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Cute ob but awkward moment afterwards.


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Last week i was at the store getting a few things when i noticed one of the workers (he wasn't RIGHT next to me he was like 10-15 ft away from me) putting some things on the shelf and then i saw from the corner of my eye lift up his arm and then sneeze a strong sounding stifle into the crook of his arm. It was a kind of high pitched sounding squeek (like my favorite kind of stifles xD) but UGH it was SO CUTE. He wasn't attractive (in appearence) at all but his sneeze sure was lol

anyway, the awkward part was that when i went to go pay for my stuff, he was the guy that was scaning my stuff....ugh i could not look him in the eyes it was so awkward for me i wanted to have a hole suck me in. idk if anyone else has ever felt like this lol

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I know that feeling. That moment when you're all blush.png and they're all huh.png and you're all cool.png on the outside (or at least you wish you were) but inside you're all bounce.gif so you just have to angel_not.gif and hope they believe it...

...I should probably get in the habit of using fewer smilies at some point.

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