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Odd sounding sneeze (female)


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A school class just walked by my window, and the female teacher turned to the side and sneezed a really odd-sounding sneeze. I've never heard anyone sneeze like that before. It was three syllables and the emphasis was on the last one. It sounded something like:


Really. Sounded like a word in a foreign language. :lol:

She had blonde hair in a pony tail, average built on the thin side. I didn't see her face as she had already passed by, unfortunately.

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In my world, all sneezes would have at least three syllables ;) Shame you never got a look at the face of this unique sneezer...

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Sounds hot! I like some individuality in a sneeze, as long as it's not too weird! wink.png

Nice obs.

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I have always loved such sights... sneezes (this was.. well unique sounding, which is also a plus) from people who just pass by, almost always the ones you wouldn't probably pay atention to if they didn't sneeze.

Sounds like a plot for some trashy melodrama, I know. Or maybe not... Maybe I shall take up writing more seriously....

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