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So I thought I would dodge it this time; I mean, I was sick with the flu and ALL you can get from it throughout April, surely my immune system would be strong enough to fight off a little cold, right?


What started as a scratchy throat, which I thought was mainly imagination because I've been around sick people, has now turned into a lovely cough (I hate coughing, I hate it with a passion), my head is aching, and it feels as if every cavity behind my face is filled with liquid. I'm not stuffed up, and I don't sound sniffly or congested, but I feel like shit and I think I'm running a fever.

Just a little while ago, I had the first three sneezes of this cold. It started with a really tickly double (I hardly ever sneeze in doubles anymore), that I stifled, sounding something like

"Hah-gnXth! Hah-gnxgh!"

I thought I was done, but the tickle returned without any warning, and I barely had time to suck in air before I sneezed again, it was painful, messy and throaty, "Uh-ruESCHGGh-uhh!", followed by a very miserable whimper.

Yeah, it's definitely time to go searching for the packs of tissues that was left from my flu. :(

Hope you enjoyed, I certainly didn't. ;)

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Well, I have a sneezing fetish (after all, that's why I am here) but I hope you will get better soon. Being ill sucks.

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Thanks guys. ;)

Yeah, being ill sucks, I thought I'd had enough for this year since I was sick all April, but oh well... could be worse. (to the Gods; that was not a challenge) :P

I've had at least twenty false starts since last night, but so far none have ended in an actual sneeze. :P

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