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I feel sadistic.


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I have a thing for crying/care-taking, as I know A LOT of you on here do. I just love it so much. But I feel kind of weird. I feel sort of sadistic that I enjoy crying so much, and it makes me feel really bad sadsmiley.gif

Like, don't get me wrong. I dont get off on the fact that people are in deep, emotional pain- and my crying fetish is quite conditional. But I still do enjoy seeing men cry, and what I want to do more than anything else is to comfort an SO while he's crying..and to have him comfort me while I am! ..Just <3

I also find myself being attracted to men who have sort of an emotional background, whether it be family issues or whatnot. Like, if they have a sensitive issue in their life- and I feel weird because of it!

Eg on the weekend, my super cute friend (he's irish! biggrin.png) told me about how his uncle died. I felt sympathy for him obviously, but I sort of hoped he'd get a bit emotional too- which he didn't -____-

And now I feel like the biggest weirdo!

Does any one else with the fetish have the same problems?

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I dont have a crying fetish, but I do think that with all fetishes there's a moral side that can be a bit risky. Such as, is wishing people suffer from hayfever right really? Is getting off on a random person's sneeze in a random situation not being a bit of a creep and unmoral, because they havent given their consent or anything.

People feel this way all the time, you are NOT alone in feeling like this and it is an issue for people. I justify it that as long as you're not hurting anyone, no matter what you WISH to happen as long as you dont delibrately hurt someone then it's ok.

I think you're fine in wishing the people you're attracted to would cry, it's just how you are, and if they do that's great. But from what you've described you're not doing anything sadistic, wishing for things is perfectly harmless.

I hope you feel better about it all soon and I hope I helped :hug:

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I agree with the point made above about most or all fetishes containing a bit of a moral question... However, I personally think it's perfectly fine to enjoy something like crying, sneezing, etc if it would happen anyway. It's all good. If someone is crying, sure, enjoy it! It doesn't affect how THEY feel if YOU happen to enjoy it. If anything, it will make you behave better towards them - you'll REALLY want to take care of them and comfort them. Same with someone who is sneezing. if you're close to them, you will take care of them and be very attentive and interested. And if you don't know who they are (they're just some random stranger)? Well, what harm done if you gain enjoyment from seeing them sneeze or cry? It's not your responsibility to feel BAD for them (or feel nothing at all) if they're upset or sick. It'd be different if you were CONTRIBUTING to them crying, which obviously you are not. :)

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