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So I haven't written anything on here for a long long time. Hopefully my writing has improved since then.

I'm a huge fan of The Avengers and Thor, and I love Loki so much. Usually I just read stories, but I thought I'd have a go at writing one. Please enjoy, and sory if my writing is totally awful, at least I try right?

The story takes place after The Avengers.

DISCLAIMER: Clearly, I don't own The Avengers.

The Odinson brothers, landed in front of their Fathers’ castle, in a whirl of light and flashes of deep blue and translucent rouge.

Everything has changed, thought Loki, what on earth has been happening in my absence?

Thor clamped his hand forcefully on his younger brother’s elbow, thrusting him forward, making him advance, and making sure he didn’t remove his grip.

They walked to the throne room in silence, and when they arrived, a couple of fully costumed guards opened two incredibly grand, golden doors.

As the shiny walls parted, the face of the All Father appeared before them, carefully perched on his throne.

Loki walked into the yellow light filled room, still accompanied by his voluminous older brother, and bowed before his Father and his Mother. King Odin gestured for one of the guards to come and remove Loki’s speech impairment.

As it was removed from his mouth, he breathed out a sigh of relief before scowling forlornly at his adoptive parents. He ran one hand through his jet-black, slick hair, and the other rubbed it his metal affected lower face.

“Loki Odins-“

“No!” The God of mischief interrupted and stood up with rage, “Loki, Laufeyson.” The black haired God gritted his teeth, and Thor scoff in astonishment from behind him.

Despite Loki’s outburst, the All Father remained calm and smooth. “You have disrespected one of the nine realms under my control, almost killing an entire city” Odin took a few steps forward “I have never been more disappointed in you.”

Loki looked up and met his father’s eye, then dropped his head in shame when the tears started welling in his eyes.

Disappointing his father, was the one thing in the world that he’d never ever intended to do.

“I had considered banishing you-“

“No! Father, you mustn’t!” This time it was Thor who interjected.

“Silence!” Odin raised a flat palm towards his eldest son, “I was considering this. But I believe that you have been separated from us for too long, and it would be unfair on you”

Frigga quickly moved over to Loki who was crouched on the ground. She helped him up and pulled his stiffened body close to hers. She stroked his hair and stifled back longing tears.

“You need to stay with your family Loki” She pulled back and held his face in her hands. A snarl grew on his face, and then he erupted, pushing his mother away.

“You are not my family!” He shot his hands up into the air, “I am not your son.”

Odin sighed painfully and gestured for the guards again. The other one came over and restrained Loki in his arms. The trickster cried out on anger, before the guard that was summoned injected something into the side of his neck, and Loki fell limp to the ground, unconscious.

Sigyn, goddess of fidelity stepped forward.

“Sigyn, take care of him.” Odin dismissed the rest of the collective grouping and returned to his throne in silence.

“Five broken ribs, some internal bleeding most likely, various deep coloured bruising’s. Nothing that I haven’t already told you..”

Loki was drifting in and out of consciousness, hearing muffled, and fuzzy conversation between his older brother and a different woman’s voice.

The God of mischief rolled around a bit, and sniffed thickly.

A tickling sensation started in the back of his throat. It grew more intense and travelled up into his nose as fast as a hazy fog. His sinuses were on fire.

He tried to lift his hand to his face, but for some bizarre reason, he couldn’t move his long, lanky limbs.

“HeEtchuUUH…ugh.” Loki sneezed openly, freely into the air.

Immense pain erupted from his chest and stomach as a post-sneeze symptom. He was beginning to understand more of the brief conversation that he had heard a moment ago.

“Good, you’re awake; I was beginning to think you’d never wake up.” Sigyn dabbed the wet edges of the Gods nose with a piece of fabric.

“Wha…Wher...Where?” Loki’s disorient was growing apparent. “Sigyn? Why? Who?”

The Goddess of fidelity shushed the confused trickster, and stroked his head.

“I also did you the favour of washing your hair.”

I thought I smelled soap. Loki inhaled with the new knowledge of cleanliness. The scent of the sweet perfume in his hair sent another rapid tickle up his nose.

He sneezed a second time, leaving a trail of spray lingering in the air.

“’Bless you’ seems to be common custom on earth.” Sigyn went to his bed again and felt his forehead again, “Perhaps a sickness of some sort” She said partly to herself.

“Nonsense! Only mortals get ill” He laughed nervously.

Sigyn sat on the edge of his bed, looking equally as nervous as he.

“Loki, I don't know how to put this, you are a mortal."

TBC? I hope you liked it :)

Also, sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes, I tend to do that a lot.

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Ooohh that was AMAZING! Yours is so much better than mine. Lol, and it seems that it might contain a plot, too. And you have more capability in making titles than I do.

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I love this so much! The world can never get enough Loki! WOO! I can't wait for more! Your writing is amazing!

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Thanks for your replies guys! It means the world to me that you're enjoying this.

Alright, chapter 2 is a little rushed at the end, but it has more sneezes than last time, so you're welcome.

I have a few ideas of where I'm going to take this story, but give me time, because I'm not so good at turning thoughts into writing...

Sigyn, the God of fidelity, stood over the dashingly elegant, God of Mischief as he slept, curled up into a ball underneath his forest green blankets.

Loki slowly opened his unusually heavy eyelids. He tried to move his body, but his arms and legs felt like lead. There was a hard thudding in his head prevented him from sleeping any further. A sharp stabbing tickle grew in the Trickster’s nose. He sniffed and tried to make it disappear, but the tingling only intensified. His breath hitched and he brought his blankets up to his red, chapped nose.

“Heeh…HeEhTCHuUUH……ChuUUH…HehnXXt…ugh” Loki sneezed into his bed wetly, groaning painfully in the process.

“Bless you.” Sigyn smiled at the awakened God, who was rubbing his nose with the back of his palm.

He merely groaned.

She sighed, and left Loki’s quarters. She found Loki’s anxious older brother waiting outside.

“Is he ok? Is he awake?” Thor pounded the young Goddess with many similar questions.

“Thor, you need to stop worrying, it is only an airborne mortal illness, your brother will be fine. And yes, he has awoken, but barely…”

“You know that’s not what I’m worried about…” he grabbed her by the arm looking into her blue, level eyes. “Those injuries you spoke of, they would be highly dangerous for him when he was a magical being. And especially now that those Ice Giants after our family. I’m just as worried about his life as

you are, for more reasons than one.” He lifted her lowered chin, “Now may I see my brother?” he asked pleadingly, with his eyes wide and full.

“Your father has given orders for no one, apart from me, to be in the presence of him.”

“Nonsense! I am not susceptible to human sickness.” Thor snorted arrogantly.

“That is not the reason Thor, and you know it. You’ve seen what the Jotuns did…” Sigyn released herself from the God of Thunders grasp, “If you’ll excuse me, I am off to update you father on Loki’s condition.” She began walk down the corridor, “Oh and I’ve told him that he’s not allowed to see you, so don’t you even try…”

Thor rolled his eyes.

He listened at the crack of his brother’s door, for a sign indicating that he was still awake.

“Heh..mppft....Heh…Ish..” Two muffled sneezed came from underneath the blankets, followed by a tired plaint.

“Loki?” Thor pushed the door open, inquisitively, “May I enter?”

There was some clear hesitation but eventually The God of Mischief invited him in with a hoarse, congested moan.

“You shoudnd’t be here.” The trickster sniffled thickly, “You know what a dandger I am. If the Jotund’s find out andy more informationd about myself, or you…. Who kdnows how they’ll react, or what they’ll do.”

Thor placed himself neatly beside Loki on the bed.

“They’ve already started; they’ve moved to earth Loki!” He forced his brother to sit up in bed, “They’ve got to be stopped!”

Loki’s nose twitched. “And what do you expect me to do about it?” he wiped his red nostrils with the back of his hand.

“I have been trying to talk reason with father-“

Thor was interrupted by a coy laughter.

“There is ndo way he’ll ever let me do andything againd!” His voice began to rise, “He’ll probably ndever let me out of here for the rest my life…”

“Yes but if you tried and maybe proved your worth to him-“

“Do you really think that I would do that, just to save your new little friends?” His voice was no longer as raised, but it was full of pain, “I have no one to save!”

He interrupted himself this time with a round of harsh coughing.

Awkward silence followed.

“We did miss you.” They avoided each other’s eyes, “And we all did mourn.”

A big grin creeped across Thor’s face enlightened face when he saw his brother crack a small smile to the side of his thin lips.

The God of Thunder’s huge biceps wrapped around his brothers feeble frame and pulled him close. Loki hung there awkwardly in the arms of his overly strong brother.

Still, he wouldn’t admit it to him, but he did enjoy the first friendly physical contact they’d had since they were children. That was until a familiar tickle returned to his nose.

“HehiitChHuH” The sick Trickster sneezed wetly into the bare shoulder of his older brother.

Loki grimaced and groaned at the pain the forceful squeeze had caused his chest. He half expected Thor to be disgusted at the mucus trail he left on

his bulging upper arm. But he smiled warmly and sympathetically.

The black haired Demi god blew his nose softly against his raw chapped nostrils. He creased his brow in confusion and looked down from where Thor was sitting.

“Must you always bring that thing with you?”

Thor joined Loki’s eye trail to his Mjolnir.

They both laughed full heartedly, until Loki had to hold his paining sides.

There was a knock on the door, and before Loki could reply, Thor had already rolled gracefully under the bed.

“Yes Sigynd?” The Trickster consented, amused.

“I thought I heard voices…” She looked around, looking bewildered, “Who were you talking to?”

“Myself.” He answered so confidently that it didn’t leave room for further questions. He could be quite the liar.

The God of Fidelity stood staring at him carefully for a few moments, before shaking it off in a confused manner.

“Fine then” She answered slowly. “I brought you some lotions for your ribcage” she held out a jar of a mysterious black, tar like substance. “Now please

make your upper body bare.”

Loki smiled coyly, conceited, sniffed, and started to unbutton his sleep shirt.

So It's probably not very good, but I tried therefore no one should criticize me, hahaha

No, but seriously, I really hoped you liked it, and I'll hopefully update soon :)

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YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE IT THERE @___@ Just a few more buttons and he would've been shirtless!

I loooooved Thor and Loki together. They're so heartbreaking. Loki sneezing against his brother....so cute. This whole story is cute, in fact. Love it, love it, love it.

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Thanks for the reviews guys!

I'll try to update regularly, but I haven't even started writing the next chapter, hahahah.

I have a plot in mind, so I hope I can provide for you guys :)

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you srsly need to write another chapter.

if you don't i think there's soon a little crowd under your windows with banners saying "we want more"


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