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Loki Gets Sick


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So, here's my first attempt at the Thor/Avengers/Doesn'treallymatter fandom. I decided to do a sneezefic because you guys are less cruel and critical here. This one's actually dedicated to LeapYearKisses because she (I'm assuming gender here) writes the most amazing drabbles I've ever seen and if I'm not mistaken, she is particularly fond of our resident Trickster. I tried writing in present tense here and it's kinda strange.

I HAVE NO BETA. All mistakes are mine.

Disclaimer: I don't own any publicly recognizable characters you see in this fic. I'm not making any profit from this, blah, blah, blah...


Thor lazily strides down the hallway, grinning dumbly after another predictable victory in sparring. He passes the library, and upon hearing a strange sound emitted from behind the heavy doors, he backtracks to stand and listen.

Hihh-huh-tchxxt! Hurhh'tshhnnfff!

He hears a few sniffles, then the page of a book turn, and the sound of something small and metal clatter to the ground. “Shoot,” he hears his brother say, then decides waltz inside. Loki is hanging off to the side of his chair, reaching for his dropped pen, his other hand trying to keep himself steady and to keep his face from marrying the floor. He looks up to the entrant and gave a short wave with his free hand.

“Uhm, hello, Brother,” he greets before returning to the struggle for his pen. Thor watches, amused, as his brother's pink tongue poked out of the side of his mouth. And he could swear that he hears him mumble about “the weight of the pen and the trajectory of the first impact,” and how “inertia doesn't work this way, dammit.” He glares at his brother and says, “Would you be so kiiiiihhhhh... kind as to help me get my p-uuuhhh...” Loki scrubs the back of his hand underneath his nose. If he was to take a moment to really look at his younger brother, Thor could have noticed the slight pinkish tint to his nostrils, and the dusting of a flush on his cheeks.

And of course he takes that moment.

“Brother? Are you alright?” Thor asks tentatively, stepping forwards and picking the pen up. He hands it to his brother, who took it, scribbled down a note and answered,

“Yes. Perfectly fine. What did you need me for?” Loki turns back to his spell book, taking notes and jotting down a questioning of the authors sanity. He tries to sniffle discretely, but any sound he makes seems to reverberate though the library.

“I was wondering if you would care to join my friends and I for lunch,” he lies.

“Liar,” Loki calls him out, biting his lip as he tried to deduce what this madman of an author was trying to say. Or why he got published. This spell sounds unquestionably useful, and it is driving Loki mad himself to read the nonsensical ramblings of a man who clearly lost his mind decades ago. He fists his sleek black hair and seriously contemplates ripping every strand of it out.

“Okay,” Thor drawls. “will you at least accompany me to lunch?”

“Not hungry,” Loki states simply, letting his head fall to the desk with too much force for Thor to be comfortable with.

“You haven't eaten in days,” Thor whines. “You need food.”

“Not now. Can't you see I'm busy, Thor?” comes Loki's muffled reply.

“Doing what? Making out with the desk?” Thor taunts Loki with the tone of a seven-year-old.

“Well, why don't you grow up?” he bites back.

Well, why don't you grow up,” Thor mimics Loki, making a face and waving his hands in the air.

“Oh, yeah, real mature.”

Unbeknownst to Thor, Loki's eyes are watering and his nose twitches with the denied desire to sneeze. Thor goes about rambling off the story of his victored sparring match while his brother is slowly losing the control over his sneezes.

His breath hitches, his lungs expanding, and nostrils flaring. “Hiiihh...” He swallows thickly, rubs his nose with the side of his wrist and wills the sneeze to go away. He keeps his head down on the desk, arms both pillowing and concealing him. The sneeze will not relent, leaving Loki's breath hitching desperately. “Huuuhhh...” Thor continues to blather on. “Huurrr... Hur-kuhmmschhpfftt!” Loki tries and fails to stifle his sneeze. The room is quiet. Thor has stopped mouthing away.

“Loki? Uh. That sounded painful,” Thor says, pushing back a misplaced black lock.

“Uh-huh,” is all that comes from Loki's hunched form.

“Hey. Hey, Loki. Look at me.”


“Why?” Thor whines, jostling his brother.

“...I'm a mess.” Loki's pink cheeks brighten and he's glad that he doesn't have to see his brother's reaction.

“Lemme go get you some tissues.” Thor leaves the room, loudly, as always.

What...? I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting... But not...that. Much too mundane a reaction for Thor.

Moments later, Thor returns with a box of tissues in his large hand. Loki seems to have fallen into a state of half-consciousness, his body that has been deprived from sleep for days on end is finally on the brink of collapse. Loki doesn't notice when Thor leans into his personal space. “You need food and rest once in a while, dear brother. The books can certainly wait.” He gathers his brother that is teetering on the edge of coherency into his arms, cleans the mess off of both him and his desk, and carries him to his chambers. “I don't like the heat coming off of you, Brother.”

“Mmmmnnh?” Loki peers at him through half-lidded eyes that shine with fever. Thor disappears for a brief moment, before coming back with some pills and a glass of water.

“You have to wake for a moment, Brother. I have medication.” Loki cracks his eyes open and sits up. He downs the pills and remains sitting. “You can lie back down now.”


“What? So you're going to sleep sitting up?”

“Hold me.”

Well, that is unexpected.

“...What?” Loki let out a rumbling cough then said,

“Hold me.” Loki holds up a finger in signal to wait and clamps his nostrils shut between his thumb and forefinger, his head snapping down with a forceful sneeze.


“That one sounded painful, too,” Thor says, shifting on his feet, unsure of what to think about the tingles that the sneeze caused in his nether regions. “Are you alright?”

“You knooohhh-know how much I hate obvious questions.” Loki sniffs, hoping to relieve the itch without having to sneeze. Thor sits down on the bed in front of Loki and watches his chest rise and fall sporadically as he tries in vain to fight the sneeze. He closes off his nostrils again and scrunches up his face. Kuh-shhernfft!

“I wish you'd stop that. It's bad for your health,” Thor says, squirming against this odd sensation.


Thor sighs and grabs a hold of Loki's wrists, and traps them in one of his hands. “What the—Thooor Ahh... Let go!” Loki strains against Thor's hold and sniffles. “Cruel!” he shouts, the tickle in his sinuses growing. He pulls against Thor and uses his entire body weight in attempt to break free. This is futile, but Loki refuses to believe that, yes, Thor has trumped him once again.

Loki's eyes flutter shut and his nostrils twitch, and Thor is positive that he shouldn't be enjoying his brother's discomfort like this. Or at all, really. But he is, and it unnerves him slightly. Loki struggles against his hand before he cannot fight off the sneeze any longer and a fit begins.

Huh-ketchs'huh! Heh'tch'kuh! Hiih... Hit'chuh! Loki snuffles uselessly against the snot protruding from his pink nose and snaps forward with another explosion. Ha'tcht'UH! Loki glares at Thor, the look killed because it's impossible to look intimidating with red, irritated eyes and nose, a pinkish flush, and snot covering one's face. “I cand't beleeb you,” he pauses to give a long, thick snuffle, “you bade be go through that.” He swallows thickly and doesn't notice Thor's writhe in response to his fit and subsequent snuffle. Thor reaches for the box of tissues and places them to the side. He plucks a few and proceeds to clean his brother's face clear of snot. “I cand do it byself,” Loki argues, turning his face away from his brother. “Quid that!” he snaps as Thor continues to wipe his face despite his protests.

“Would you quit squirming?” Thor almost snaps back. Loki grunts and shifts around, completely humiliated and feeling much too vulnerable for his liking. Loki gives up because he's exhausted and he's cold and he's fed up with Thor's mother hen routine.


There might or might not be more, it depends on you guys.

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I'm working on the next part now, and I do hope that you forgive my lack of talent for titles.

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Ooooohhhhh My goodness. I think.... I think I just died and went to Heaven. You beautiful creature you. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful piece of Hnnnnnnnnnngh

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I'd love to see more, I'll read anything with Loki in it and I think you're off to a great start.

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Uwaaaaahhh~ This is awesome! Poor petulant Loki having to get taken care of by Thor... And with such delicious sneezes! XD I would love to see some more of this!

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jawdrop.gifOMG! I just died of happiness!blowup.gif This is too CUTE!!!! Loki is amazing and so is this fic! Pretty Pretty PRETTY PLEASE CONTINUE AS SOON AS YOU CAN! With cherries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top! hyper.gif
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ASDFGHGFGHJKJHJKGJKHFFFFF Fuck. I can't write. Sorry that I completely botched them. I beg for forgiveness.

“Thor... Thor.” Loki shakes his brother's knee and startles him out of his light doze. The room is dark, and he's sure that it's late into the night. Sometime when he was sleeping, Thor moved a chair next to his bed and seemingly stayed there.


He fights the urge to roll his eyes, because who else would be in his bed? “Thor, I'm cold.” Loki hears more than sees his brother rise from the chair. He hears him remove his armor and drop the metal onto the floor.

“Move over.” Loki does as told and feels the bed tip down when his brother enters the bed. He snuggles up to Thor and rests his head on his brother's shoulder. Thor runs his fingers through Loki's hair and the Trickster sinks into his brother's welcomed warmth. His brother snakes his arm around his waist. “Loki, you need to eat more, I can feel your ribs.”

“You could always feel my ribs.”


“...Whatever.” Loki closes his eyes, irritated but he also appreciates his brother's concern.


Loki's eyes flutter open and he immediately regrets it, the morning light streaming in through the window making his head explode in pain. He groans, pushing the heel of his palm to his forehead. “Brother? What's wrong?”

“My head,” Loki groans, hiding his face in his brother's chest. He curls into a ball, his face contorted in pain. Thor gently places his brother's head onto a pillow while he closes the drapes, shrouding the room in darkness. This only eases the pain momentarily, before his head resumes throbbing with a vengeance. Loki makes a soft whimpering sound, tightening his curled position. He tries to wade through his muddled brain to find a spell for easing pain, but finds nothing. He whimpers, his eyes watering. He doesn't realize that Thor had left the room for medication and water until he hears the pills rattling around in the bottle. He fists the pillow when another wave of pain rolls through his head.

Thor fights with him to sit up, promising that the pills will make him feel better. Eventually, when the pills finally kick in, he can form coherent thoughts. “Thank you,” he murmurs.


“Come, Brother, eat something. For me?” Loki looks suspiciously at the food. He really has no appetite. He takes a small bite of a yeast roll, chews slowly, and refuses any more food. “Oh, no. Not this again. Brother...” Thor strokes his brother's cheek and shakes his head, his eyes sad. “I don't understand, why do this to your body? You seem like you hate your very existence.”

“Hush. You don't get it and I don't expect you to,” Loki hisses. Thor places the tray of food aside and wraps his brother in a gentle embrace.

“Then make me understand,” he whispers even though he knows that he'll get nothing out of him for a while. I love you, Brother. Too much. Please stop this.

Loki sighs and melts into his brother's hold. Thor kisses his brother's temple. “Your fever's gone down.” Something flutters in Loki's chest, and he has to tell himself that the kiss was merely to check his temperature; the lips are much more sensitive to heat than the palm, after all. Loki stiffens in Thor's hold, but he does not let him loose, keeping his hands trapped.

Het'kuh! Hih'tchUH!

“Do you need more tissues, Brother?”

There's a quiet sniffle before, “...Yeah.”


“I'd offer you a book, but that's what got you into this mess,” Thor says, running his fingers through his brother's mussed hair. Loki gives a noncommittal sound, then shivers. “Cold?” Loki nods his head and presses into his brother's body heat. Thor pulls another blanket over Loki, thinking about how badly he must feel, since he's acting like this.

“Thangs,” Loki mumbles and snuffles thickly. Thor shivers, the strange tingles running down his spine once more. “You cold?” his younger brother asks.

“Ah, no, just a, uhm, draft.” I sound like an imbecile.

“...Okay.” Loki shoots a suspicious look at Thor, then brushes it off. He swipes the back of his hand under his pink nose and gives a long snuffle.

“Do you need to blow your nose?” Thor asks.

“Doh.” Thor gives him a look, which reads 'Oh, really?' “Habit, sorry.”

“That's what I thought.” Thor reaches for the box of tissues on the nightstand and Loki glares at him, then snuffles again. Thor exhales huskily, and closes his eyes, trying to compose himself. He turns back to Loki, and plucks a few tissues out of the box. He puts them to Loki's nose, who snaps his head away from him.

“I cad blow by owd dose,” Loki says congestedly, glare in place.

“Don't be difficult,” Thor says and places the tissues back to Loki's face. “Blow.”

Loki gives a defiant snuffle, glaring and completely humiliated.

“Brother...” Thor warns. Loki lets out a defeated sigh and rolls his eyes. He fills the tissue with a rush of warm air and snot. It takes a few more tissues before Loki can breathe easily again. He's glad the feverish flush is hiding his blush, because he is absolutely embarrassed now. A tingle starts in the back of his nose and his sinuses are burning with the need to sneeze. His eyes flutter shut and Thor watches and waits; at the last minute, he grabs his brother's wrists, trapping them in one large hand.

Huuh... Haahh... Hiihh'KUH! Haah-tch'UH!

Loki gives a liquidy sniffle, and blinking away the fog in his head. The need to sneeze still lingers in his sinuses but he knows that they won't come unless he makes them. Which he won't. He snuggles back into the warm sheets, pulling Thor back down with him. He settles his head on Thor's chest and closes his eyes, a headache on the way. He listens to his brother's clear and unhindered breathing—unlike his, he can feel the gunk in his lungs becoming more prominent. Loki traces circles on Thor's bare chest, listening to his heartbeat. His eyes grow heavy and he falls into sleep once again.

“Sleep well, little brother.” Thor kisses the top of Loki's head and smiles as his love nuzzles into his hold.

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bounce.gifYes! The next part! Pure Genius again! You just made everything so much better in my muddled life right now! Thank you for the next part and please give us more when you can! Please and thank you! biggrin.png

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YES! And I'm in love with your Signiture!! Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth all the way!

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