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Reguests? Trades?


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Just what the title says. B|

I can do pretty far anything as long as it is art, or try to do. Fan art in case I know the fandom or I don't have to be creative (=either a very simple one or something you give clear and detailed instructions to xD). I can also try write very short stories, preferably original.

I'f you've never noticed me around here you haven't taken a good look around the art section you'll find my art from my dA account ( http://psyxstar.deviantart.com for the fetishy ones and http://moony-possu.deviantart.com for some slightly old (or... not so slightly old) casual art) and one example of fiction you can find if you click that link in my signature (that thing that says something about the Undertaker).

If you want fan art/fiction just ask me if I know the thing it would be based on and I can tell you if I can do it.

So yeah, I basically just want to draw something but, as almost always, am out of ideas. I'd prefer drawing something, but as I said above, I can try writing something as well.

For trades:

if you would be interested/nice enough to give something in return I'd be happy. I'm not going to list anything I'd love to see done (you can find list from my dA journal) so... just tell me what you could do in return. heart.gif


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Well, I could always start throwing requests at you like the good old days. I feel kinda bad about it though, since I feel like I've given you a lot of requests. xD

I'd totally be up for doing a trade this time, so I'm not just taking stuff from you again, but I'm not sure I can really do anything you'd be interested in. Perhaps we should discuss. :P

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Blah-san! I love to fill your requests! Don't worry~

And a trade? Yes! ...I'm doing this the wrong way again and telling you you could probably PM me (I could PM you but for some reason I rather let you PM me) and we can discuss it then. or we can discuss it here as well, if you'd rather do it that way, LoL.

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Would you be able to do Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist? smile.png I know you know the fandom, since you did a lovely picture of Riza happy.png I can give you a more specific request for him, too, or reference pics, or what have you... :] There's not enough fetishy art of him that isn't M/M, in my opinion sleep.png LOL but really, there isn't a whole lot of fetishy art for him to begin with... and he happens to be my current favorite anime character so I'm dying to see him bothered laughing.gif XD

Again, I can think up a TON of specific ideas, if you want. (I'm hopped up on FMA in general, trust me... XD )

Obviously it's fine if you don't wanna do it, but if you did I would DIE of fangirl happy!! heh.gif :3

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I'm interested! biggrin.png


Is there anything you'd wish for me to do draw or will you just wait and see what I'm doing for a couple of others?

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I would love to participate if it isn't too late too, I am way late to the party on this tread XD ^_^ Thank you Sitruuna!

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Well... I'll post one next week, probably, or maybe the one after that since I'll be going to a place where I have no skanner, and the... I can't think how many I then still have waiting, one or two, some time after that one. So, be patient. (;

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