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Sleeping Bag Sneezes (F)


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Sleeping Bag Sneezes (F)

Jasmine squeezed her way down inside her sleeping bag, wriggling against the tight nylon sides of the bag in order to slip down far enough so as to be fully covered. She cursed herself for not having thought to buy a new one. She had brought this one when she was 12 – what on Earth had made her think that it would still fit her after seven years?

Her friend Angela was already snuggled down in her own, spacious down bag and was giggling at Jasmine’s efforts to stretch the material up to cover her chin. Inwardly, Jasmine cursed her large breasts and shapely hips, longing for a slender frame that would slip easily into the meagre space available.

Finally she managed to wriggle her adult body in what was essentially a child’s sleeping bag. The seams almost creaked, but held. Angela was still giggling at her breathless endeavours. In the darkness of the tent, the slightest whisper seemed to fill the air. Outside, the campsite was in silence – everyone long since having gone to bed. Jasmine breathed deeply through her nose, feeling the tightness of the sleeping bag and sighing.

Suddenly, she felt a sneeze coming on.

Jasmine’s allergies had already struck earlier in the evening, forcing her to convulse in her trademark fusillade of enormous, body-bending sneezes. She had fired off a good eight of her uncontrollable monsters before the she had managed to massage the tickle from her long nose. Angela had found it hilarious, but Jasmine has been acutely embarrassed; aware of the numerous gazes of other campers, transfixed by the busty brunette who was struggling with such large sneezes.

Now, in the silence of the night, it was happening again.

‘AngelaaaaHHH...’ she whispered shakily, the urge to sneeze already evident in her voice. Instantly she felt the sleeping bag pressing more tightly around her as her chest swelled with the intake of breath. She tried to get her hands up, to pinch her widening nostrils, but to her horror discovered that her arms were no trapped by her sides, every inch of available space to move vanishing rapidly with every inhalation.

Angela stirred and sat upright.

‘No Jas,’ she whispered. ‘Not now – you’ll wake the whole campsite!’ Jasmine felt her eyes close, her body jerking fitfully with each hitching breath. If she couldn’t reach her nose, there was no telling how long or loud this fit could be.

‘I caaaaaAAA... can’t stop aaaaaaHHH... it!’ she managed to say before her mouth fell open into its pre-sneeze scream. A great flood of sneezy sensation swept up inside of her, and the first outburst came roaring down her nose.


In the enclosed space of the tent, Jasmine’s sneeze detonated like a small nuclear bomb. She convulsed in her sleeping bag, snapping forwards at the waist so that her head collided with the soft canvass of the tent. Her legs would have flown outwards had there been any space for them to do so and they ached with the desire to move.

Almost instantly, she was sneezing again! The second was almost as violent as the first; a messy double which threw her hair over her face in helpless chaos.


The sneezes were echoing around the campsite, released full-volume and unrestrained. Jasmine felt powerless in their grasp, her nose a frantically tingling mass of allergens. The only thing that filled her mind was the approach of yet another ferocious sneeze, looming like a tidal wave in her sinuses. Her spectacular breasts heaved heavily against the confining nylon with s series of high-pitched gasps, her mouth yet again falling open, eyes glazed.

Had she been able to open her eyes, she would have seen Angela’s horrified expression as she watched Jasmine tremble with the force of the approaching sneeze, which felt like it was strong enough to demolish the campsite, let alone the tent.

With a final, desperate shriek, Jasmine sneezed!


The force of her uncoiling body proved too much for the sleeping bag. With a rending tear, the seams split releasing a great cloud of feathery stuffing. Finally free, Jasmine clutched at her nose, quickly rubbing and massaging away the dreadful sneeziness.

From all around there came annoyed tutting and shushing, urging them to be quiet. Angela put her hand over her mouth to hide her laughter, her eyes wide.

‘Oh my God, your sleeping bag,’ she squeaked. ‘What are you going to do?’

Jasmine continued to rub her nose in circles, fearful the tickle would return, hardly daring to breath. The release from the tightness of the sleeping bag felt blissful.

‘I might be in for a cold night,’ she sniffed breathlessly.

The End

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Nice one, NoV :)

We look forward to your next work, although I see it will not be on this subject as you have already placed the customary 'The End'.

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Lovely story as always... :wub:

Quite disappointed at the "the end" though, as I thought I smelled a sequel featuring two girls in the same sleeping bag.

Oh well, I'm the one always saying one shouldn't be greedy when it comes to this fetish... :winkkiss:

Thank you lots for sharing!! :D

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Ooooh that's lovely :D Arms trapped and unable to cover or rub her nose...beautiful stuff <3 I kept hoping Angela would try to hold Jasmine's nose/stop her from sneezing for her, but I like it just how it played out :P

Now that they have all those lovely tickly feathers floating around...a sequel WOULD be rather wonderful...<3 :P

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Wonderful! How one 's spirits leap when one sees the tags for FAO! Interesting how girls of that age seem to deny almost consciously that they have reached maturity; still it almost always leads to interesting consequences.....

Still I agree; air full of feathers, two girls, one big sleeping bag; who could resist...? Time for Angela to have some sneezy fun too.

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Brilliant sneezy plot, NoV! Loved the idea of her being trapped, physically unable to hold them back! And to release new allergens in the process of sneezing... aaevil.gif

Very nice as always, NoV! You are truly one of my favorite female-sneeze writers on this board. smile.png

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This story is amazing, your stories are so awesome to read, and I definetely look forward to your awesome stories ^_^ Thank you!!

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks for all the kind comments guys :D I felt (as I'm sure you'll agree;)) that these two young ladies were crying out for a part 2, so here you go :) Enjoy!

Part 2

Despite the warmth of the day, night had sent the temperature plummeting. Within a few minutes of trying to wrap herself in the shredded remains of her sleeping bag, Jasmine’s teeth were chattering and she trembled with cold. She rubbed her shoulders and hugged herself, trying to stay warm. This was not going to be a pleasant night.

Angela lay awake, her ears still ringing slightly from the truly explosive sneezes her allergic friend had released. Despite that, she could still hear her friend’s fluttering breath as Jasmine shivered amongst the ruins of her feathery bag. And all of a sudden, an idea crept into her head.

Should she share her sleeping bag with Jasmine? After all, it was plenty big enough – Angela’s slim frame barely seemed to fill half of the space available and should easily be able to accommodate the two girls, even allowing for Jasmine’s spectacularly curvy body. Should she suggest it? She could barely keep her voice from trembling as she asked,

‘If you’re really cold Jas, you could try and get in here with me...? It’s just that there’s loads of room, and I er... I know you’re cold...’

Angela held her breath, terrified of an indignant reply, but instead Jasmine scrambled eagerly onto her knees, arising from the drifting feathers like a shadowy angel.

‘Are you sure you don’t mind,’ she whispered, shivering in the dim light. ‘I’ll be ever so still – promise I won’t move a muscle.’ She giggled nervously. Angela wriggled around and opened the neck of the sleeping bag enough to allow Jasmine to slip her legs into the warmth and slide her way into the darkness next to her friend.

There was no denying it was a very tight fit. The two girls lay back to back, squeezed tightly against the nylon walls. Again, Jasmine realised she would be hard-pushed to move her arms in a hurry. With each breath, she felt her breasts press heavily and insistently against their confinement, her hair falling down across her face in a glossy wave.

Suddenly a thought popped into her head. What would happen if she were to sneeze again? She felt her breath catch at the very thought, hardly daring to take an exploratory sniff with her nose to find out whether a sneeze lurked within.

The trouble was, the more she thought about it, the more she convinced herself that a sneeze was indeed coming. Her breath began to catch and hitch, seemingly deafeningly in the silence of the tent. Angela gasped.

‘Oh no Jas, you can’t, you mustn’t...’

But it was too late. The unstoppable build-up had already begun, making Jasmine squirm with the intensity of the tickly sensation inside her nose. She struggled, determined that she could at least try and lesson the force of the explosion by pinching her fingers tightly around her flaring nostrils. Dimly, she realised she was not going to be able to free her hands in time, while all the time she felt her mouth opening, her eyes beginning to squeeze shut, her whole body shuddering with the desperate urge to sneeze.

Suddenly, she felt a slim finger press insistently under her nose, pausing her on the brink of releasing a truly cataclysmic sneeze. Her body was arched into Angela’s, who increased the pressure of her finger, whispering anxiously in her friend’s ear.

‘You can’t sneeze, I won’t let you. Just imagine its going away, make it back down. You’ll burst the sleeping bag if you let it come out!’

Even with Angela’s helping finger, Jasmine could still feel the air rushing in her chest, the small, frantic gasps that betrayed the power of the approaching sneeze. ‘Haaaaaahhhh....aaaaaahhhh...’ Two sneezy gasps escaped her lips, her eyelashes fluttering. With every breath, the sleeping bag suddenly seemed smaller, and through her shuddery build-up, Jasmine cursed her curvy body.

‘It’s no aaaah... good, I just thin... haaaaaa... think I’m gonna...aaaaaahhhh...AAAAAHHH!!’

And then all was lost. Jasmine felt the sneeze coming - one of her cascading avalanches of a sneeze when three or more came bellowing from her at once in one cacophonous roar of sound. Angela’s whisper of dismay was blown away by the almost nuclear blast of the sneeze.


Jasmine’s body bucked, the sneeze bending her double, despite the tightness of the fabric that enclosed the two girls. Somewhere, she was aware of a tearing sound, but before she could even contemplate what may have happened...


A fourth mighty sneeze took control of her, her mouth open wide in an uncontrollable scream, forcing Angela to remove her finger as the full blast of her friend’s release erupted into her palm. Angela began to struggle to get out of the sleeping bag, fearful that another colossal bout from Jasmine would demolish the already damaged material. She could feel Jasmine’s body heaving against her, betraying what could only be yet another fast-approaching explosive sneeze.

Jasmine convulsed, expelling the sneeze with such violence that her knees involuntarily jerked up to her chest. There was another fearful ripping sound and a cascade of feathery down, as the sleeping bag finally gave up in the face of Jasmine’s onslaught of sneezes. Both girls were suddenly exposed to the cold air. Jasmine gasped, her nose twitched and chest heaved spectacularly, then released a final sneeze that rang through the down-filled air like a gunshot.


She opened her tearful eyes, the tickle having abandoned her nose, leaving her feeling sneezed-out and exhausted. Angela turned on the torch, examining the remains of the sleeping bag and the wide-eyed expression of horror on her friend’s face.

‘I think we’re in for a cold night,’ she said.

The End.

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Wow, NoV this is such an excellent and awesome story, your stories are so awesome, thank you so much for sharing this! ^_^

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Oooh I only just saw there was an update :o So good, I loooove the scenario so much xD Thanks for posting another part! <333

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Oh, my Lord! This is...(where is the word? Where's the bloody word????).... Nevermind. :)

Jesus, my Grandmother asked me for how long will her battery last. I answered: "Oh, you can use it normally for a plenty of time, your ALLERGY (I meant battery) is much stronger then mine." I was still totally under the impression of your story! Hip, Hip, Hooray for fetishy tongueslips.

And could you, please, post the third part? About the both of them catching the cold tommorow perhaps?

Sorry, I am a drag, I know that... :)

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