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I never thought I'd be able to say this, but I've branched out!!! Finally I've written about somebody who is NOT Justin Bieber!! Yay me. Anyways, hope you like!!


Sam- Small, with a lean, thin build, caramel-colored hair, and bangs that fall into his eyes. He has slightly-puppy-dog-ish light brown eyes and a sweet, friendly, loving personality. Often sick and very sneezy, he usually comes off as weak and vulnerable. But he can be strong J

Evan- Sam’s boyfriend. Very protective of Sam. He sports tousled chocolate brown hair, inviting, reassuring chocolate brown eyes and a masculine, muscular build. He is caring and just slightly maternal J He feels the need to guard Sam from all of his allergies, even if it means making a scene in public…

Drabble 1: “Lonely”

A loud crack of thunder boomed as Sam Carter laid listlessly against his hypoallergenic pillows. He clamped his mouth shut to stifle a cough, swiping his used, crumpled tissue against the slightly damp, pink underside of his nostrils. He sighed, hearing the whistle in his wheezy exhales. He sighed sadly again as he thought of his inhaler, all the way on the opposite side of the apartment he spent so much time in. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem. If only Evan was here…

“H’kish!! Pshh!! Psshhiew!!” he sneezed suddenly. His lower lip began to tremble as he thought more about Evan. His Evan. The one who would always go get his inhaler whenever he was too sick and miserable to get up…

“H’kiSHoo!! ISSH!!” Why? Why did he have to start that damn fight?? Why couldn’t he just have let it go??? To be honest, he was really regretting that jab now. Now that he was all alone. Who knows where Evan is. Probably out to find himself a better, less-maintenance boyfriend…

“K’ish!! PSH!!” The sneezes were immediately followed by a harsh bout of wheezy coughs. After he’d finished, he wiped his nose again, then swiped the tears from his eyes with his knuckles. He snuffled thickly and suppressed a pathetic sob. Suddenly he didn’t care anymore that Evan had been staring at women. He missed him. He sunk deeper into the pillows, sulking.

Sam woke up what seemed like hours later, shivering violently. He turned, looking at the clock. 3:15. Evan would usually be arriving home from work. The tears started all over again as he began to cough for the millionth time today. He stifled another triplet of congested sneezes, then went to wipe his nose. He realized with slight disgust that he’d been using the same crumpled tissue all day. He looked to the nightstand. Frowning, he grabbed the tissue box. Empty. “Great. Just great.” He dug his knuckles into his eyes and sobbed. He continued to cry, venting his anger at himself, until a familiar noise made him stop dead. He weakly pushed himself up higher, suddenly alert despite the raging fever he was battling. He listened as the lock in his apartment door clicked, then opened slowly. His heart began to pound, both out of hope and fear.

“Sammy?” A huge wave of relief washed over the smaller boy, and he closed his eyes, letting the tears stream down his pale, overheated cheeks.

“Sammy, you here?” Evan’s concerned voice called.

“Y-yeah. I…I’m here,” Sam tried to call out, but an involuntary sob broke through his hoarse, congested voice. Evan appeared in the doorway, looking worried and sympathetic.

“Sammy, what’s wrong?” he asked, running over. He dropped a plastic bag on the foot of the bed, and Sam could see a variety of drug store items peeking out. Evan wrapped his arms around the small boy, stroking his bangs out of his eyes, noting that he was way, way, too warm.

“You’re burning up, baby!” Sam just leaned into his strong, protective boyfriend. It was then that Evan noticed the crumpled, used tissue that Sam was clutching.

“Here,” he said, taking the damp tissue from him. He reached into the plastic bag and brought out a brand new box of tissues. He opened them and handed Sam two. Sam gratefully took them, but allowed Evan to get another one and wipe his nose for him.

“There you go. Need you inhaler, baby?” Sam could only nod, wheezing as he sobbed.

“Hold on. I’ll be right back, I promise.” Sam nodded again. He watched Evan leave the room through his tears. Evan eventually came back with his inhaler and a steaming mug. He sat on the edge of the bed next to his miserable, feverish boyfriend. He shook his inhaler and uncapped it.

“Here, babe,” he said, placing the mouthpiece in Sam’s mouth. He pushed down the top as Sam wheezed in, then did it again. Sam broke off in a fit of coughing, but soon the wheezing began to subside. They sat in silence for a while, the only sound being the soft slurping as Sam took sips of tea and the occasional sob, punctuated by a liquid sniffle.

“I’m so sorry,” Sam sobbed finally, collapsing into Evan’s arms. Evan held him protectively.

“No, Sammy. I’m sorry.”

TBC?? You tell me :)

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thank you guys so much!!! Y'all just made my day biggrin.png

Anyway, here's another one

Drabble 2: “Why I Love You”

“Woah, hey,” Evan chuckled, wrapping his arms around Sam. There was almost nothing he loved more than coming home from a crappy day of work and having Sam scream his name and launch himself at him.

“Isshh!!! Kishiew!! Ppshh!!” And that. There was almost nothing he loved more than that.

“Bless you, Sammy,” Evan said, smiling. Sam’s sneezes were the cutest things ever. Sam sniffled.

“Th-thanks,” he stuttered, his breath hitching. He buried his face into Evan’s shoulder, turning his head from side to side to rub his nose into the scratchy fabric of Evan’s work uniform shirt.

“Ughh,” he groaned.

“Gonna sneeze?” Evan asked in a seductive voice.

“Nuh-no,” Sam struggled.

“Need a tissue?” Sam shook his head, turning his head towards Evan’s neck.

“Ish!! K’ish!!! Psh’iew!!” Evan felt the damp mist on his neck.

“Oh, thank you, Sammy,” Evan said.

“I’m sorry!” Sam said, trying to wipe off Evan’s neck.

“Don’t worry, babe. Bless,” I said.

“Thanks,” Sam said sheepishly, a little embarrassed that he’d sprayed Evan. Evan walked over to the couch and sat down, still holding Sam, now on his lap.

“Don’t you dare be embarrassed!!” Evan said, laughing as he stroked Sam’s bright red cheek.

“Stop blushing, it’s fine,” he said. Sam smiled and kissed him.

“Love you,” he said.

“Love you, too,” Evan said, kissing him back. Right in the middle of the kiss, Sam felt his nose begin to itch. He wriggled it a bit, but kept kissing Evan. When his breath began hitching, though, he pulled away. Evan smirked.

“Gonna sneeze, Sammy?”

“Nuh-No!!” he said.

“Suit yourself,” Evan said, smiling.

“But it itches, huh?” Evan asked. Sam nodded hesitantly, struggled to fight back the sneeze. His nose was twitching, his nostrils flaring. He rubbed his itchy, tickly nose.

“And you know you want sooooo badly to just let that sneeze out. Get rid of that tickle,” Evan teased. Sam shook his head.

“It’s gonna be messy.”

“We have tissues for a reason, babe,” Evan coaxed.

“Nuh!! Hih!! Nope,” Sam said as he successfully fought off another sneeze.

“You still need to sneeze reeeaalllyyy bad,” Evan teased more. Sam shook his head stubbornly, scrubbing at his nose. Evan held Sam tightly.

“C’mon, Sammy. We’ve been dating for over a year now, you don’t have to be embarrassed. You know that. You know I think it’s cute,” he said, gently stroking Sam’s cheek.

“It’s embarrassing.”

“Oh, Sammy. One day you’ll be comfortable enough to not worry about stuff like this,” he said, very lightly trailing his finger right under Sam’s nostrils. Sam writhed, arching his back as his breath hitched.

“S-st-stop it! You-you’re g-gonna m-make m-me suh…suh!!”

“Sneeze?” Evan guessed, very gently tracing Sam’s flaring, twitching nostrils. Sam’s eyes slid shut as he writhed in Evan’s arms. But he was no match for the stronger boy. Evan kept tickling him while Sam convulsed, struggling to hold the sneeze back. He had to. He had to SO badly.

“Hih!! Ehh!!” Evan smirked mischievously, then very lightly traced around the opening of his left nostrils, then his right. They both flared wide.

“Huh’Esshhoo!! Ish!! PPshh!! Hu’KISH!! ISHoo!!”

“See? Now was that so hard??” Evan asked, the teasing edge still in his voice. Sam stared straight ahead, his mouth open, his nostrils flaring and twitching wildly, his eyebrows furrowed in anticipation. His eyelids slid shut yet again.

“Just one big one. Let it out. Don’t hold back and just give me those little tickly things. Let it out,” Evan said. Sam shook his head frantically, but he could tell he wasn’t going to win this one. Evan had only seen a handful of full sneezes; usually he held them back. But as his chest rose and fell rapidly, expanding and contracting against his will, he knew he was losing.


“There you go, Sammy!” Evan said. Sam blinked, then rolled his eyes slightly.

“Oh, c’mon,” Evan said, smiling. Sam just stared at him, covering his face with one hand. Evan picked him up and set hm aside. He got up and got the box of tissues. He held them out to Sam, and Sam took one, still annoyed. He watched, smiling in amusement, as Sam cleaned himself up, blowing his nose afterwards.

“Better?” Sam just glared at the floor. Evan leaned down, placed two hand under his chin, and kissed him.

“Be nice,” he said softly. Sam blushed. He couldn’t stay mad for long.

“Oh, and Sammy?” Evan said innocently as he started back towards the kitchen to return the tissue box.

“Hm?” Sam replied.

“Bless you.”

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I mean... I have a thing for weakling allergic sickly asthmatics with homosexual lovers, so this is right up my alley.

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erm...I seem to have a *tiny* problem....I'm stuck. Anybody have some promts? I'll credit you :) I am working on one right now, though. The idea was given to me by Joal 555. Thank you, Joal!! hug.gif It should be up soon :)

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Are you sure you want to ask for prompts? This is opening a HUGE can of worms, lol. THAT SAID, here are a few off the top of my twisted, twisted head.

1) Sam develops a new allergy, and it drives Sam and Evan to their breaking points that they can't figure out what is causing his huge sneezing fits (and asthma attacks? if you really love me?) before they can fix it.

2) Sam starts getting sick right before some big day for him and Evan (Evan's birthday or a vacation they are going on together or something) and tries to hide it to keep the special-ness pure, but eventually Evan sees through him. Caretaking ensues.

3) Inspired by that one, maybe Evan comes home from work one day to find Sam in a bad mood and they have a fight over something really stupid, and then Sam breaks down crying and Evan realizes he's running a huge fever and feels like an asshole and then cuddles him better. (You know how your emotions are all wonky when you've got a fever.)

4/5) Also inspired by things I thought of as I was typing number 2 (I love prompting much more than writing because I am this lazy), Evan takes care of Sam from afar-- not afar-afar, but maybe he's really busy with work and maybe Sam is only a tiny bit sick, with a little cold that is no big deal, so they aren't making a big deal out of it but Evan keeps doing these little loving gestures like leaving a fresh box of the lotion tissues by the bed or leaving a kettle of tea on when he leaves for work in the morning, or texting every four hours all day to check how Sam is feeling and remind him to take medicine? Although now that I've shared the original idea, the afar-afar idea is pleasant too-- like, Evan is on a business trip when Sam starts feeling crappy, and Evan does what he can to make him feel better even though he's away. This paragraph counts for two prompts.

6) Evan does something spontaneously nice for Sam, but i backfires when Sam turns to to be allergic to whatever Sam has brought him (food, flowers, bubble bath, a sex toy, a new blanket, a pet-- WHATEVER)

7) Sam wants to go do something different, and tries to talk Evan into leaving the apartment with him even though it's an awful allergy day and if he steps outside he's going to be sneezing and wheezing and itchy and watery-eyed. Evan resists because he's trying to take care of Sam, even though the idea (a walk or a picnic or a bike ride or a trip to the museum) sounds like a lot of fun, actually.

8) Sam meets Evan's parents for the first time, and it's a disaster. Because Evan's parents are smokers with furry pets who wear a lot of perfume, and Sam can't breathe around them. Sam is desperate to impress them and has a mini-breakdown during his embarrassing allergy attack.

9) Evan sticks up for Sam when they're in public someplace and he's having an allergy attack, because people keep looking at him funny and it stresses him out, which doesn't help him breathe better, and Evan thinks they should not be jerks to his boyfriend who most definitely does not have the plague.


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queenie...I'm serious...I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh, you just don't know!!! I can already picture dialog and everything!!!! AHHH!!! I'm gonna be writing all night now!! Get ready for a FLOOD of drabbles!!! I'm dead serious. AHHH!!! I love you!! I love you soooooooo much!!!!

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thank you, queenie and Joal!!!!

Drabble 3: “Unwanted Attention”

*special thanks to Joal 555 for the plane prompt and queenie for Prompt #9. This is a mixture of the two :)

“Evan,” Sam whimpered, clutching his boyfriend’s hand and wiping his nose with his hand, snuffling against the back of his wrist.

“Shh, Sammy, just worry about you. No one else,” Evan whispered. Sam nodded, but he took a self-conscious glance around the cramped quarters of the plane anyway.

“H’Nxxt!! H’gnxxt’chiew!! H’GNXT!!!” Sam stifled a congested, squelchy triple against the back of his hand. The lady in front of them turned around. She didn’t look happy. Sam wilted slightly, leaning towards Evan.

“Excuse me, but are you sick?” Sam shook his head, embarrassed. The woman took in his red, swollen eyes; his red, runny nose, and the wheeze he was fighting. She also took the embarrassed blush in his cheeks for a feverish one. She raised an eyebrow.

“Oh?” Sam nodded, swallowing. The wheezing got louder as he got nervous. He fought back a cough. The approximately-40-year-old businesswoman slowly turned her accusing glare to Evan. When she saw him, the other eyebrow went up to meet its mate.

“You boyfriend?” she guessed. Sam swallowed hard and nodded. Her face morphed into one of disgust. Evan glared at her.

“He’s not sick,” he said through tightly clenched teeth, even as Sam struggled to stifle a rattling cough.

“He is Asthmatic and allergic to whatever perfume whoever in this place is wearing,” he said icily, taking Sam’s extra inhaler out of his pocket when he noticed Sam frowning at his own, shaking it. It was empty. He shook the extra and uncapped it, handing it to Sam.

“He better not be contagious. I have an important meeting coming up and I cannot get sick,” she said, then flagged down the flight attendant as Sam took two desperate puffs of the inhaler.

“You okay, babe?” Evan asked in a low, concerned voice when he noticed Sam’s rib cage caving in between wheezy, muffled coughs. Sam nodded, but the retractions were still worrying Evan. He silently cursed himself for taking Sam to a place where this could happen. Even if he does know that Sam will LOVE the beach resort he’s going to…the only one that Evan could get that had allergy-safe hotel rooms. The business woman glared as she passed them, changing seats. Evan noticed the tears budding in Sam’s irritated, itchy eyes as he struggled to ignore the glares and funny looks he was getting from the other passengers. He buried his face into Evan’s shoulder, sniffling. He stifled another quick fit of rapid sneezes into Evan’s shoulder, earning him a few more disgusted looks. Evan sighed, getting more and more pissed off with each nasty facial expression sent their way.

“Stop staring at him!!! Gosh!!!!” he said angrily. The passengers quickly looked away.

“He’s not sick!!!” Evan said, his voice rising. This got the other passengers staring again.

“Who the hell is wearing perfume???” he demanded, his eyes glinting with anger. A young woman raised her hand slowly, looking shocked. He nodded.

“There you go! Not sick, allergic!” he said, trying to keep his tone from getting to a yell. The passengers looked away. Evan sighed angrily. Sam picked his head up to rub his eyes.

“H’Nxxt!! Heh’Kxxt!! NGXT’shiew!!”

“Bless you, Sweetheart.” Both the boys turned towards the sound of the sweet voice. They came upon a sweet old lady holding a tissue out to Sam. Sam smiled a little and took it.

“Thadk you,” he said, his voice congested. He tried to blow as quietly as he could. When he finished, he whimpered, then yawned. Evan groaned inwardly as the pilot came over the speaker, telling them to prepare for landing. Sure enough, the plane began to descend. Sam sniffled, wiping his nose with what was left of the tissue. The lady handed him another from a travel pack in her purse, smiling sympathetically. Sam thanked her again and took it. Evan felt his own ear pop as the pressure increased. Sam whimpered, still wheezing. He clamped his hand over his nose and mouth.

“Huh’ish!! Kish!! Ishoo!! Ishhoo!! H’pshh!!” The wet, congested sneezes were muffled into his palm. Sam didn’t even try to stifle, knowing he’d probably pop an eardrum. The landing continued to take a toll on his sinuses, giving him desperate, rapid fits until they finally hit the ground. Evan yawned to pop his ear back. Sam just whimpered, trying to yawn but coughing instead.

“Here, Honey. It helps,” the old lady said, her voice sympathetic as she held out a small object wrapped in foil. Sam took it and unwrapped it, revealing a butterscotch hard candy. He smiled at the lady and popped it in his mouth. Evan smiled as well. Thank God for that woman. He was really starting to lose faith in humanity.

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D'aww. That was adorable. Poor Sammy. That was... awesome. I'm glad to have been a part of it!

(The sheer number of exclamation points in your post thanking me for my suggestions has puffed up my ego sufficiently for one week. SO MUCH LOVE IN THIS CYBER ROOM.)

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lemme go write another now!! that was fast, queenie. I'm flattered :wub:

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okay, sorry that took so long.

Drabble 4: “Delirium”

*more thanks to the amazing queenie!! This is Prompt #3

“Sam? I’m home, babe!!” Evan called as he shut the apartment door behind him. He set his stuff on the floor.


“I’m in the bathroom!!” Sam called back, and Evan frowned at the tone. A couple minutes later, Evan heard the toilet flush, then he heard the water running as Sam washed his hands. Finally he came out, greeted by Evan, standing there with his eyebrows raised in question.

“What??” Sam snapped. Evan shook his head quickly.

“What’s wrong, babe?”

“Nothing,” Sam said, a cold tone to his voice.

“Wait up…what’d I do wrong?”

“I said there’s nothing wrong!!” Sam said, sounding pissed now.

“Okay, gosh, no need to get pissy,” Evan grumbled. Sam shot him a look, then stormed past him to the kitchen. Evan followed, leaning against the doorway to the kitchen as he watched Sam take a glass of water.

“What’s for dinner?” Evan asked, trying to make a light conversation.

“You tell me. It’s your turn,” Sam said. Evan swallowed, feeling himself getting pissed now.

“Okayyy…let’s try this again. What would you like for dinner?” he asked, his tone angry now as well. Sam shot him another glare.

“Gosh, Sam, what is wrong with you!!” Evan growled, pounding his fist against the doorway.

“Am I not allowed to have a damn bad day?!” Sam shot back.

“Well, you don’t have to be a bitch about it!! Just tell me what’s wrong!! Maybe I can make it better!” Sam huffed, and Evan detected a slight whistle. The tension in the room was tangible. Sam scowled at the floor.

“What’s wrong, babe? Tell me,” Evan said, softly. Sam shook his head.

“Seriously?! You’re gonna sit there and tell me nothing’s wrong?!” Sam picked his head up, giving Evan yet another bitch face.

“And stop fricking glaring at me like that!! Shit, what did I do?!”

“Maybe I don’t like someone being mean to me when I’ve had a bad day, dammit!” Evan held his hands up, giving Sam a confused look.

“I was nice to you until you decided to start being bitchy!”

“I’m NOT being BITCHY!!”

“Um, yeah, you are! And maybe I don’t like coming home from a crappy job to a crappy boyfriend!” Sam’s jaw dropped, then he closed it and swallowed.

“Crappy boyfriend?” he asked, trying to keep his tone level, but his voice shook anyway. Evan sighed, exasperated. Great. NOW what was he supposed to do. Sam pushed past him, tears rolling down his cheeks. Evan walked forward and folded his arms on the counter, laying his head down. He took a couple deep breaths before he heard Sam coughing from the back. His head snapped up. Sam’s cough sounded horrible. Much worse than usual. Evan felt a pang of worry, then guilt. He wandered into the back, looking for Sam. He found him in the bathroom, splashing water on his flushed, tear-stained face.

“Go away,” he said, his tone like ice. Evan swallowed, uncomfortable.

“Go away, Evan!!” Sam said, then broke into another coughing fit. He coughed into his elbow.

“Ugh!!” he groaned angrily when he finished.

“Sammy, listen-“

“Don’t you dare call me that.”

“Sam. Look…” Sam looked up at him, then looked away, beginning to cry again.

“I didn’t mean it, Sam.” Evan could easily detect the feverish blush in Sam’s cheeks now.

“You’re sick, aren’t you?” he asked softly. Sam nodded, letting a sob break through his voice. Evan came forward, and Sam allowed himself to be taken into Evan’s arms. He continued to sob, feeling horrible.

“I’m sorry I was bitchy,” Sam whimpered.

“Oh, my gosh, babe…” Evan said as he felt Sam’s forehead.

“No freaking wonder you were bitchy!” he said, picking Sam up and setting him back down on the bathroom counter. He opened the medicine cabinet and got out the thermometer.

“ISHoo!! Huh’PPSH!!” Sam sneezed into cupped hands. Evan turned on the thermometer and placed it in Sam’s mouth. He took it out after it beeped and sighed at the reading. He got out a bottle and popped two Tylenol capsules out.

“Wait,” he said to Sam, handing him the pills. He went to the kitchen and got Sam’s glass of water. He brought it, watching while Sam took the medicine with a sip of water, starting to babble. Delirious, for sure.

“C’mon, Sammy, let’s get you to bed,” he said, picking Sam up and bringing him to his bed. He allowed Sam to change into pajamas before peeling the sheets back for Sam to get in. Soon after laying down, though, Sam took his shirt off, hot now. He turned on his stomach facing Evan. Evan laid down next to him. He lightly trailed his fingertips across Sam’s hot skin. Sam’s eyes began to droop closed.

“I’m so sorry,” Evan whispered, feeling like a total asshole for not seeing that Sam was sick and treating him like that. Sam shook his head, wiping away stray tears.

“Go to sleep, Sammy,” Evan whispered, kissing the smaller boy’s forehead. Sam nodded sleepily and closed his eyes.

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At first, I turned away from this because it's m/m. But then decided to give it a read because you know i love ya purple ;)

I read it and OH MY GOD do I LOVE YOU PURPLE!!!!! This is AMAZING!!!!!!!! and I ADORE both boys and your writing! you're so awesome!! please never ever stop!! :laugh:


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Obviously I had to check back a hundred times before I went to sleep to see if you'd return for meeeee. XD

That was wonderful. I loved the detail abut him noticing the cough sounds horrible; I didn't think of that, but it was perfect.

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@Pearlised- thank you!! I'm flattered, honestly. *blushes sheepishly* And I love you, too, Pearl :wub:

@queenie- of course I'd return for you! What's better than reading before bed? And thank you :)

I love you guys a lot. Really. :)

Drabble 4: “Bare Essentials”

*thanks to queenie for Prompt #1!

“ISSH’uh!! H’Issh’OO!! Huh’ESSH!!” Sam sniffled, exhausted by the wet triple. He wiped his nose with a tissue and laid back against the back of the couch. Not even two seconds later, he began to cough and had to pick his head up again. Evan pressed his inhaler into his hand. Sam pushed it away, shaking his head and coughed hard.

“I only took it an hour ago. It’s too early,” he gasped in between deep, rattling coughs.

“What about the nebulizer?” Evan asked as he listened to the high-pitched, frantic wheeze emitted from his boyfriend’s chest. Sam shook his head.

“Sammy,” Evan said worriedly, watching the space between Sam’s collarbone dip sharply in as he struggled to breathe.

“Hospital?” he asked. Sam shook his head.

“Steam, maybe?” Sam shrugged, then nodded.

“H’PSH!! PPSH’iew!! Essh’iew!! Essh!! Issh!!” The fit was punctuated by a series of harsh coughs. Evan sighed, concerned. He kissed Sam’s temple, then got up. He listened to Sam gasping through another coughing fit as he put on a pot of boiling water. Once the water was boiled and sterile, he let it cool enough to be poured into the nebulizer cup. He got the nebulizer set up in the living room. Sam silently stifled another fit of strong allergy sneezes. Neither of the boys could figure out what was making Sam’s allergies go haywire like this. He’d already had three major Asthma attacks just in the last few days. After everything was set up, he sat next to Sam on the couch, holding him while he diligently breathed in the steam shooting out of the nebulizer mask. He sniffled thickly and leaned more into Evan. Evan held him with his right arm and gently rubbed small circles on his chest with his left.

“Thad feels good,” Sam murmured, his voice congested. Evan continued to do it.

“Evad,” Sam said, his voice rising in panic as his airways constricted further. Evan felt helpless and frustrated. He silently cursed himself for not knowing what’s going on and not being able to help.

“Hospital?” he asked again. Sam shrugged.

“Maybe.” Crap. Evan knew it was getting bad when Sam agreed to the hospital.

“Dod’t rub. Scratch,” Sam instructed. Evan raised both eyebrows, then sat Sam straight up and peeled his shirt off. He gasped when he saw the hives all over Sam’s chest. But there was a pattern to them. They were all in one big circle.

“Oh, CRAP!!” Evan exclaimed. It clicked suddenly.


“The Essential Oils. The ones we always use when your Asthma’s crappy,” Evan groaned. He ran into the bathroom and got the bottle of the Essential Oil blend. He came back and hesitantly rubbed a drop of the Eucalyptus-Menthol blend on the inside of Sam’s arm. Angry red hives popped up almost immediately.

“Aw, shit,” he said, then turned off the nebulizer. He picked Sam up and carried him to the back. He began running the bathwater, then hurriedly undressed Sam. Sam looked slightly overwhelmed throughout the entire process. Evan made the water hot to relax Sam’s muscles…hopefully. He breathed a sigh of relief when Sam’s wheezing quieted slightly after a couple minutes in the water.

“Wait here, babe,” he said, kissing Sam before running off to the kitchen. He came back with a steaming mug. He had Sam take sips of the hot water to hopefully relax his airways as well. By the time Sam finally sucked in a full deep breath, his first in ages, he was half asleep.

“No more Essential Oils…” Sam nodded.

“My nose doesn’t even tickle. Not one bit,” he said, smiling tiredly. Evan nodded.

“That’s good.” Sam nodded as well.

“I’m glad this is over.”

“Me, too, Sammy. Me, too.”

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I adore a concerned Evan, he's perfect.

Just as a suggestion, you could have something like Sam accidently does something stupid (eg clear out the attic) and Evan goes mental for putting himself in danger

Or Sam tries to cover up illness because it's an anniversary and he doesnt want to ruin it or something and gets really bad before Evan notices.

Just some ideas if you wanted to use them :) xx

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This is so awesome!

If you wanted another prompt, I would love it of Evan got sick, but tried to hide it and stay away from Sam as much as he could, so Sam wouldn't get sick. Sam doesn't know what he did wrong and why Evan won't be around him. Then when he finds out that Evan's sick, he's hurt that Evan didn't tell him and let him take care of Evan.

Don't feel pressured to use that if you don't want. I just love your writing, so please keep it coming!

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here it is! hope you like!! and thank you soooooooooo much for the sweet comment! :wub: they make my day :)

Drabble 5: “The Sweet Taste of NyQuil”

*special thanks to Weirdo Girl for her prompt!! And I’m a weirdo, too, Weirdo Girl!! :P

Sam frowned as Evan dodged his kiss.

“Everything okay, babe?”

“What?? Yeah! Fine, just fine!!” Evan said. Sam gave him a funny look. Evan’s…not exactly known for being obsessively perky…

“So, how was your day?” Sam asked, drying a plate and placing it in the stack.

“Oh, you know, the usual,” Evan replied as he scrubbed at a spot on the dish he was washing. Sam nodded.

“Co-workers okay?” Evan laughed, then abruptly stopped. He didn’t answer for a second, prompting Sam to look over at him.


“Oh, yeah, they were fine. The usual,” Evan replied.

“So, that lady that always wears lacy crap didn’t hit on you?”

“I…I didn’t notice.”

“I was thinking about you,” Evan recovered. Sam stared at him.

“What? Isn’t that a good thing?”

“You weren’t thinking about me,” Sam said, smiling.

“How do you know?” Evan joked back.

“Cause you can’t look me in the eyes.” Sam realized with a small frown that Evan hadn’t looked him in the eyes once today. If anything, he’d been deliberately facing the other way. Sam frowned. Not that Evan turned his head to notice.

“So,” he said as Evan passed him another dish. Sam sighed as he dried it. Evan cleared his throat discreetly. Sam nodded awkwardly as he set the dish on the counter. After a second, Sam leaned away to cough into his elbow.

“Asthma okay?” Evan asked, then cleared his throat again.

“The usual,” Sam said, a slight edge to his voice. He watched Evan for a reaction. There was none, which frustrated the crap out of Sam.

“Finally! Done,” Evan said, passing the last dish to Sam. He turned off the water and ran, not even bothering to dry his hands. Sam turned and watched, stunned.

“Wow. Just fricking wow,” Sam muttered. He dried the dish, then began putting them away. Usually, Evan loved to wash dishes. It was their time to talk. But today…

“Evan Jacob Williams!” Sam called once the dishes were done. He wandered into the back, looking for his boyfriend.

“Right here,” Evan said, walking out of the bathroom. Sam completely overlooked the slight pink tinge of his nostrils.

“What did I do wrong?” Sam asked.

“What? Nothing,” Evan said, away from him.

“Then why have you been avoiding me? And why can’t you look me in the eyes?” Evan squirmed a bit.

“I have to use the bathroom again.” He darted back into the bathroom and locked the door. Sam looked after him, not sure whether to be hurt or angry. When Evan finally emerged from the bathroom, (and Sam notice there was no toilet flush or anything), he jumped upon seeing Sam still standing there. Sam raised an eyebrow.

“You’re cheating, huh?”


“You’re cheating on me.”


“Then kiss me.” Evan swallowed hard.

“Kiss me.” Evan shook his head sadly.

“You are!!” Sam shouted, tearing up. Then, just to make him uncomfortable, he went up, grabbed Evan’s shoulders, and kissed him deeply before Evan could think.

“You taste weird,” Sam said, then kissed him again to make sure.

“NyQuil?” Sam knew that taste all too well. Evan sighed.

“I’m not cheating on you. I’m trying my absolute hardest to not get you sick,” Evan said, slightly pissed. Sam back away, looking shocked.

“Oh…oh,” he said. Evan sighed, then coughed. No point in hiding it now.

“How long?” Sam asked. Evan shrugged.

“A couple days.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You can’t take care of me,” Evan said. Sam raised an eyebrow.

“Oh? And why not?” he asked.

“Because you’re…you’re…”

“I’m weak? Vulnerable?” Sam was hurt, to tell the truth.

“I’m sorry, Sammy. I didn’t wanna bother you,” he said.

“That’s not it. You didn’t think I could handle it,” Sam said.

“Because all you’ve done is take care of me. You didn’t think I could handle taking care of you.”

“I’m sorry, Sammy!” Evan then looked away. Sam stared for a second, confused.

“What are you looking at?” Evan shook his head, his breath hitching suddenly. His eyes shut as he turned away from Sam and cupped his hands over his mouth and nose.

“Huh’ESHOO!!” Sam snorted.

“Just one? Pathetic,” he joked. Then he wrapped his arms around his sick boyfriend and kissed him.

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I love Sam's attitude in this one! But... obviously Sam is going to get this cold, and then bronchitis or pneumonia or something will complicate, and Evan will feel guilty and Sam will be lying there coughing in a hospital bed hooked up to oxygen and murmuring between wheezes that he wouldn't have had it any other way.

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Wow, this is so good! And fast! Thank you so much for doing my prompt and I loved it! Can't wait for more to come!

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