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Ghost Trick (Video Game) female sneezes


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at about 5:15 or so. I really like this game. Crazy yet lovable characters, a fiery red-head, and a very interesting ending. DON'T read the wiki page on it, because it gives away the whole surprise element of the end XD. Anyway, the one who sneezes is in fact the fiery red-head, and even though there is no artwork picture of her sneezing, there's sound and animation with the sneeze. Matter of fact, you can actually leave her sneezing like that for as long as the player wants to :D As an added bonus, whenever you look at her information in the game, the thing the player sees with her is her sneezing from this scene ^^

there's two more different instances in the game where both she and another girl in the game sneezes. I'll find them again later if anyone is interested in those too :)

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*facepalm* it's a few minutes later than that. 5:15 is where the scene changes, but she starts sneezing at around 7:30. Sorry about that ^^;

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