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A rare self-obs...


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Pshh like anyone cares.

I was driving home from work the other day and my nose started to tickle just a little. Just enough to be kind of annoying.

Whenever the urge flared up to anything more than that I would become more aware of the fact that there were cars driving from the opposite direction and that the people in them would probably see me sneeze. And my mental block/extreme... fear? of being seen sneezing by anyone, even complete strangers, even if just for a fraction of a second, overrode the need to sneeze.

But after a while the roads became farther apart and I could't really see the faces of the people in the cars on the other side and I assumed from the angle of the sun that they couldn't see me either. So I was like okay, I can sneeze now.

Except my nose was like no, eff you, you had your chance.

And I was just stuck with this dull, irritating, unending throb that wasn't quite strong enough to make me sneeze.

So I was like, I need to take matters into my own hands.

I remembered once I scratched my nose a certain way and it tickled. Upon further experimentation I found that if I sort of dig my nail gently against the edge of my nostrils with an upward motion, I get this crazy urge to sneeze. I don't really get much out of inducing so I don't take advantage of this ability to do it so easily. Except this time I did, because for some reason I just really wanted to sneeze. I rarely sneeze, mostly because I don't like my own sneezes, but every once in a while it's nice to allow myself the luxury of doing it openly and without feeling self-conscious wherever I can manage to do it.

So I tapped the edge of my right nostril, where the tickle was stronger (but still too weak for what I needed), and it amplified immensely and immediately. And even while I was already halfway about to sneeze I began to tap my at the edge of my left nostril and I could feel the tickle building there too. It was like I what I was doing was adding more power to the impending sneeze.

And then they just flew out. Strong and one right after the other, two "Kehh'SHIEW!"s that were done and over with in about a second, with barely any time for a breath in between.

And they felt so. good.

OH, and I almost forgot: when I was driving home past that same spot the next day, I got the urge to sneeze again. I was like wtf, am I allergic to this spot? But I didn't sneeze that time.


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Anyway, nice obs. happy.png I liked how you described the inducing process. Mmm... drool.gif Bless you!

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Very cute obs!

I'm probably just a weirdo, but I find it very amusing that you "argue" with your nose. xD

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I find the dramatizing of this very amusing. , also sounded like a very good sneeze if you dont mind me saying .

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