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Oh. My. Word. That was insanely hot! I'm in awe, as I'm sure you were. How many of us wish someone would ask us to "do the honors?" Seriously, amazingly, hot!! Thanks for telling us all about it! Wow!

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w00t.gif SERIOUSLY?! That is so friggin' AWESOME! Actually, I'm kinda amazed at the level of coherency you kept...if that had happened to me I probably would've just stood there stuttering or blurted out something along the lines of "OHMYGODTHAT'SSOHOT!" And then ended up in this position...stretcher.gif Gaaaaaaahhh....
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LOL how do I brain.

Pretty much my response, too.

WHOA. Did I just read this? Oh my gosh, so much fantasy put into here, I don't even know what to do. I NEVER thought this even happened to real people, it's like stuff I read in fanfics or something. I loved reading this so much, I'd feel like I was dreaming if it happened to me too (and then try to go back to sleep again so it would replay). heart.gif

You're telling me! For a second, I thought for sure I had been hit on the head with ballistic missiles from the sky, causing me to slip into a coma and relive a personalized version of some delightful sneezefic or something. But I figured that if that were the case, he would have sneezed more than just the four times and it would have concluded with a bit of making out right there in public. ;)

I'm glad you all enjoyed this particularly delightful obs, because heaven knows I did (and I actually enjoy it more in retrospect because now that I'm removed from the slight aura of awkwardness that surrounded the whole thing while it was happening, my brain's repeat button is getting used pretty constantly)!

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SWEET CHRIST ON A CRACKER this was hot! How do these situations always seem to happen to fetishists? This is like a fantasy come true. :drool:

I loved the banter too. You guys sound adorable. ^_^

My other alter-ego, Super Awkward Girl, puts in an appearance in time to mumble, "Um, sorry to hear that?"


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EXPLOSION! Wow. wow. I mean...you know. *melt*

PLEASE date this man. For me? I want more obs :) and, hey...we know he wouldn't be weirded out about you wanting to make him sneeze!! How many fetishists start a relationship knowing that!? Lucky gal! :)

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That's simply amazing.

w00t.gif now excuse me as I melt into a puddle just thinking about that happening.

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OMG, delicious~.. <3..


I can only hope for such wonderful circumstances to befall me one day x'DD

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Fantastic obs

Oh how i wish something like that would happen to me- well don't we all haha

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Oh my gosh! I have never heard of anything like that happen before!

That is cool! Your soo lucky! (:

bounce.gif ((<<<< i couldnt find the right face, and that face was cute sooo...))

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Wow twitchsmile.gif

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Extremely amazing and well written obs here, I'm so jealous!!!

It's so rare to find an obs like that!! Just....*melts*

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