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Oh gosh. It's been forever since I've posted a story, and let me just say I've improved a lot. I also discovered the lovely world of M/M, and angst. Angst is great. biggrin.png So, these are my characters that I once tried to write a non-sneezy story about, which didn't work out because I lost all motivation.

Cam is average sized with light brown hair hazel eyes, he's really bad at showing he cares.

Louis is taller than Cam with blue eyes and darker hair. I found a picture of a guy that represented him perfectly, but I'm pretty sure the guy was underage since it was off a blog. So you guys can't see him. He was gorgeous too, sadly. But that's what imagination is for right?

So I'll stop now and post the story. This part will be long since I couldn't find a good place to cut off earlier without ending it awkwardly. Even if my original plan was to have it split up in two parts and I'm really bad at titles too so meh. Happy reading!


8 months ago.

Cam Markham fiddled with the Tallow’s lock. He’d made his boyfriend some brownies as a surprise treat for their 6 months. This was a big deal because Cam was never one to go out of his way to give people things, nor was he very good at conveying his feelings. He was still nervous to see Louis' reaction, even though they’d been dating for quite a long time by his standards.

Are the brownies any good? Hopefully they weren’t burnt. You can burn brownies right? Should I tell him these were homemade even though I just used the package? And he’d better be grateful too, he got all the middle pieces

The sound of Louis’ laughter could be heard through the door. Cam smiled, Louis’ laugh was adorable. The lock gave after one hard twist of the spare key, and Cam invited himself in. The warm scent of vanilla air freshner filled his nostrils, the smell of Louis’ home. Cam was in the middle of slipping off his shoes when he heard a giggle, a feminine giggle.

Peering over the corner of the entryway, his heart nearly sank to his stomach when he saw Louis on the sofa with Allison Dupree perched next to him; closer than he would’ve liked.

Allison Dupree. Allison ‘always gets what she wants’ Dupree. It seems that now she wanted Louis.

Cam paused, waiting for more of the situation to unravel. This couldn’t mean anything right? Maybe she was just over doing schoolwork and she just happened to get caught up in Louis Tallow’s flawless face the way he had on Louis’ first day. Louis wouldn’t even return her affection. Right?

“Louis, tell me again why I didn’t talk to you sooner?” Allison laughed.

“I wonder it myself, why didn’t you?” What. No. What? Get your arms off of him.

“I don’t know honestly. I’ve never met a guy as sweet and nice as you before. But anyways we should get back to this Biology project.” Her actions contradicted this, considering she didn’t move an inch.

“Yeah,” Louis sounded a little uncomfortable this time, shifting his position, “We have a lot left to do, so-“

“Are you still seeing that one guy?” Allison cut him off, “not to be rude but you don’t seem like you’d be the type to be well… into guys.” Cam bit his lip, awaiting Louis’ response.

“Yes, I am actually but, I don’t know sometimes I’m not sure of things. He’s great and all but, well I don’t know” Cam’s heart plummeted to his knees. What was that supposed to mean?

“Don’t know about?” Allison inched closer, Cam fumed silently.

“Well sometimes-“ Louis’ dog started barking, cutting Louis’ answer out of earshot. Shit. What had he said?

“Really? Well if that’s the case then…” Allison’s tanned arms encircled Louis’ frame, “I think you deserve someone else. Somebody like, I don’t know me maybe?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

Cam held his breath as she leaned in, “Allison?” Louis said, before her lips met his. To Cam’s horror Louis wasn’t pulling away. It almost looked like… their kiss was deepening? No. No.

The brownies dropped, landing in chocolate filled clumps on the Tallow’s wood flooring. Allison and Louis both stopped, swiftly giving Cam matching glances of surprise. Allison looked puzzled, Louis looked semi-mortified, Cam just hoped he didn’t look like he was about to burst into tears. After a tense moment Cam found his voice but struggled to keep his tone even, “Happy six months. Asshole.”

“Cam, I-“

“Go to hell. Both of you.” Cam sneered, slipping his shoe the remainder of the way on. Once he was out of the Tallow household, he bolted; anger fueled adrenaline ready to help him run the four miles all the way to the small pet shop where he worked.

“CAM! CAM WAIT!” But Cam didn’t wait, he kept running, deciding that the salt he was tasting on his lips was from perspiration.


Cam sulked outside of room 105, the conversation he’d just had with Mr. Jackson hadn’t gone well.

The problem was who he’d been paired together with on an AP psych project. The project itself was simple enough and relatively easy as well: spend some time with your partner, enough to discover something about them you hadn’t known before, then reflect upon it in a report of at least 3 pages; students would be questioned about what was written about them after for accuracy and the deeper you went the more likely you would get a good grade. And Cam certainly needed a good grade.

He pinched the bridge of his nose, annoyed. Couldn’t he have gotten anyone, anyone else as a partner? For a good grade he’d have to spend time with Louis Tallow, the Louis Tallow who’d broken his heart months ago. The Louis Tallow who still crossed his mind more than every so often. He was pissed at this, but under that there was a small pang of excitement, longing almost. Not that Cam would ever admit it.

Anyways, Jackson had refused to let him switch, wasting his efforts at coaxing Penelope Friar into being his new partner. There were 3 out of the 7 given days left in the project, and Cam and Louis hadn’t spoken more than a few words to each other. Cam still couldn’t help giving the cold shoulder and speaking with acrimonious tones when it came to Louis. He still couldn’t look Louis in the eye without feeling something he didn’t care to explain. At least if he failed perfect Louis could fail too.

After throwing an irritated glance at Mr. Jackson’s closed door, Cam gathered his things and headed down the empty hallway.

When he got to his locker he dropped his belongings unceremoniously and twisted the combination. He ran a finger under his nose, using his free hand to swing the locker open. He’d only come for spare tissues since his nose had been bothering him all day and there should’ve been a few packs lying around. There weren’t any. Just his luck. At least he wasn’t working tonight.

Cam heard the sound of someone else’s footsteps somewhere else down the row of lockers. Lifting his head a little, he saw the dark brown back of Louis Tallow’s head. Quickly he looked back at his locker, sniffling a bit. Of all bad timing, and now his nose was starting to run too. Cam sighed, shutting his locker, ready to leave when a tickle rose in his sinuses.

Heh…Huh-heh’AhKISHoo! Ept’Tschoo!” The sneezes echoed down the almost empty hall, making Cam flush.

“Bless you!” Louis called. Cam paused; torn between replying and leaving, the bitterness he held for Louis and the way his heart still skipped a beat when he heard that voice. He was ripped from this pondering when another sneeze snuck up on him,


“Bless you again!”

“Save it.” Cam said, rubbing at his nose but not turning around.

“Wait, I have to ask you something,” Cam ignored him and started walking. When he started to hear Louis’ footsteps matching his, his pace quickened. Louis managed to catch up to him anyway, placing a hand on Cam’s shoulder. Cam swiveled around, meeting Louis’ clear blue eyes. Cam’s gaze instantly dropped to Louis’ sneakers.

“What do you want?” Cam said, letting a hint of annoyance seep into his voice, “Well? Hurry it up.”

“I was just going if you wanted to get together and work on pysch later, since we haven’t started.”

“Why?” Cam snorted, “We don’t need to. We can just make things up, and then confirm it later.”

“I’m not going to do that. I’d like to earn my grade the right way.”

“And I’d like to go home but here I am, having a pointless conversation. You can get your grade up in other ways and you know it, why do you care so much about this?” Cam replied, sniffling, the tickle had found its way back.

“Because you’re my partner.” Louis replied matter of factly, “and I want to know more about you.”

Cam kept his gaze downward, unsure of how to reply.

“Shouldn’t you know enough?”

“How would I? You’ve barely said a word to me in 8 months, maybe you’ve changed.” Cam froze. Louis had kept track? He breathed slowly, attempting to keep the tickle at bay while at the same time keeping his tone even.

“I’ve changed? Right, you know tha-heh,” Oh goddammit.”That’s wha-Hep’Ketschoo! Heh-hah’ktscht!” Cam sniffed, giving up on his point. “You know enough about me.”

“Enough to know you’re coming down with something.” Louis observed.

“Enough to know I have bad allergies.”

“Enough to know your allergies aren’t seasonal.”

“But not enough to know that actually, they are.” It wasn’t technically a lie, Cam sometimes found himself sneezing around certain kinds of flowers; tulips and roses to be precise. Both of which bloomed in the spring, therefore seasonal. This would’ve been better illustrated if it wasn’t the middle of September. “There you go, you learned something about me. I have allergies, write about them.”

“That’s not the point of the assignment, Cam.”

“Is that not deep enough? I can tell you what I’m allergic to if you need more.”

“Cats.” Louis sighed, “you’re terribly allergic to cats. Their fur sets you off so badly that you can barely breath after an hour of cage cleaning at work. That’s the only thing you’ve ever been allergic to according to yourself.”

“See? Write about that. Write about my allergic reactions to cats and how at some point you’ve probably wanted to bathe yourself in cat hair to get rid of me. You know I would’ve liked that more than what you ended up doing.” Cam shot, raising his steely gaze to Louis’ neckline but not higher.

“Cam…” Louis started, Cam could picture the sorrowful gaze those baby blues were giving him.

“Stop. I don’t care,” Cam said coolly, hitching his duffel up on his shoulder. “You have your A, you can leave me alone now.”

And then he left Louis to stand alone with one hand in his pocket, crushing an unused tissue packet he’d never gotten to give away.


I know there isn't much sneezing in this part but I promise there's more later. I already have the next part written too! I'm ahead of the game for once in my life! Ahem, anyways comments would make me a happy girl biggrin.png

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Cuuuuuuuuute! I definitely want to see where this is going. Continue soon!

BYE! :bleh:

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OHMAIGOD YOU CAN'T STOP THERE THE ANGST!!!! I want them to get together!! (Such a sucker for hurt/comfort sinarios) PLEASE continue this!!

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I adore this! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to read more :)

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You guys are awesome. Thank you all you've made my night. I would write you all individual responses but I'm sorta pressed for time. Its taking me forever just to do all my editing and such here because I have something going on in a different window and I have to keep switching back and forth. I will next time I swear. And again there isn't much sneezing in this because I keep getting into the little plot and forget to add sneezes. I'll give you guys a part to make up for it all eventually. Okay so on with Part 2!


Cam slipped outside, shivering when a cool breeze greeted him. The conversation he’d just had replayed in his mind. Had Louis been about to say something or was that just one of those times where the sentence ended with an unnecessary cliffhanger? It wasn’t like it mattered anyhow.

Cam was almost sorry for the way he talked to Louis, until he remembered that for months after their break up he’d see Allison hanging all over Louis and feel a hollow longing for something that could no longer be his. Maybe, if he we’re someone else he’d take this as a chance to rekindle whatever flame they had. But no, he was still Cameron Markham, and those 8 months had made him particularly bitter to someone who used to make him feel like he was on top of the world.

He didn’t want or need Louis. No, definitely not.

Cam made his way across the parking lot, mind still clouded with thoughts of Louis and a dull headache beginning to settle in. He cursed himself for loaning his car to Lisa, who sometimes took over his cage shifts, and then his thoughts returned to Louis. He didn’t need Louis, or even an A on that project. No need to talk to Louis again, hear that velvety voice that used to make him melt, see those piercing eyes that he used to love, smell that intoxica- No. Stop that.

A small gust of wind blew, and Cam shivered harder. Of course he’d forgotten a jacket as well. He pushed the walk button and waited until the symbolized person on the other side of the road lit up, mind still foggy; headache more persistent. When the walking man glowed white, he took a step out.

“Hey! Be careful!” Someone called in the distance.

If his head had been clearer maybe he would’ve listened to that warning or heard the rush of the oncoming semi before he stepped out into the intersection.


Someone grabbed Cam by the shoulder and jerked him backwards. The semi rushed past in a grey blur, inches away from Cam’s face. Shit. Cam thought. I almost walked into that. Because I was thinking of Louis of course. Nothing good comes with thinking of Louis. Cam felt light headed.

“What are you doing?!” The voice was familiar, Cam noted. But his thoughts were still somewhere else. That could’ve killed me. Oh god.

“Cam!” Someone was shaking him. No, maybe he was the one shaking. “Cam!”

Louis? Is that you?

Cam blinked, returning to reality.

“L-Louis?” He stammered.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Louis sighed in relief, hugging Cam lightly. Cam was too shaken up to push him off, though the once familiar feeling of Louis’ arms around him still felt nice. “You know those lights are faulty, right? You have to watch for traffic too.” Louis released his grip on Cam, to the latter’s dismay. Miniscule dismay but still dismay.

“No. I haven’t gone this way for a while.”

“Are you alright?” It took Cam a moment to realize he was trembling. Without Louis for support he suddenly felt like collapsing. He tried calming himself down, realizing the initial shock wasn’t the only reason he was shaking.

“I almost died. But yes, just peachy.” Louis sighed, changing the subject.

“At least you’re okay now. Were you walking home?”

“I was going to.”

“Can I walk you the rest of the way?”

“I can remember to look both ways on my own.”

“Are you aware that your nose is running?”

“What?” Cam ran a finger under his nose, feeling mortified when he felt the warm runny substance dripping out and that he hadn’t even realized it. How long had his nose been running? He cupped a hand over his nose and turned away, embarrassed as hell and blushing furiously. He sniffled as discreetly as he could.

“I have tissues.”

“Give me them,” Cam hissed, back still to Louis.

“That’s hardly the way I’d talk to someone who just saved my life.”

“Please.” Cam said, toneless.

“Why should I?” Louis said in a tone that mimicked Cam’s previous one in the halls.

“I have to sneeze.” Louis looked skeptical,

“Really? Allergies acting up again?”

“You offered them to me anyways!”

Cam turn back around, extending his free hand out to Louis. Louis gave him a once over and began to chuckle.

“What?” Cam demanded, aggravated.

“I’m sorry it’s just, you look funny like that is all. You’re so angry; you look like a little kid.”

“I’m sorry you find my facial expressions funny.”

“Remember when you said you had to sneeze? I haven’t heard one yet.” Louis teased, fishing the tissues out of his pocket.

“I was serious! It’s not like I can…like I can…cohiiih” Cam’s eyes scrunched up, breaths coming in choppy.

Louis held the tissues in front of Cam’s face, “Want these?” Cam grabbed for them blindly, failing to take them. Instead he covered his other hand with his free one to smother a set of sneezes.

Hih… hih’ih Assh-hih’Ptshcff! Hep’MSHOO! Uh’HTSCHOO! Assho-Hep’chyeshoo!” Louis burst into another fit of laughter. Cam grimaced, his ex was laughing hysterically at him and his hand was disgusting. Maybe it was karma for how he acted. He hoped his face hadn’t turned the color of a ripe strawberry. It probably had. The sneezes hadn’t even fully gotten rid of the tickle.

“I’d like those now…” Cam said softly, wishing he could cover his whole face with his hand. Okay maybe not.

“Oh, right. Sorry, here.” Louis held them out, regaining his composure. Cam took them gratefully, turning around again to wipe his hand of and then blow.

“So, I was thinking. I just saved your life and I think you owe me.”

“I gave you an A plus topic for your paper. What more could you ask for? I’m even providing examples.” Cam’s tone was completely humorless.

“I’m not writing about that. All I’m asking is that you hear me out. Just…talk to me. Try to be somewhat civil and talk to me.”

“Talk to you?”

“Talk to me. After that we can go our separate ways, I’ll leave you alone. You’ll be rid of me forever.”

“We’re talking now.”

“I meant talk like ‘let’s find a good place, sit down and have a civilized conversation’ talk. Because I need to tell you something.”

“I’m listening now,”

“But I’m letting you go now because it’s getting cold and you’re getting a cold. And this isn’t what I meant by a good place anyway.”

“No, I’m not.” Cam huffed, “It allergies. I’d know.” He ignored the fact that he was still shaking slightly and that it no longer had anything to do with almost becoming roadkill.

“Mhm, well I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Maybe. HehHah’Kishoo! Ih’KISHoo! ” Cam shivered, berating himself at his body’s lovely timing.

“Allergies my ass, Markham.”

“No guarantees Tallow.” Cam grumbled as he began crossing the street, making sure to check for traffic this time.

Talking to Louis felt like he was filling some void deep within himself. He didn’t want it to feel like that. His snarky attitude could only go so far; conceal so much. Though he could deny as much as he wanted some part of him still loved Louis. He hated himself for that.


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UPDAAAAAAATE seriously you made my evening!!!!!! thank you for that :yes:

ahhhh i´m so in love with their interaction, the whole scenario is JUST perfect...you are a perfect writer!!!! :notworthy::inlove:

you got me, you pushed the buttons i need to get completely hooked!!! :blushing:

i love how you spell out cam´s sneezes! :drool: :drool: he is so cute when he is helpless! :evilsmiley03:

please more!!!! :wub:

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^ Ciuty. I agree with Ciuty. This is awesome, you are awesome, and your writing is mega super awesome. I can not wait until your next update! I hope it's soon!

BYE! :bleh:

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More More More More More More MORE!!!! Please? Pretty please?bounce.gif

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Hello again lovely forum, I'm back with another update. I must say, you guys make me insanely happy with your comments.

@Ralee - Thank you! Awh, shucks you made my day too :)

@Ciuty80 - Oh gosh I was so happy after reading this. I'm glad you like it, and I'm glad I got my angst right. But then again, its hard to go wrong with angst. Thank you so much :)

@Bubbles! - Thank you! YOU are super duper mega awesome.

@Alexys52 - Here here here here heeerree, aha glad you like it :)

Oh and I feel like I didn't go very in depth with my characters so an teeny bit more on them

Cam- His hair is somewhat long and his bangs just cover his eyebrows. He works in a pet shop but is allergic to cats

Louis - His hair is shorter and he's really understanding of how Cam acts. He's really protective, and likes to tease. He's pretty allergic to certain colognes and perfumes but you guys don't get to see that. Or do you.. heh.

So part 3


The next day Cam awoke feeling like total shit. A small cough had begun to develop and his nose had taken on a temporary pink tinge. His throat felt like sandpaper but at least his voice hadn’t taken on the quality of it. If it weren’t for curiosity he would’ve gone back to sleep.

He groaned, forcing himself out of bed. The smell of fresh cooked bacon wafting in from downstairs made him nauseous.

After Cam had made himself appear semi-presentable he made his way to the bathroom.

The Markham’s medicine cabinet was filled various bottles containing a variety of pills and multicolored liquids. But they still lacked some things, like Tylenol. Cam coughed, thinking maybe he should just suck it up. His nose began to itch but he forced the sensation away, continuing to dig through various bottles, settling for aspirin. Better than nothing, Cam thought before the irritating feeling in his sinuses returned.

Heh’Kishoo! Ah…Hah’ESHoo!” Cam sneezed freely, snapping forward, spray dotting the unfortunate mirror in front. “HahTschoo! Ugh…” He reached for a washcloth to blow his nose into, and wipe the mirror down with too. After doing both he caught a glimpse of his reflection, save for the pink tinge of his nose he looked fine, if not a little tired.

Cam popped two small white capsules, swallowing them dry. He regretted the action when he started to cough afterwards. Returning to his room, he threw on a light jacket, tossed his black duffel onto his shoulder and then slipped out of the house to begin a day at school that was he was dreading.


The day dragged on and Cam grew impatient for the final bell. He’d fallen asleep in History and he’d gone through at least a box of the school’s tissues. Not counting makeshift ones made of toilet paper when he blew his nose in the bathroom either.

When the bell finally shrilled throughout the building, Cam was immensely relieved. The only thing keeping him here was Louis. Cam wondered what it was that he needed to say, hopefully something worthwhile because it was the only reason he’d even come to school.

Cam trudged down the hall, passing fewer people than he’d expected on the way to the Junior Hallway. Nearly everyone else had left already, not surprising if you looked out the window. The sky was filling up with angry gray clouds that promised rain.

Once he’d gotten all of his things together, he glanced at Louis’ locker. Louis wasn’t there. He made his way over, expecting Louis to come rounding the corner, looking delighted to see that Cam had waited for him. Of course it didn’t go like that.

Cam sank to the ground, resting his head against the cool metal of an adjacent locker. He decided he would wait for five more minutes, but only because the metal felt nice on his skin.

Ten more minutes passed before Louis finally appeared.

“Hey! I’m surprised you waited up.” Louis genuinely sounded surprised. Cam shot him an annoyed glance from his position on the floor.

“I thought it was expected of be. Seeing as you are by savior dow and I owe bmy savior a gracious favor.” His response was sarcastic, hazel eyes smug. Cam ended it with a flourish of dry coughing.

“Is that the allergies I hear?”

Hep’Issheww! Yes. What’d you wadt to tell me?” Cam said, making a face as he heard himself talk.

“I think somebody needs a decongestant.”

“Shud up. Heh’KISHoo! Hih…hih’ih-Ih’Pshoo!” Cam snorted, feeling the congestion back off a little, “Where were you?”

“Finishing something up in chemistry. Have you been here since class got out?”

“No.” Cam shifted his gaze to the side, “Maybe.” Louis shook his head with a smile.

“So should I get my stuff and we can go somewhere or do you want to talk here?”

“Here’s fine.” Cam didn’t think he had the energy to get up, hopefully Louis didn’t see through that. A subtle uneasiness washed over Cam when Louis sat down next to him. If he could breathe properly out of his nose he probably would’ve smelt vanilla and detergent. Louis’ scent.

“Well here goes,” Louis took a deep breath; preparing himself, “I’ve missed you-“

“I thingk you hardly have the right to say that.” Cam interrupted. He still had enough energy to be his bitter self. “Was that it?”

Louis threw him a tired glance, Cam looked away almost as soon as they made eye contact. He focused on the pattern of the floor tiles instead, willing his heart to slow down.

“That’s not even close to what I really wanted to say. Just let me speak Cam, okay, I know I’m not your favorite person. You might hate me for all I know but just let me speak. Please.” Hate you? Cam blinked. I don’t hate you. I wish I could hate you.

“I’m listeding.” Cam said quietly, sniffling softly afterwards.

“Thank you. Anyways, I want you to know that I’m sorry about that day, I didn’t even want to kiss Allison, she just surprised me and I was shocked at first. I was going to push her off too, tell her that I didn’t want anything with her, but then you were there and it all went downhill. You know I’m sorry right?”

You could’ve heard a pin drop. Cam swallowed an unpleasant remark, at a loss for words without it. After a long pause he muttered,

“And all those times I’d see you her hanging off of you? Correct be if Ib wrong but…you looked- you guys looked… happy together.”

“We were seeing each other for a little bit. It was about a two months after you ran out and it didn’t last very long. I broke it off because I wasn’t happy. It didn’t stop her from hanging around me for months after that hoping for another chance though.”

“Oh.” Was all Cam managed to say. He felt so confused at the moment it was really all he could say. It was a lot to take in. He rubbed at his nose, which seemed to be a magnet for irritating sensations today.

“Mhmm…” Louis nibbled his lower lip, cheeks turning pink. Cam snuck a glance at the other boy next to him. Louis looked unsure, slightly embarrassed even, like Cam’s reaction hadn’t gone the way he’d planned. Adorable. Cam's own heart was racing, emotions in turmoil. “I-“ Louis started, turning back to Cam who quickly averted his eyes downward. “No…” Louis said, raising a hand to cup Cam’s face, “Don’t do that. Look at me, Cam.” Cam did, but only for a moment, closing his eyes in favor of holding Louis’ gaze. They leaned in slowly. Cam’s nose bristled. Not now.

Huh-Hep’Ishoo!” Cam twisted away at the last second, swatting Louis’ hand out of the way and misting the side of a locker.

“Looouuiss!” A girl’s voice rang through the halls interrupting their moment. Not just any girl’s voice. Allison Dupree’s voice.


Comments still greatly appreciated~

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Gahhhhh I hate that girl sooo much!!! Thanks for the update! :wub:

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oh my...my...my....MYYY...:boom:

allisons timing is unbelievable BAD!!!! :evil:

can´t there be any hole...opening in front of her footsteps...letting her fall into it....:gah:

i´m SO excited what will happen next :yes:

my brain is in pure chaos right now :sillybounce:

please MOARRRR! :wub:

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I am totally addicted to this. Hanging to every word. Your writing is FANTASTIC.

Pleeeeeaaaase don't just stop like that arrrghhhh plz continue worshippy.gif ... I need to know what happens!!

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I keep checking back to see if there's more but there isn't yet... but it's good so I keep waiting...

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