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 Lucas Brown threw another bail of hay into one of the horse's stalls. Lucas worked on his family's farm alongside his dad,  his 12 year old brother Jack. He had 3 other siblings as well. He had an 18 year old brother Will who was off at college, a 14 year old sister Scarlett, and a 6 year old sister named Madison. 

" Hehtschieww! Eitschieww!"

Lucas sneezed to the side of him. 

" Hahtschieww!" 

He sneezed again and sniffled wetly. His allergies where killing him. Usually they didn't bother him this much, but that was because he usually took allergy medicine but he ran out and forgot to tell his mom he needed more. It wasn't like they could just run to the store. They lived at least 30 minutes from the nearest town so he was out of luck. He also thought he was coming down with something, but he couldn't tell.

" Hehtschieww! Eitschieww!"

He sneezed into his fist as he poured clean water into the horse's water bowl, splashing some of the water onto the ground. Not only was he allergic to animals and pollen, he was really allergic to dust, which the barn was filled with and on top of that, the scent of the bedding from and animal's stalls and the hay was making his nose go crazy. Inside that barn was probably the worst place for him to be at that moment.

" Hahschieww! Hehtschieww! Eitschieww! Eithschieww!" 

He sneezed for the millionth time that morning and ran his nose along the back of his sleeve. As bad as he felt, he didn't want to tell his dad because he felt like a man when he worked and he felt like he earned his dad's respect. He folded his arms and placed them on top of the pig stall. A couple seconds after he closed his eyes, he heard footsteps and quickly stood up.

" Chill," Jack said." It's just me." Lucas watched as Jack filled one the animal's stall with hay and moved on to the next one. He sniffled thickly, noticing that he was completely stuffed up, and went outside to grab another bail of hay. As he carried the big rectangle shaped pile of hay back into the barn, he felt an itch in his nose.

" Hahtschieww! Huhtschieww! Eitschieww!" 

He sneezed forcefully to the front of him, causing little pieces of dust to fly everywhere, creating a bigger, stronger, more intense itch in his nose. He tried to hold it back, but by the time he entered the barn, he just couldn't. He dropped the hay and cupped his hands over his mouth to catch the oncoming sneezes.

" Huhtschieww! Hahtschieww!  Hehtschieww! Eitschieww! Hehtschieww! Eitschieww! Hahtschieww! Hehtschieww!"

Lucas looked up, trying to catch his breath, and saw his dad and his brother staring at him. Before he could say anything, his eyes fluttered closed and he brought his hands back up to his face.

" Hahtschieww! Hehtschieww! Eitschieww!"

The powerful sneezes ripped through him and had him bending over to keep his balance. He breathed heavily for a moment, the need to sneeze still prominent in his nose.  His dad walked over to him and put his hand on Lucas' back. He felt Lucas' muscles expand under his hand and saw Lucas bury his face in the crook of his arm, still bent over and facing the ground.

" Hehtschieww! Hahtshieww! Hahtschoo! Eihtschieww! Hehtschieww! Eihschieww!"

Lucas finally caught his breath and stood up.

" Bless you." His dad said.

Lucas looked at him through watery eyes.

" Allergies bothering you?" It was a stupid question because it was pretty obvious that was the case but he nodded in response.

" Take your medicine this morning?" Hid dad asked.

" No." He admitted, congestion seeping into his voice.

" Why?" His da asked.

" I ran out." He said.

" Why didn't you say something? I thought you were about to sneeze yourself to death just now." His dad laughed, but Lucas'  didn't lighten, which his dad didn't fail to take note of.

" Why don't you take the day off and go back inside. Give your sinuses a break. I'll tell your mom you need more allergy medicine. I think she's going into town today."

Lucas nodded and headed bak to the house, sniffling the whole way. When he got inside, he went straight to his room. He laid down on the bed and quickly fell asleep.

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* Okay y'all, part 2 :) *

Lucas woke up the next morning, feeling like crap. He felt worse than yesterday. His mom had gotten him some allergy medicine so his allergies weren't bothering him as much, but he felt like whatever he was coming down with yesterday had come down on him hard overnight. He coughed into the crook of his arm as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He got up and got dressed before heading outside. Lucas' dad heard the barn door open and turned around and saw Lucas standing there awkwardly. 

" Hey dad." He croaked.

His dad got one look at his son and could tell he was sick. He wad incredibly pale except for a subtle pink tint in his cheeks. Lucas tried to walk toward his dad, but he felt his weak knees give out from under him. His dad quickly rushed over to him and helped him to his feet. Lucas put his hand in the wall to keep himself upright. 

" You loon awful," Lucas' dad said. He put his hand on his son's head and felt the steady churning heat under his palm.

" And you feel warm."

" I'm fine." Lucas protested.

" Lucas, don't be stupid, you're sick. Go back to bed." His dad said.

" But dad, I took the day off yesterday." Lucas said.

" What use is a sick person going to be?" His dad asked." Now go rest up."

Lucas sighed and stumbled back into the house.

" Are you serious?" Jack asked, clearly annoyed. " He didn't have to work yesterday."

" Shut up and act like an adult."

His dad said as he walked out of the barn. He understood that Jack was only 12, but sometimes he acted like a 5 year old. He walked into the kitchen where his wife was packaging peaches that were going to be sold at the local farmers market the following day.

" Hey babe," He said to her as he walked over to one of the cabinets in the kitchen. " Do we have any cold medicine?"

" Why?" She asked.

" Because Lucas is sick." He replied.

" Um, I think there's some in the cabinet." She said, pointing to the one he just looked in. He walked back over to the cabinet and continued to look around for the medicine, but he couldn't find it. His wife took note if his inability to find it and decided to help.

" Here, I got it," She said. " Go back to work."

He laughed a little." Alright." He kissed her again before walking outside. She walked over to the cabinet and pulled out the small bottle if NyQuil. She didn't know how her husband missed it because it was right in front but she figured his mind was just somewhere else. She also grabbed a thermometer before heading to her son's room. She pushed open the door and sat on the edge of Lucas' bed. He turned over and looked at her with bloodshot eyes. 

" Hey sweetie," She said quietly. " Your dad said you weren't feeling well."

" I feel like crap." He said, his voice raspy and congested.

" I'm sorry." She said sympathetically. 

" Hahtschieww! Eitschieww!" 

He Sneezed into his hands and sniffled loudly.

" Bless you." She said as she handed him a tissue. He flashed her a weak smile before blowing his nose. She held the thermometer out in front of Lucas and he reluctantly opened his mouth and his mom put it in. She waited a couple seconds before it emitted a high pitch whine, submitting it had come to a conclusion on hid temperature.

" 101.6." She said out loud. She grabbed the bottle of cold medicine that she had set down on the nightstand next to Lucas' bed and poured some into the cap. She handed it to Lucas and he swallowed it before snuggling under the covers.

" Feel better sweetie." She said. She kissed him on the cheek and walked out of his room.

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