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Jennifer Love Hewitt


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I hope I spelled her name right ^^;. I'm pretty sure she's well known, but for those who don't know her, she's the main lady in Ghost Whisperer.

I actually know of a sneeze from her, even if it was kinda fake sounding :). The movie she was in is actually an animation film. The Hunchback of Notre Dame II. If anyone is interested I can find it out where in the movie it is again ^^ The movie itself is pretty good, even though I personally liked the first one better.

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Thanks for finding it, (and wow, so quickly too! 0_0) I agree with you. She is very cute in that movie :)

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is hotter than hot!! Footage of her sneezing would be one of the holy grails of sneeze fetishdom in my opinion. OK, feeling a little carried away... :D

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