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Possible allergies? Male sneezing


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Finally, some decent obs (and it's a good time of year for it here!). I was outside in the garden about an hour ago, preparing to hang my washing on the line (just like all good hayfever sufferers should!!), when I heard, from over the fence to the right hand side of my garden, a male neighbour sneezing. Now I have heard this guy sneeze before on a couple of occasions, but I have never seen him, I only know from the sound of it that it's the same person. It's only ever been a single sneeze before though...today he let loose with an extremely loud triple, so unexpected that the first one actually made me jump! It was something like........HAAARASSHHHHUH!....HARRRRUSSHHHHOOO....uh.....HARRRASHHHOOOOOO! I was like, bloody hell, that was loud! It threw me so much, I didn't even have the nerve to say anything, or call out a 'bless you' in response, and as usual I couldn't see him as the fence is too high. So I decided to go upstairs and have a look out of my daughter's bedroom window (at the back of the house, which has a good view of the neighbouring gardens) to see if I could spot a man outside anywhere, but alas, by the time I did that, there wasn't anyone to be seen...he'd obviously gone back inside.

I have no idea what the cause of that was, but I would hazard a guess at hayfever. I had another obs yesterday too, walking back home from the garage after dropping my car in for it's MOT. I passed the bus stop near the local shops, and a rather cute looking young man, who I think was waiting for the bus (he was about 5ft 11 I would guess with fair skin, short blond hair and a pale blue shirt on) sneezed into his hand. I couldn't hear it (because of the traffic and not being close enough) but it looked like a stifle or semi-stifle at least. I walked past pretending not to pay too much attention, but kind of furtively glanced backwards a few times to see if there were any more sneezes coming...there weren't, but I noticed that his nose looked rather pink, so possibly another hayfever sufferer, you never know.

Gotta love this time of year (especially as I sneezed 4 times myself while typing this!) biggrin.png

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Hoo, I looooove that spelling. :drool: VERY nice. Thanks for sharing!

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