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Poor Spidey. Out of the entire superhero community, he seems most likely to get sick. He ended up with the flu in a recent episode of his latest cartoon series. And it always happens when bad guys are attacking. He gets the rest of his SHIELD teammates sick too by the end of the episode (3 guys, 1 girl). Also worth noting that Peter Parker's voiced by Drake Bell in this series.

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OMGOSH you beat me to this!! I was totally gonna post this, but I was too lazy XD This episode is EPIC. Seriously, he must've sneezed like 20 times... most plot-centric fakes I think I've ever heard in a show before! X) Drake Bell is quite the talented faker, too, I might add! drool.gif I SOOO wish that more shows would follow this example and write sneezing into episodes like this... usually, even if a character does get sick, they only sneeze a handful of times hammer.gif This is AWESOME. XDD

Here's a link, for those who are interested happy.png


**Fair warning: a LOT of cartoony mess in it... i.e. the occasional snot/gaaah-don't-sneeze-on-me!! joke... but the AUDIO IS WORTH ITTT mf_laughbounce2.gif XD

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Okay, that... that was pretty damn nice. :blink: Great quality and quantity, I must say.

Also: "Vampire sneeze. Gotta remember: vampire sneeze." :lmfao:

Great find, Pseudo, and thanks for the link, smileyfacegirl!

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GUH! Muuust seeeee. Are there any other links to it? Because the one SFG posted isn't working for me. sadsmiley.gif


NEVERMIND! I tried watching it in another browser, and it worked just fine. :D

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Ohohoho, mask sneezes~

Great find, Drake Bell acts a sneeze quite well, and the vampire sneeze was hilarious! x

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Eeeeee!! Spider-Man, my favorite Marvel hero!! Aaah, too good, TOO GOOD! Played for laughs, I love it, I love it!! Normally I can't tolerate Ultimate but this? This was good!! Thank you for the heads-up!! Eee :D

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omg i am like kicking myself in the ass for almost skipping out on this discovery. what got my full on attention was that drake bell is voicing spiderman and im like WOAH HELLO! O_O :D alksdjfasjdf;asdjf

omg this is so beautiful i love this lajsdofajsd;fjasdf'a

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I'm really surprised. That was actually wonderful. So much, in fact, that I just might watch it one more time. Those sneezes had a really good sound to them. I didn't at all mind the way they were drawn either. Mwah. mf_zippy.gif

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Holy.effin.CRISTtheMIGHTY.SICK.EPISODE.OF.DREAMS!!!1111 :drool:

This is just too good. All those sniffles. Those fricking BEAUTIFUL sniffles. I am... ghhh :stunned:

Thank you for posting this! Don't have any clue about the series, but goddamn, so gooood...

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Oh, wow.. sorry for all the caps.. I flipped out.. Anyway, I NEED this on my hardrive xDD.. Like, now~ xDDDD

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I love Drake Bell!! And his fake sneezes are phenomenal!! Plus, I actually just really enjoyed this episode anyway. Thanks for posting it! SQUEEE!

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I don't really like comics, it was just coincidence that I actually clicked on this link here,

and I was SO stunned because when I was younger I was a Drake Bell fanatic, seriously.

Wow, this made me so happy *_*

I just wish there had been an episode in Drake and Josh where he was sneezing that much,

it's fabulous! It sounds incredible O.O

Thanks a lot for posting!

I accidentely clicked on the wrong link,

I found out that it's Season 1 episode 8 "Back in black" if anyone is interested ;)

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I CAN'T BELIEVE I IGNORED THIS!!!!! At the time I kept glancing at this but I just thought naah I can't be bothered but I was so stupid!!! I saw the new spiderman film today and it was epic so I thought I'd give this a go seeing as I'm in that sort of mood and oh my. I can't even. The way he sniffs and has to fight, when he's sick!! My favourite part is probably the sneeze and sniff at 19.00 ish.

Ok I apologize. As you were teehee.gif

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I found something! Check out this post:

"In this episode, Peter Parker has a cold, requiring Drake Bell to pinch his nose in the recording booth for a week or however long it took. It seems every Spider-Man cartoon has the angle of him having a cold for one episode - even going back to his NBC syndicated show from 1981. Heck, even the live action show on CBS from 1977-1979 once had Spidey being allergic to tobacco and going into a sneezing fit (!) be a key detail for an episode. Unfortunately, because this show is written by adults who believe kids are crude, a lot of humor relies on gross out mucus bits. While Peter himself is on the mend from his cold and repulsing everyone around him, a new Spider-Man in a black costume has apparently arisen to replace him."

I found it here if you want to look.


You have to click to show the spoiler. Anyone know where to find these episodes? I'm obsessed at the moment w00t.gif

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The 1981 episode I know is called "Lizards, Lizards Everywhere". He's allergic to reptiles. (No idea how that works.) There's also an episode of the 1967 cartoon "Horn of the Rhino" (I think) where Spidey gets sick.

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The 1981 episode I know is called "Lizards, Lizards Everywhere". He's allergic to reptiles. (No idea how that works.) There's also an episode of the 1967 cartoon "Horn of the Rhino" (I think) where Spidey gets sick.

Found the first one here


I skipped a bit but I haven't actually watched it all yet. I'll do it later :)

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I know there's a comics thread already, but I've heard Peter has some serious comic arcs when he's sick. I have no idea how one would find these without looking through issues, though x'DD

And LOLZ to that Lizards episode~! I second Always's statement :DD

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Plus Always I'm dying to ask what Benedict Cumberbatch was doing in that gif. It'll probably kill it though. That is hawt wubsmiley.gif

It's from right

at about 2:30 if you want to see! He's just being asked to wipe his nose. c:

And may I add, thank you so much for finding these<3

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oop. Sorry for double posting, but just wanted to add part one of Horn of the Rhino, because only part two is linked above.

(Of course that might just be because part two has all the sneezes, I don't know, I haven't watched them yet. This is just in case someone was curious as to where part one may have ran off to.)


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