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A few more work obs (f)


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Okay, so I'm feeling kind of guilty. Guilty because after my so-called "best obs in years", I've pretty much had an obs to equal or rivalling that one every other day or so! Before I ramble on too long, let me give a brief description of O for those who haven't read my previous obs. She's dark-haired, olive-skinned, dark-eyed, French, and gorgeous beyond belief. If I wrote every obs I've had of her it'd get boring really fast, so I'll just do the one that stands out the most to me and then do an obs of another girl in my class who has a very different (yet still very sexy to me!) way of sneezing.

Anyhow, my entire class is still training, and by some stroke of luck we settled into sort of unofficially assigned seats which happen to have me sitting right next to O and our friend T (the other girl I was talking about). Down to the point--we three were in a group together trying to troubleshoot a problem, and I was in the middle of explaining what some manner of technical word meant in English to O (how awesome is it that I'm her English go-to guy?? (::swoon::) when the obs started. I didn't see it coming actually, as I was talking and she kind of turned away inexplicably. I said something along the lines of, "yeah, O, so that's pretty much the main concept..." and she half-turned around to acknowledge me (being the overly polite person she is) and proceeded to clap her hand over her mouth and sneeze surprisingly loudly--for her, anyway--but still oh so girlishly. After that she kind of did a half-turn in mortification and stifled around 5 or 6 pretty rapid sneezes, stared off into space with an agonized pre-sneeze expression for around 2 seconds or so, and then stifled 3 more and ended the fit with another single loud one. The sexiest part to me though was that after the last sneeze she moaned "Aiii!" pretty loudly, took off her glasses and wiped

her deliciously watering eyes. I'm going to be so sad when training is over! X-(

** Not really part of the obs, just a little story...skip it if you so desire**

A side note to the above obs...I really love T and we play around a lot and try to mess around with each other. After O's incredible fit, T immediately blessed her. I'm usually awkward about blessing people I find goddess-like in attractiveness, and maybe T picked up on it because she turned around and said, "David, ain't you gonna bless O?" I somehow managed to stammer out a coherent blessing, but not before I turned a vibrant shade of red. After a few seconds T practically shouted "Aw look, David's all RED!" I just about DIED!

** Now, back to your regularly scheduled obs **

Okay, now here's a quick one of T for those of you still with me. She's really pretty, mixed, short dark hair, dark eyes, and around...uh...I'll say 5'3". Anyhow, she has stifling down to an art form and can usually manage it mid-conversation without anyone (except for me, of course :P) knowing about it.

Anyway, this obs stuck out for me in particular because she failed at stifling, I caught her in the act and I got to mess with her about it all at the same time. I was kind of staring off into space when I caught her bending forward in a tell-tale sign of a sneeze out of the corner of my eye. Usually, she's done after one, but I kept an eye out and she perfectly stifled a second one. I was about to move on with my life satisfied when I saw her face crinkle up in half-surprise, half-presneeze and out came quite possibly the worst stifled sneeze I'd ever heard! I guess it was doubly cute for me because she's usually so proficient. I think I was the only one who noticed, so I felt OK grinning and saying, "Wow, you're usually so good at that!" in an exaggeratedly condescending tone. This time, SHE was the one who turned red! Haha! As I've always said, revenge is a dish best served while having an obs of your very cute friend.

Anyhow, the novel's over for now. Later, guys!

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I grow weary of making new topics, so I thought I'd just do a short update.

It's Friday so everyone in my class went out to lunch. We carpool, and as luck would have it I was O's passenger today! As we were waiting to make a left turn, she cut off mid conversation, stifled three sneezes, said "sorry" (but the last syllable was cut off by another sneeze), and proceeded to stifle another 5 or 6. ::drool:: Afterwards, she rubbed her eyes and said, "Sorry, I keep sneezing today!" All I could do was blush and say "awww." :) Unfortunately I lacked the guts to go any further in the sneezy conversation direction.

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I agree...a fetishists dream come true. Nice observations, and many bless you's to her.

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