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A small cold


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I seem to have caught a slight cold, nothing toooo bad but I can feel it none the less. My nose is very tickly and I can feel the tease waaay back in there, but most of the time it just burns my nose and then fades leaving me feeling frustrated, wishing I could just sneeze! Uuugh. My nose is constantly running and I go through about 8-10 big napkins a day and a couple hankies already (its been about 2 days). Most of the time I'm just a sniffly mess with a leaky nose.

Yesterday was my sneeziest day tho so far, I had about 6 wet and extremely snotty sneezes at work. I had one really messy incident just after lunch where after I sneezed, so much snot came out it leaked over the napkin and made a bubble over the edge! It did feel good to sneeze though, it was such a relief....

Anyone want to help me tickle out these sneezes?!

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Hmmm... it might be tough to tickle yourself if you're really snotty, because that all just coats whatever you try to use. XD

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