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Well, the object of my affection online from across the world...I have not exactly been subtle about my slight fixation on sneezing with him, and from certain things we'd talked about and that he'd said, I thought he must know about the fetish but just hadn't come out and said it directly...for various reasons...shyness, coyness, lack of feeling required to do so...

So anyway, just over a week ago, we were chatting online as we do, and we were talking about sexual things...quite an intense conversation about what each of us likes in the sexual realm of things...and I was SURE he was going to ask me directly about the sneezing thing.

And so to offset this embarrassment, I actually began to tell him myself first, before he asked. And then it turned out he actually was NOT about to ask me after all...and he didn't really even know I had the fetish either. But I told him anyway. He said he DID sort of know, but he just hadn't gone so far as to put two and two together. So...now he knows. And he was perfect about it. Understanding, even a little happy / excited...

He had previously been trying to catch his sneezes on video for me so I could see and "be with him" when he sneezes...and he knew I was always VERY happy when he did this...and he says he'll try even more now to do it since he now knows the full extent of what it means to me. I said NEVER any fake sneezes, and I don't want anything to change. Just...natural sneezes. No forcing them or feeling odd or self conscious about them.

The other day he got one on video...a soft one...it was 5am and he was awake and didn't want to wake anyone else in the house, so it was quiet...for him...which for many people isn't really very quiet at all. Mmmm...deliciousness.

And much to my frustration, yesterday he told me he had sneezed 4 or 5 times all at once, and ended up with a runny nose and having to get a Kleenex. He said he tried to get to the camera during it but it was too quick so he missed filming it for me. He was very apologetic, but because he described what happened so I could imagine it...I forgave him. Hehehehehe. tonguesmiley.gif (It was doubly frustrating to miss this sneeze event, because he is usually a single sneezer, although I've seen him do a double with a pause of around 10 seconds in the middle...so to have him do 4 or 5? I can't even think about it now, knowing I missed it!!!! lol) *anguish*

I have never told anyone this before. I feel so free. smile.png

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Thats awesome!!!! It's always brilliant when you tell people and they have such a positive reaction!

Congradulations! :D

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Well, after I said that thing about missing out on those 4-5 sneezes he had, he actually later on sneezed again 4 times in a row (and 2 after he stopped filming), so I was able to see them.

They were the last sneezes I will ever see from him though as we are no more...big, heavy sigh. :( Very sad.

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