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Earliest Memories of Fetishy Preferences


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One likes allergies, the other likes colds. One prefers female, the other male. Sneezing does the thing for many, some are attracted to the general idea of cold/allergies, maybe sniffling, stuffiness and so on. Some of us can say they've always had it, some say they've developed it along the years.

We've talked about earliest fetishy memories, how long we've had the fetish and what kind of preferences does each of us have, but I don't recall seeing a topic about memories of preferences.

What I mean is things like this:

I randomly remembered today that when I was rather young there was this cartoon with a blue male hippo in it. I watched it always. In the beginning of one episode he sneezes while he's in his house's attic about to start cleaning. At that point it wasn't yet clear what made him sneeze and sniffle so the little me watching it kept hopes up. I remember thinking something along the lines "let it be a cold and not allergies", LoL. And when he finally stated that he seems to be allergic to dust I pretty far lost interest in the whole episode. I was less than six years old back then.

I'd call that a memory of fetishy preferences since I do remember how strongly I've preferred one over another (would be my earliest).

Do you guys have any such memories (and don't try to tell me you don't have)?

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Actually, I don't think I developed preferences that early on. My tastes have become more refined as I aged. When I was younger any cause would do it for me, so long as it was obvious. Like, just a random sneeze for no reason wasn't much good. And I was equally interested in male and female sneezing. I guess I had a vague preference for pollen and cat allergies over others, but I can't say why. (Still do.)

I remember distinctly when I got really into colds, and especially into care taking. Almost to the day- it was around June when I was 15 years old. I remember reading some fic online, read one of Liberty Belle's Nightcrawler sickfics, and suddenly thinking "Holy crap!" I've been hooked on hurt-comfort ever since. Before that point I only liked colds because they might involve sneezing. Now I enjoy colds, care taking etc. more than any other kind of sneezing.

It's only quite recently, in the past year or so, that I've developed my other fetish- fevers. I liked them as part of colds before, but now it is a fetish in it's own right and I enjoy fevers quite unrelated to cold-type illnesses. I can't pinpoint that development so exactly though.

What an interesting question!

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Interesting topic, Sitruuna!

I know I was interested in all kinds of sneezing when I was a kid. Allergies, colds, pepper, random irritants - didn't matter. I took what I could get, and was happy with that. But: I also know that sneezing from allergies, and pollen allergies especially, left a particularly strong and lasting, uh, impression on me. Cold sneezing was great (it still is) but the pleasure I experienced from reading about or witnessing hayfever symptoms somehow went deeper. It was more profoundly sexual, even back then. I also know that me having a thing for itchy noses started very early, before I could read or write, because I distinctly remember instructing a relative to include descriptions of that when they were adding text to a story that I had illustrated. blush.pnglaughing.gif

So, yeah. All evidence point to me being born an allergy whore. Or, if not born one; at least very early corrupted.

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Aha, interesting question. I can remember wanting to see a boy in my first grade class sneeze because he was sick - which is interesting, because now I prefer allergies. I used to think they were kind of gross, though, aha. Though I've never been into nose-blowing, I can remember my mom showing me how to blow my nose when I was little and not feeling strange about it at all.

I can also remember enjoying the scenes in the Magic Treehouse books where Jack often sneezed while hiding - and that's one of my favorite scenarios to this day. xD;

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A lot of my preferences have changed over the years. From before I was 5 I remember enjoying seeing characters sneeze for example Alice in Wonderland when she gets stuck in the house and they try and smoke her out. I can't really remember that properly. And at the beginning it was mainly colds and sneezing. Every time I went to the doctors, I used to force whoever was with me to read the book that was in the play area about a little princess who gets a cold. I was fascinated. Then as I got older, it turned more into boys sneezing. I remember giggling when certain ones would sneeze and a few even used to fake for me to make me laugh!! Now that I look back that's pretty awkward because I still talk to them. I liked girls' sneezes but not as much (that's changed). Then it developed into pretty much anything sneeze/cold/allergy related. In fact, since coming to the forum, I've opened my eyes to things that are not directly related like crying. I think that as we become more aware and confident, we're more open to try things. It would be boring if it was strictly one gender sneezing anyway. :D

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i always semmed to have a fascination for people/characters getting colds or just sneezing in general and i loved anything about young pretty girls and ladies using handkerchiefs...

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Now I'm definitely an allergy whore and am not into colds so much anymore unless I know the person with a cold has allergies as well, but my first preference memories are actually cold related. However, I think that relates to the fact that I didn't really know what allergies were when I used to play pretend with my stuffed animals and make them sneeze. I needed to give them a reason to sneeze so I gave them all colds. I'm pretty sure my allergy preference developed when I got to elementary school, because I remember getting excited when spring would come so I could listen to all of the allergic boys sneeze, sniffle and blow their noses.

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I've just always been more partial to girls, as far as my memory serves. Maybe because the first recollection I have of even getting introduced to this quirk was through a story of Cinderella where she sneezed, or maybe it's just because I'm female myself and I like it more. As far as cold vs. allergies goes, it's been a variation and fluctuation (lol lol) between the two, but I really stand on neutral ground where it's concerned. I like general illness as well (I definitely have a thing for fevers- I remember getting excited when a character on TV or in a book or something would just be mentioned as sick), and I like allergies too, as well as inducing (but that's a whole 'nother ballgame that I'm not going into). I think when I was younger I preferred colds over allergies, and as I grew, so did my interest in allergies. Now it's an even field. XP

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My earliest memory of a fetish is when I was six and in the first grade. I had a female Scottish teacher about 5'6" and mousy brown hair that was cut short and always set. She used to stifle her sneezes and once in a while let a full sneeze out. After that, I was always fascinated by females and how they sneezed. How many times, things like that. I don't recall why I dislike male sneezing, but I have never prefered it, unless they have a sneeze that sounds like: Heh chew, Hetchew. I call these well rounded ones. Much like Jackie's on the Female wav page.

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