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Allergies in the World of Naruto


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Naruto is my most recent obsession, and as such I've been contmeplating various sneezy scenarios that revolve around it. One thing that occured to me is that allergies--particularly the sort with sneezing--could potentially be career ending for someone in that universe. For those who don't know, most of the important characters in Naruto are ninja. They are unlike actual historical ninja in that they have a bunch of magical powers and made up culture, but they are like historical ninja in that they have a need to be silent at certain times.

If someone had allergies that they couldn't control, they probably wouldn't be able to continue on as a ninja. You can't exactly sneak up on someone while you're sneezing your face off.

Also, some characters can do things like breath fire...which could be potentially disastrous if they sneeze.

Any thoughts on this? Am I exaggerating the possible consequences, or does this make sense? Also, do you think it would make a good story to inflict this fate on someone? Who--to those of you know are familiar with Naruto--might the scenario be most interesting on? Might there be any other potential drawbacks to having allergies in the world of Naruto that we do not have in our own world?

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I wanted to reply sooner, but I was having problems with my phone, but now I'm on my laptop. It sounds like a great idea. I thought that maybe, they could have certain allergies to certain chakra types, or someone uses a jutsu that makes it so they can't stop sneezing, or the jutsu makes the person sneeze uncontrolably if they try to use chakra. I think it would be nice to see this inflicted on Sasuke or Itachi, or both :drool: Maybe the jutsu back fires and hits both of them if they are fighting each other.

I think it will be a very interesting scenerio to happen to them, try to do fire ball jutsu but in stead they sneeze out fire or something, because the sneezing is interrupting their use of chakra and jutsu :drool:

Not sure what could be other drawbacks to sneezing in their world, maybe if they had a "chakra cold", whenever they sneezed, they lost control of their jutsus and chakra, the sneezier the cold, the worse the lost of control, and the more powerful their attack, that they can't control. What do you think?

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I can think of many different ways of how a ninjutzu could go wrong: like the shadow clones would disappear and transformation disguises would be discovered very easily. If someone did a fire attack or a skill based off of ice, that could prove most disasterous ;) Great question Natto!

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Mispronunciation of Jutsu, bad posture, a screwed of handsign... yeah, any of these could create a potential disaster. Sneezing in the middle of a surveillance mission would be interesting. x.x

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