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Captain America Request


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I thought my addiction to Avengers died down when I stopped reading the comics, but it totally kicked in again when the new movie came out. Which also brought back my Captain America addiction.I absolutely love him, and Chris Evans drool.gif makes me love him ten times more. I also LOVE Cap/Iron Man and Cap/Thor. But mostly the first.

So....anyone feel like incorporating this into a fic? Any time frame is fine.

I would prefer cold over allergies....and I mean, he did spend 70 years in ice... devil2.gif

And I would really love if MLP was incorperated in the story, not the actual characters, but if they watched the show or Steve had the dolls or something...

...cause I know for a fact Chris Evans used to watch the original My Little Pony and play with the dolls...trollface.gif

So...anyone interested? I will like, sell you my freaking soul if you do this... xDDD

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By time frame, I mean any "arc" of The Avengers. Like, any period of time. Except please don't make them babies or old men. :P

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I completely approve of this. Annoyingly, the Avengers wasn't that big over here, so I haven't seen it yet... Will most certainly see it when it comes out on DVD, though. Otherwise, I would totally write something.

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I'm writing a little something for avergerkink with Steve with a cold. I plan on editing it for this forum too (i.e. putting sneeze spellings in) once it's done. It has some Tony/Steve, but no MLP because I have to go with the person's prompt. I don't know when it'll be done, but hopefully it'll help sate the cravings until something more tailored comes along.

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Oh my gosh, that will be perfect! The MLP really isn't that important, so I can't wait~! :D

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