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Alright guys. Im taking a bit of a break from my wwe fanfiction (although i haven't updated that 1 in like forever lol) but im also a huge power rangers fan biggrin.png and i was disappointed to find no power rangers stories on here D: soooo....i made 1 myself tonguesmiley.gif hope it looks alright! my favorite pairing EVER is tommy and kim! THEY ARE SO CUTE! biggrin.png Anyway here it is:

Kimberly is seen at her locker putting away some books and eventually fixing her hair and makeup.

“Hey there beautiful.”

Kim turns around to see Tommy there smiling at her.

“Hey tommy!” she says as she kisses him on the cheek and hugs him.

“and how are you this morning?”

Kim sighs. “im fine…just a bit nervous about that math test later today.”

“aww don’t worry kim you’ll do fine. You always do…hey if you need a quick study session during lunch im sure billy will help you out.”

“Yeah I guess..”

Tommy wraps his arms around kim. “you’ll be fine I promise.”

Kim looks up at him both of them smiling at each other. “alright.”

The bell suddenly rings for the next class to start.

“uh-oh we’re gonna be late.” Tommy says in a slightly panicked voice.

“we better get moving before ms. Appleby kills us” Tommy grabbed kims hand as they ran to the classroom together.

At lunch, Billy was helping Kim study for the math test coming up next period. Tommy, Jason, Trini, and Zach looked on as they talked about other things.

Jason leaned over on the table “So are we going to all meet up at the youth center today? I need to brush up on my martial arts. I feel I been slacking lately.”

“Sure im up for it” Trini said excitingly

“Yeah why not” Zach said “How about you Tommy?”

Tommy rubbed his nose a bit. “Heck yeah. Im sure Kim and Billy would like to come too RIGHT GUYS?” Tommy called out to Kim and Billy.

“Yeah!” they both answered simultaneously.

“Great it’s settled then.”

Tommy then stopped dead in his tracks with a dazed look on his face, a fierce tickle shot up his nose. He had no time to stop it as his breath hitched in agony. He turned away from the table muffling a sneeze into the crook of his arm. “Eh’schoo.”

Jason, Trini, Billy, Kim, and Zach all looked at him.

“Bless you.” Jason and Kim offered.

Tommy rubbed his nose a bit. “ah thanks guys..that 1 snuck up on me.”

And not a few seconds afterward, Tommy turned away again muffling another sneeze into the crook of his arm “eh'hishoo.”

“Bless you tommy.” Kim offered “are you alright?”

Tommy sniffled wetly and smiled slightly. “Yeah im fine.”

“Hope you’re not getting sick.”

“Pfft me? Get sick? Nah im fine Kim don’t worry.”

The bell rang for lunch to end.

“Alright back to class guys” Jason said as he got up from the table.

“Yeah good luck on your math test Kim” Trini said

“Thanks..oh and thanks billy for helping me study” kim said as he hugged him.

“Anytime.” Billy said smiling.

“Alright Tommy we better get to class.”

Tommy sniffled again. “ah yeah alright guys ill see you all at the youth center.”

Tommy took Kim’s hand as they walked to class together.

To be continued? biggrin.png (sorry if it's a bit short lol)

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