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The Pack


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So this is possibly going to be part of a much larger story but I wanted to try and post something and see if I get any reaction. This is only my second story I've posted here so bare with me.

The main characters Damion and Alexys(yes she is based on me, I'm a bit vain so sue me) are two that I work with a lot, but this is a bit of a different situation than usual for them so I'm excited to see how I'm doing with something a little diffrent. So without further adue:

The Pack:


Damion Curie sat at his desk. He was not working, like he should be, but staring out the window. He was thinking of how far he had come. How far they had all come since it had happened. He looked out at the people that made up his entire world, the people he was obligated to protect. He thought of how much his…his what? Family? Tribe?...Pack. Yes, pack really was the best word for it. How much his pack and thrived beyond what he had ever dreamed. He considered for a moment the pack. It truly did resemble a wolf pack. He and his beautiful wife were the alpha pair. His second in command and his wife, Derik and Kaylin, were the beta pair. There were also his secondary mates Janessa and Taylor who were above most but only to a degree. Then the residual members paired up as they wished or not. As the alpha he had the right of mating with any woman in his pack, solely for the purpose of offspring. The system, although radically different from what they all had come from, worked well, and he was loved and respected by all of his pack members. A small commotion outside his door broke his contemplation. His wife, Alexys, strode into the room right up to his desk and placed her hands on her hips. In the moment before she started speaking, Damion took in the sight of his wife. She was short, and heavily built. Although the years of hard work had thinned her out a bit, she would never be considered a small woman in spite of her stature. She had long curly, dark blonde hair that she most often wore half up, tied behind her head. She had round dark brown eyes, and a fierce glare. The years had somewhat altered her personality. Where she had once been quiet, shy, and quick to laugh, she was now intense, protective, and fiercely loyal. The one aspect that had stayed with her was her sarcastic sense of humor, which had caused Damion much trouble in the beginning but he had been grateful when it had not left her like other characteristics.

"Love," she said in a commanding tone "you have worked long enough for today. It's time you attended to your other duties. Like those to your wife and children." Damion couldn't help but laugh. Alexys also cracked a smile and went to sit on his lap. She put her arms around his neck, and he kissed her softly.

"Very well darling, I'll come home now."

Part 1

Damion woke with a pounding headache. He sat up in bed and laid his head in his hands. Alexys walked in finding him in this position.

"Damion, are you all right?" she asked with a slight tone of concern. He nodded his head, which only made it throb more.

"Yes hon, I'm fine. Just a bit of a headache." Alexys sat down next to him on the bed and rubbed his back affectionately.

"I'm not surprised what with all that's been going on. You haven't been sleeping well. Maybe you should take it easy today." She said. But Damion knew that was not an option today. He had defence schedules to go over, weapons to inspect, and a few new members to greet. His day was full and he couldn't afford to take it easy.

"I wish I could love but I-…" he paused as his breath suddenly caught sharply "Eh'shhew!" he sneezed into his arm.

"Bless you," Alexys said just before the second sneeze hit.

"Eh'shhh, Eh'shhheh, Eh'shhhew!"

"Bless you love. Maybe you're just having a bad allergy day, and that’s why you have a headache," she said getting up and kissing him on the top of his head.

"That’s probably it," Damion agreed. He got up and dressed and went about his day.

As the day wore on Damion began to think that his continues sneezing was not just allergies. His throat was getting scratchy, and his chest had begun to tighten.

"Eh'shhew" he sneezed into his arm, and continued to read the weapons report Derik had given him.

"You all right Dame?" Derik asked "You've been sneezing all day." Damion nodded sniffing.

"Yea, I think my allergies are acting up for some reason" he said and quickly stifled another sneeze.


"Bless," Derik said. Damion was not going to let anyone know he might be sick. In fact, he told himself that he was not going to be sick, he didn't have time for it and he refused.

By the end of the very long day, Damion was so tired he barely even registered his growing discomfort. His nose was running, and a dry cough had added itself to his sneezing. When he got home he simply fell into bed next to Alexys and fell asleep.

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I really like the premise you have outlined here with the characters. I'd love to read more about them. thumbup1.gif

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

I just realized that there is a brief description of Alexys in the text but none of Damion. So here is a little incite. Damion is 6'1" broad shouldered, with long dead strait blonde hair he usualy wears in a ponytail and blue/gray/green eyes.

With that in mind here is part 2

Part 2

The next day he felt even worse. His head was stuffed, he had a intense tickle in his nose, and his cough had become more persistent. When Alexys heard that she looked at him concern etching lines around her eyes.

"That doesn't sound good," she said laying a hand on his chest.

"It’s just from the allergies," Damion said gruffly. He was annoyed with himself. He had decided not to be sick, but his body seemed to have different ideas. As if to emphasise that point the tickle in his sinuses finally got the better of him.

"Eh'sshhh…H'eshhew…Huh' H'eshew!" He sniffed wetly and grabbed for a handkerchief.

"That didn't sound like allergies love. I think you may have picked up something,." Alexys went to place a hand on his forehead, but Damion shrugged her away.

"I'm fine Alexys, I have too much work to get through today," he glanced at his wife who was glaring severely at him. He blanched. "I promise I will rest tomorrow if it's worse. Just let me get through today. I'm leading the hunting party remember?" he said. She was still glaring but she nodded and handed him his clothes. He smiled gratefully at her and kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you," he said softly.

"I love you too," she answered.

Alexys was at her desk going over some inventory reports for the hospital when she heard a sharp knock at the door.

"Come in," she said absently wondering who it could be. To her surprise, Derik entered the room looking somewhat nervous.

"Derik!" Alexys exclaimed rising "What a nice surprise, but if you're looking for Damion he's probably out with the hunting party right now."

"They haven't left yet actually," he said fidgeting a little.

"Oh, then I don't know where he is…" she trailed off watching Derik's hands changing position from behind clasped behind his back, to lose at his sides to crossed arms and back. "What's wrong?" Derik looked steadily at her before he spoke.

"I don't think Damion is well," he said in a rush. Alexys raised an eyebrow. If Derik was coming to her then Damion was really sick. Derik knew Damion well enough that he could usually tell what he could handle. "He is trying really hard to not let it show, but I don't think he can just shake this in his usual way." Alexys sat back in her chair and rubbed her eyes. She knew Damion was running himself into the ground, but she never thought he would let it go this far. He was usually smarter than that. She looked up at Derik.

"Will you keep an eye on him for me?" she asked. Derik nodded. "Let me know if it gets any worse." He nodded again. "Thanks."

The hunting party had stopped for the night. Hunting had gone rather well that day. Damion had managed to pass off his sneezes as allergies, but he had noticed Derik throwing him concerned glances. The adrenalin of the hunt had actually made him think he was feeling better, but now that he sat eating his meal, the full force of his symptoms hit him. His head pounded, his nose ran, and his cough had become a crackly bark. "E'chhhew!" he sneeze into his arm.

"Bless" came a voice next to him. He looked up to see Derik looking at him with a joking smile.

"Thagnks," Damion said, startled at the sudden congestion in his voice. He pulled out his handkerchief and blew his nose as quietly as possible. Derik was still looking at him. "Something you need?" Damion asked.

"No, just thought I would keep you company. I know you get lonely for Alexys," Derik said suggestively with a smirk playing around his mouth. Damion chuckled, but his chuckle turned into a harsh cough. Derik's joking face vanished, replaced by one of concern. "That really doesn't sound good Dame," he said putting a hand on his friends shoulder.

"I'm fine," Damion replied hoarsely. Derik's brows knit together

"Dame, you know you're no good to us sick. No one would think less of you if you just rested a bit to get over this." Damion looked at his friend. The offer of a way out. Assurance that he would not appear weak was sorely tempting.

"Huh'Eshew!" But he just couldn't do it.

"I'm fine. I promise I'll rest when we're finished here." Derik gave him one final look and just nodded his head.

"Well boss, have a good night," Derik said and walked off to his own tent.

The next morning dawned cold. Damion woke up freezing. A feeling that stayed with him throughout the day as he continued to sneeze and cough. It felt like the cold had seeped into his very core and refused to leave. In spite of how horrible he felt, Damion still managed to contribute more than his share of kills. The hunting party made its way back to the city.

Alexys was waiting patiently for Damion to come home. She wanted desperately to get him into bed and get him well again. She kept busy through the day and nearly missed the messenger sent to tell her that the hunting party was heading into town. She met up with Derik, who had come in ahead of the hunters to prepare the skinning areas in the main square.

"How is he?" she asked hoping for good news but not expecting what she got. Derik's eyes took on a hard look that made her heart contract.

"He did well, but the cold last night didn't do him any good. He's got a nasty cough too." he said watching for his friend. Alexys did not let her dismay show. Usual when Damion got a cough it wreaked havoc with his lungs and could leave him short of breath for days after. Derik pointed then. "There he is." She looked and saw him. Derik had been right, he did not look well at all. He was pale and dishevelled and he was trudging. Damion never trudged. He was a proud strider. As he drew closer Alexys somehow knew what would happen and was moving before he even stumbled.. She saw him sway, stagger, fall to one knee, and keel over sideways. She managed to get there before his head hit the ground. A general cry of alarm rose from the men of the hunting party. They rushed to their leader. Alexys held Damion's head in her lap and smoothed the hair that had escaped the leather strap that held it back, out of his eyes. When her hand made contact with his skin she drew back shocked. The she pressed a hand to his forehead. He's burning up! she thought.

"Water!" she called. Someone handed her a canteen. She grabbed her handkerchief and wet it. She bathed Damion's face and neck. The brought the canteen to his lips. The cool cloth had roused him enough that he took a few drinks and opened his eyes.

"What happened?" Damion asked looking around blearily. Alexys caressed his head.

"You're sick love, you passed out."

"Oh," Damion said and started to get up. Alexys helped him up. Just as he was upright Damion stiffened. Alexys looked up at him and saw the familiar expression crossing his face. His eyelids fluttered, his nose twitched, he gasped…and sneezed. "Hh…H'eTchechh! E'TchEw!" the force of the sneezes made him sway, but Alexys put one of his arms around her shoulder. Derik was right there on the other side. It's not bad enough that he's got such a high fever, but his nose won't give him a break either, Alexys thought bitterly. Between them they made it back to Damion and Alexys' house.

Comments are much appreciated!

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Poor thing! Maybe he'll learn to take a break!...or not bahaha. Thanks for the update! :wub:

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Derik helped Alexys get Damion into bed. Damion was shivering violently. Alexys tucked a thick wool blanket around her husband and tenderly caressed his cheek. When she touched his skin she frowned. The heat of his face had her worried. Derik was hovering at the door. She gestured for him to follow her and she led him to the living room.

"I had no idea it was this bad. God, I'm so sorry Alexys, I should have paid more attention. I should have-" Alexys cut him off with a finger to his lips.

"Derik, it is not your fault. You know how he is. He hides any discomfort overly well. He probably thought he could make it home and collapse with only me around. Obviously he pushed his body to far this time. I'm only worried about how everyone will react to this…" she trailed off looking back towards the room. Derik looked at her confused.

"React? Alexys everyone loves and respects you and Damion, something like this will only rally us together to help you. Don't you dare think that this will affect any of the feelings we all hold for Damion. He's too important to everyone." She looked at him sceptically, but the conviction in his eyes did something to soothe her.

"Thanks Derik. I don't know what we would all do without you." He grinned at her, then his face fell serious.

" Get him better Lex, we all need him" he said. She nodded and Derik left. She went back into the room and sat on the edge of the bed looking at Damion. She hated to see him like this. Her beautiful, strong husband laid low by nothing less than pushing himself too hard while he had a cold. She leaned in and kissed his forehead. He stirred from his fevered sleep and moaned.

"Alexys?" he said his voice a raspy whisper.

"I'm right here love,"

" 'M sorry for worrying you," Alexys' heart constricted as she looked at her husband. He reached out and took her hand in his. He kissed it and looked up at her.

"Damion it's not your fault. People get sick. But you should know better than to run yourself ragged and reduce your heath to this." As if to emphasise her point Damion sneezed harshly


"Bless you. Now my dear close your eyes and sleep. I'll make some tea for later." She stood to leave but Damion caught her hand.

"I love you," She smiled warmly at him.

"I love you to you silly."

So this is the last part that I have written. It is short but it sort of has a stopping point. I know I could continue but I'm just wondering if anyone is interested in going past this point.

Let me know!

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I love this! It'd be great if you continued, but it's good as-is as well :wub:

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