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Do you like dreams?


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(LSD actually stands for Lovely Sweet Dream.)

While the game knows nothing about your memories, which adds a huge emotional component to dreaming, it's still pretty cool and accurate as far as random unexplained shit happening.

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yeah that is a cool idea..but creepy kinda..just the concept of dreams creeps me out...lol but itd probably be better if they put more effort into it..the graphics are really bad

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The graphics are crappy, but I think that makes it even creepier. It was also made in 1998, so. But it would be cool to see what they could come up with today now that we have better technology.

Random but sort of related, I've been playing so much Minecraft lately that I'm dreaming in Minecraft graphics. Like, everything's made of blocks. For a week now.

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oh well if its from the 90's that explains alot...lol oh yeah....you wanna bet the guys who made this LSD game were on some 'LSD' at the time? XD

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